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Best Windshield Wipers 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

What is one of the most important features that a car can have?

Windshield wipers.

As a responsible driver, you should always aim to have the best windshield wipers 2022 has to offer. Owning the safest vehicle on the market means nothing if you cannot see where you are going. There are weather conditions that cause you to lose a lot of vision. You’ve probably seen them too.

Intense torrential rain, powerful blizzards, and so on. These are just a few of the instances where buying windshield wipers is important.

Often times the stock wipes that the vehicle manufacturer provides are not enough. Either that or they have a very diminished life span. In both cases you will, sooner or later, have to buy wipers. Seeing how important these wiper blades are, aiming for the best windshield wipers is a given.

Another reason is the fact that the wipers work by dragging themselves across the windshield. Low quality windshield wipers can cause damage to the windshield. Scratches, matting, and warping are just a few of the risk you run with cheap blades.

It is true that high quality wiper blades cost a bit more. On the other hand they last longer, degrade slower and have almost no impact on the windshield. Buy the best windshield wipers and both your vehicle and everyone else will thank you.

Best Windshield Wipers Review 2022

The first thing you need to know is what you are looking for in the best windshield blades. There are a lot of windshield blades that we can pick from. So you have to look at all the best windshield blades on the market before deciding which one to buy.

Here are the top ten best windshield blades 2022 ah to offer.

Product NameType of wiping materialSizeShaping design 
Michelin 8026 Stealth
(Editor’s Choice)
Compression molded graphite-coated natural rubber26 inchesSmart Flex technology with independent suspensionCheck Price
ACDelco 8-4422Soft molded rubber25 inchesThin metal construction with dogleg blade designCheck Price
PIAA 95055Silicone rubber22 inchesAerodynamic frame with equal pressure pointsCheck Price
Trico 25-240
(Best Wiper for Winter)
HighGlide treated rubber24 inchesVorTec aerofoilCheck Price
Valeo 600 seriesTec3 advanced rubber22 inchesGalvanized steel body with a pin-type constructionCheck Price
Aero OEM QualitySpecially blended rubber18 inchesFlexible spine designCheck Price
Valeo 900221BTec3 Advanced rubber22 inchesFlexible spine designCheck Price
ANCO 31-seriesDuraKlear exclusive rubber24 inchesVented bridge and high performance polymerCheck Price
Rain-X 5079281
(Best Wiper for Snow)
Synthetic graphite-coated rubber24 inchesFlexible spine designCheck Price
Bosch Icon 26AExclusive fx dual rubber26 inchesFlexible asymmetric spoiler with tension spring arcing technologyCheck Price

Similarities between these blades are few and far between. This is the main reason why you should take your time and browse them carefully.

Finding the best wiper blades for your vehicle can be a bit time consuming, but it’s worth it. Compare the materials that they are made out of as well as the design and shape. Finally, check and see if they come in the size that best fits your windshield.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the best windshield wipers.

1. Michelin 8026 Stealth – Best Wiper Blades for Rain

These wiper blades, while they follow a more traditional design, go well with any kind of vehicle.

The interesting bit about them is their sleek aerodynamic cover. Nice and curved, they mask the underlying frame of the windshield wipers. This gives an air of elegance and a modern look to your vehicle. It also eliminates drag and wind resistance, reducing stress on the wiper motors.

Although the use of rubber in wiper blades is not uncommon, these windshield wipers take it a step further. Coated in graphite and molded by compression, the rubber lasts longer and is softer on the glass. This makes the windshield wipers able to be used longer without worrying about the windshield.

Another great thing about them is the high compression ratio that they offer. This means that they can be used without forcing you to make adjustments to the arms. It is also because of the compression ratio that makes these wiper blades great for fast wiping.

These blades can be used at any speed you want, no matter how fast without decaying.

Available sizes: 16-28 inches

Design: sleek aerodynamic cover

Wiping material: Compression molded graphite-coated natural rubber

While design and usability are important factors, endurance is also nothing to scoff at. These wiper blades are able to take a lot of punishment.

The rubber is soft enough to withstand a lot of stress and a lot of resistance. Rain, snow, dust, dirt, dry grime, the rubber can withstand them all and can help clean them nicely.

It is because of the graphite coating that the rubber is able to withstand such stress. The coating locks the molecules in place. It also adds a buffer layer which helps keep everything together if the rubber is stretched. This means that if the rubber encounters resistance, it will pass over it without breaking.

Over time, this coating translates into a longer lifespan. The decaying process that rubber goes through is drastically delayed. This means that these windshield wipers can outlast any other wipers on any other vehicle.

Not everything is perfect though, and these wiper blades have their shortcomings.

For starters their design makes them harder to clean. They require you to remove the wiper blades and go around every interior edge. Normal wiper blades ar a lot easier to clean and unblock.

Another thing that raises concern is use in very cold environments. While the rubber and the structure themselves can handle the cold, the design can’t. If the vehicle is left out over night, in the snow, the windshield wipers might freeze. If that does happen, it is much harder for them to break free because of their design. Luckily, once the engine starts, the heat can melt the ice and unfreeze them.

