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How To Use A Portable Air Compressor?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

If so, this article is for you because I’ve got an ultimate answer that will fend off your doubts forever.

After reading this guide, you will never have problems with the use of a portable air compressor. Are you wondering how to do it in a proper way? Keep reading!

A portable air compressor is a useful tool… if you know how to use it. You aren’t the only one who has this problem. I’ve also had it at first. But now, I can share my experiences with you and make your adventure with air compressors be like an easy pie! If you are looking for an affordable air compressor, Check our list of best portable air compressors.

In this text, I’ll show you not only the method of working with a portable air compressor but also how to prepare for it, what air compressor tools you might need and what to avoid during the whole process.

As you see, I’m going to answer all of the questions you may have about the air compressors!

Before You Start To Use Your Portable Air Compressor

A short list of things you should avoid if you want your portable air compressor to stay in a good condition:

  • ​Don’t use it when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius! You don’t want to freeze the air inside, do you?
  • Remember to empty the water container of your air compressor from time to time. It’s usually located at the bottom of it. What causes the accumulation? The air has its humidity. Higher or lower but always has. Emptying this container is very important – air compressors and water don’t really like each other.
  • Your machine has its vibrations. It may cause the screws loosen. Be careful, otherwise, your portable air compressor may break up into pieces – literally.
  • Corrosion is a killer for every tool – don’t forget to check sometimes if your isn’t the next victim. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it yourself – once a year or two just take your portable air compressor to a service.
  • Verify the oil level (of course if you have an oil compressor) and replace it with a new one sometimes. Have you ever eaten the french fries made from an old oil? Yes, working on the same oil all the time is the similar thing for your air compressor.

Okay, you’ve got your machine sleek, glossy and ready to work. Let’s go!

The most common practice done with this tool is pumping the wheels… for example also on the petrol stations, so you don’t have to own a portable air compressor to do it.

My guide will be about using these public air compressors but if you have your own one do the same, just replace “station” with “garden” and so on.

How To Add Some Air Into Your Wheels Without Loosing Any Air To Breathe?

  1. Drive into the station and track your opponent down. Do you see it? Don’t panic, don’t run away, you can do this!
  2. Ride as close to the air compressor as possible but remember – you don’t have to get into it to make it work, it’s enough just to be next to it.
  3. Come to the machine and find the tube. When you have it, connect it to the wheel (to be more precise, to the valve). Don’t forget to lock it or you will pump the atmosphere.
  4. Now it depends on the type of the air compressor. If it’s electrical, lucky you. Just push the “start” button and wait. If it’s manual, well, hope you’ve got good condition because you must pump the wheel yourself.
  5. Don’t forget to observe the pressure in the tire! Otherwise, it will explode and except costs of the new one, all your work will be wasted! Especially it’s important while using electrical one – more comfort for you and more probability for you to lose attention.
  6. Do the same thing with all your wheels. Remember to keep the pressure in each one on a similar level – it’s not safe to ride when one of your tires is about to crack and the other is baggy.
  7. Congrats! You’ve done it yourself! See, nothing to be afraid of. I’m proud of you though!

You can pump your ball, mattress or garden pool – and the guide above is suitable for these situations. All right but the portable air compressor has more applications. Some of them may require another utensil though but they are easy to find in building stores or even supermarkets, so don’t worry.

What Other Usages Has This Machine?

  • If you have a paint sprayer, you can connect it to your air compressor and do some simple works around the house (like, for example, fence painting). Remember just to control the pressure and you are ready to become the next Picasso.
  • With this machine, you can blow out the dust and dirt from places that are normally hard to access (small slots in things etc. – not only in garden or garage but also from eg. keyboard)
  • You can try to treat the water – aeration filters it from iron. Be careful though, as I mentioned too much hydration can damage the utensil, so do it wisely and obligatory check the water container after you finish.

You Are Ready To Be The Master!

As you see, it’s nothing difficult to use a portable air compressor. It’s a helpful thing not only for big factories and companies, it’s definitely worth to own a personal one at home.

This utensil is often underappreciated and associated only with pumping but it has a few more useful applications outside the garage – in the garden or even at home.

Some of them I mentioned above but maybe you’ll find (or already got!) some other ideas how to use an air compressor?

Although the pressure of gasses can be somehow dangerous, there isn’t anything to be afraid of and anything that should make you avoid working with this tool – just remember to maintain it well and be vigilant while using. The risk comes with every machine though, so it’s nothing specific.

These instructions mentioned in the article are some ultimate tips of proper usage and conservation of portable air compressors – if you will stick to them, pay enough attention and won’t do any untried experiments the danger will be reduced to the minimum.

So, are you already convinced to become a happy air compressor owner and user? I hope yes! I’ve done my best to answer some most common questions and give you a few useful pieces of advice.

Now you can be the master of the house works with your new ally!

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