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10 Flat Iron Success Tips For Black Hair

Oh, you’re a black hair lucky angel? And you want your hair to look relaxed, to point out its magical and powerful color?

If you feel bored by waves, maybe it’s time to try something new…yeah, it’s definitely time to flat iron your hair…Every woman reaches the point in her life when she feels the urge to get that Cleopatra mystical hairstyle…

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Here are 10 top flat iron success tips for your beautiful black hair….

Before You Start With Flat Ironing

Before you dive into the tips, it’s very important to keep in mind you should prepare a few things for you perfect flat ironing.

First of all, you should find a high-quality shampoo and conditioner for black hair. These products are significant if you want to get silky, ‘please, touch me’ hair.

Also, one of the main issues in this story is to treat your hair with regular hairdresser visits in order to have a healthy hair. If you follow these simple rules, you’ll get positive results for sure. Hair iron comes at the end, as a reward.

The last, but not the least important thing is to find the flat iron that best suits your black hair.

Now, black-hair ladies, it’s time to take a look at our tips, step by step…

The Tips

1- Healthy Hair – Happy Hair!

In the first place, take a serious look at your hair general condition and ask yourself a few questions…

Have you been to hairdresser recently? Is your hair healthy? What about split ends?

There’s no point in ironing damaged hair because eventually you will make it even worse and the whole thing ends with cutting your hair.

And, that’s the last thing you want to do with your precious hair. In short, forget about ironing if your hair is bad-looking. Luxuriant hair is the best-looking hair, whether ironed or not.

2 – Black Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

If you want a shiny, silky hair, treat your black hair with appropriate shampoo but also an adequate conditioner.

There’s a wide palette of fabulous products made only for black hair. Coconut, apricot or something of the organic origin…choose up to your own taste.

3 – The Rest Of The Hair Care Kit

According to some hair experts’ opinion, another ‘must have’ hair care kits are hair balms and serums.

After you wash your hair and treat it with conditioner, put your favorite balm/serum in order to enhance the hair ironing process. They will prevent moisture to ruin your flat hair look.

4 – Hair Oil – After Or Before Ironing?

One of the most common mistakes is using hair oil before flat ironing. If you fancy a lively hair look, a small amount of oil after the ironing will help. Never put oil before flat ironing, this can make the process hard and longer as well.

5 – Too High Heat – Will Harm Your Hair!

Before you start with hair ironing, remember to apply a heat protectant. Why?

The reason is very simple… sometimes, we just want to finish with ironing as quick as possible so we don’t pay attention to the heat.

Too high heat can damage your beautiful black hair – keep that in mind.

So, just in case, always usea heat protectant. But also, heat protectant is not a supreme device. Too high heat can harm both your black hair and heat protector!

6 – Choose The Perfect Flat Iron

To tell you the truth, nothing is perfect. But, some things more suit us than other. So, the point is to decide which flat iron is the very best for your black hair.

While shopping, take a look at the plates of the irons. They can be ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. You can’t make mistakes while choosing the right one.

Still, slight differences exist. If you want to iron your hair evenly, then buy a ceramic flat iron. If you want to get the silky hair look, choose tourmaline iron. On the other hand, titanium flat irons are great for thick and lively hair.

7 – Should I Iron Dry Or Wet Hair?

If you want to get endurable straightening effect after flat ironing, then your hair must be almost or completely dry. If you iron wet hair, it will curl for sure.

8 – ‘Only Fools Rush In…’

Ok, Elvis meant something else when sang this song,…this is just a comic relief…

Anyway, don’t rush when ironing your hair. Ever. For the lasting and successful effect, you must be patient. Otherwise, there’s no point in wasting your time for average flat ironing outcome.

Make a cup of coffee/ tea, relax and enjoy ironing your hair. Remember, you want your black hair to look nothing less than – amazing. That’s the perfect recipe!

9 – How Often Can I Flat Iron My Black Hair, …I Wonder…

Well, this depends on your hair condition. If you cut your hair often enough and treat it the way I’ve already explained.

There are opinions that you can flat iron black hair and keep it healthy looking if you do it once a week. So, stick to once a week schedule in order to spare your black hair from any harm or damage.

10 – Always Set The Right Temperature!

Do you know that you can actually set the temperature on your flat iron according to the general characteristics of your hair?

Well, now you know.

So, don’t hesitate to use it. You can also set the temperature for different part of your hair. 

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If you don’t have it, it’s time for shopping. Get your temperature adjuster as soon s possible and enjoy your ironing!

These are the ten best tips, according to my humble opinion and my first-hand experience since I’ve got a black hair and enjoy flat ironing.

Let’s summarize…keep your black hair healthy, flat and adorable!

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