All in all they are some very good wipers for you to have on your vehicle.Pros

  • Modern design
  • Tough and resilient rubber
  • Independent wiper blades suspension


  • Might cause small problems in freezing and snowy environments
  • Rather difficult to clean

2. ACDelco 8-4422 – All Season Metal Wiper Blade

The first thing that you will see with these wiper blades is the design. They follow the simple and traditional vehicle windshield wiper design. Sporting a standard frame and backed up by dogleg suspension, they won’t really stand out.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. While they do not stand out on your vehicle, they will bring a bit of subtle elegance to it.

One of the first concerns with these windshield wipers was the actual wiping material. The wiper blades use soft molded rubber to clean the windshield. Although it is easy to dismiss them because of that, it would also be a mistake.

While it is true that the rubber is soft molded, it is not weak by any means. In fact, the packing density of the rubber is quite remarkable. This gives it a lot of tensile strength to boast and a lot of resistance to the elements.

Available sizes: 25 inches

Design: Thin metal construction with dogleg suspension

Wiping material: soft molded rubber

Maintenance and cleaning are not a problem with these windshield wipers. The design is an open skeletal one, meaning that everything is visible and easily accessible. No matter what the problem is, or what the blockage may be, it is easily fixed. All you need is a rag and something to poke through it, like a small screwdriver. The dogleg suspension adds an extra layer of ease to the maintenance process. You can simply pull on the wiper blades to open the suspension up and clean them with ease.

Among the most noticeable advantages that these wiper blades have is their low impact on the windshield. It is common for scuffing, warping and even scratches to appear on vehicle windshields. The reason for them being bad windshield wipers.

However with their soft molded rubber and low dogleg suspension, these wiper blades will not pose a problem. The rubber is soft enough to not cause drag on the windshield. The suspension is low enough to maintain contact but not enough to press down on it. This all equates to a smooth and harmless experience for the windshield on your vehicle.

The wiper blades are all seasons, meaning that they can be used regardless of the time of years. This, along with the simple design and precise parts, make them a very affordable choice.

There is a small concern regarding these wiper blades though. The construction itself is made out of thin metal. A fact that makes them a bit weaker in the face of physical shock. They are easily bent as a result of an impact or excessive stress caused to them.

While they are very easy to fix, the major risk is the dogleg suspension being damaged.

However this is only true in case of hard shocks, like throwing a rock at it or a strong hailstorm. On its own it is able to handle normal and heavy weather conditions. It might not fair too well against natural disasters or extreme weather.Pros

  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable
  • No negative effects on the windshield of the vehicle


  • Do not handle extreme weather well
  • Can be damaged with high physical shocks
  • Do not stand out when mounted on the vehicle

3. PIAA 95055

While these windshield wipers look like run of the mill ones, they certainly are not.

Starting off with their design, the wiper blades follow a more traditional route. A skeletal frame design with a mounting bracket that suits every vehicle. However there are some subtle differences.

First of all, the top of the frame is flattened, creating a small bridge. This helps distribute the force and pressure applied to it. In turn this translates into more wiping power and less pressure applied to the glass.

The second thing is that the bridge does not extend over the whole length of the wiper blades. The ends are actually sway bars that act as a form of suspension for the rubber. This helps the wipers take the shape of the windshield and adapt easily. It also helps wipe the water off properly, leaving no drag marks behind.

Available sizes: 12-26 inches

Design: simple aerodynamic frame with equal pressure points

Wiping material: Silicone Rubber

The underside of the frame is divided into 4 individual suspension pressure points. Any pressure applied to the windshield wipers is split among these 4 pressure points.

The equal distribution allows for a more stable wiping. Equal pressure distribution also enforces the structure of the wiper blades. This drastically reduces the chances of flapping or ends dragging along the windshield.

It also preserves the rubber on the end of the blade. With force being distributed equally, there will be no weak and worn points. This means that the chances of it breaking off into pieces later on is drastically reduced.

Cleaning is not really a big issue with these windshield wipers. The added flexibility and accessibility of the frame and suspension design make this task a very easy one. The sway bars can be moved both towards the left and the right. This means that you can curve and bow the wiper blades as you see fit. At the same time this allows you to access the hard to reach areas without any problems.

Probably the thing that makes these wiper blades stand out as being the best windshield wipers is the wiping surface. It uses silicone rubber which is not only mildly soft on the glass but also causes little drag.

Friction is no longer an issue or concern with these windshield wipers. Neither are scratches, warping, scuffing and any other such damage that the windshield might suffer.

The only real concern with these blades is the actual upkeep of the rubber. While it is silicone rubber, thus more gentle and stronger than regular rubber, it requires upkeep. It needs to be properly cleaned every so often, flexed and used from time to time. Otherwise the rubber hardens too much and loses its properties over time.

While this is not a hard thing to do from time to time, it is necessary. Failing to do so can result in an overall lowered lifespan for your windshield wipers.Pros

  • Fits every vehicle mounting bracket
  • Accurate 4 point pressure system
  • No windscreen damage as a result of extended usage


  • Requires regular upkeep
  • Silicone rubber can degrade over time without flexing, bowing or usage
  • Difficult to repair if a pressure point is compromised by damage

4. Trico 25-240 – Best Wiper Blades for Winter

Often times a simpler approach is best, and the same goes fir windshield wipers. The good people at Trico understood that and designed these wiper blades.

While there might not be much to look at with these windshield wipers, there does not need to be. Their real strength lies in the tech that they employ. Everything from their simplistic design to the actual wiping material that they use was carefully designed and tweaked.

First of all, the mounting bracket. It is not just a standard J bracket, it actually fits every bracket that every vehicle can put forward. This makes it a lot easier to fit on whatever vehicle you need it for, domestic or otherwise.

Something worth noting is the fact that the bracket itself is pretty much the only solid thing on them. This is because the majority of their strength lies in their flexibility. This means that the wipers themselves are a lot lighter than anything else on the market. To that extent, the wear and tear that they exert on the windshield is almost nonexistent.

Available sizes: 14-29 inches

Design: VorTec aerofoil spline design

Wiping material: HighGlide treated rubber

Second of all, the overall design of the windshield wipers themselves. As noted earlier, they use a spline-like design. This means that instead of a metal frame, they rely on metal splines running the entirety of their length. These splines are made out of metal, or in this case VorTec aerofoil, a lightweight material.

While very light, these splines are able to give them the rigidity and strength that they need. They are not as stiff as normal metal frame wiper blades. This is because the splines offer them rigidity when moving side to side, not up and down. As a result of that, the blades can easily take the shape of the glass. No extra pressure is required in order to do so.

The wiping material itself is a bit different from the rest. Although it is rubber, it was treated with HighGlide composites. This makes the rubber glide over the glass itself, exerting no actual drag or excessive friction. The glass itself being cleaned a lot easier and a lot faster with no added risks or problems.

By minimizing the friction involved in wiping down the windshield, the life span of the blades is increased. Next to no friction or drag means next to no wear and tear on the rubber and splines. This means that the rubber lasts a lot longer and the splines hold much stronger.

Lastly, the maintenance and cleaning that these windshield wipers need is down to a minimal. It is also very easy to do in the first place because of the simple design. Just pop them out, hose them down and pop them back in.

The only actual downside comes from the very thinness of the wiper blades. If your vehicle gets splashed with mud and it hardens, the blades might be hard to release. This is because of their small profile and design. Luckily, heating the engine up a little or a water hose often times is enough to free the wiper blades.Pros

  • Lightweight construction
  • HighGlide treated rubber
  • Next to no drag or friction


  • Low profile can cause problems with sticky situations or freezing
  • The bracket is hard to clean properly
  • Can feel too flimsy at times

5. Valeo 60022 600 series – Best value Windshield Wiper

Without a doubt, the classic design and construction worked out great for these wiper blades. This is because of how the good people at Valeo designed the actual suspension and bridge.

When looking at the design of the wiper blades, the mounting bracket pops out the most. This is because it promises to work with almost every vehicle. Not only that but it is also entirely integrated in the bridge of the frame. This means that the bracket itself is actually a strong vital part of the frame and not just an accessory.

With a strong integrated bracket, the structure of the blades is much stronger and much more stable. There will be no wiggle room and no stability issues with these windshield wipers.

The bridge is the second thing that will catch your eye here. It stretches over the middle of the frame, covering almost half its length in total. This is more or less the rigid base that the windshield wipers rely on for stability.

Available sizes: 11-28 inches

Design: Galvanized steel body with a pin-type construction

Wiping material: Tec3 advanced rubber

The ends of the bridge are connected to a couple of arched metal sway arms. This is more or less the main suspension mechanism. It is what gives the windshield wipers their ability to curve and adjust to the surface of the windshield.

At the ends of the sway bars there are 4 small support bars that attach to the rubber itself. What these small bars do is spread the pressure evenly onto the rubber. Their positioning is a bit off, 2 of them being heavily concentrated towards the center.

The wiping surface itself is Tec3 advanced rubber, which consists of multiple layers with different kinds of rubber.

The top one is a strong and resistant synthetic rubber. It bears all the load and gives the needed rigidity. The second one is made out of soft natural rubber. This gives it the flexibility that it needs while at the same time acting like a shock absorber. It minimizes the impact that stubborn dirt or excessive use has on the frame and blade.

The third and final layer is a thin special coating. It is designed to thoroughly clean the windshield without harming it while protecting the rubber.

The only concerns that have been raised are with the pressure points themselves. Specifically the fact that they are offset and concentrated towards the center.

There is an argument to be made about the center as being the main focal pressure point. Even so, the wiper blades are still unbalanced. This means that over time there is a risk that they start swaying and flapping outwards. This can, in turn, cause increased wear and tear on the rubber or structural frame damage.

The good news is the fact that this can occur after multiple years of repeated use. It is not something that can constitute a major immediate concern.Pros

  • Tec3 rubber wiping surface
  • Easy to mount on any vehicle bracket
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Offset pressure points can cause problems in the distant future
  • The suspension system can catch a lot of dust and dirt

6. Aero OEM Quality

As the name implies, these windshield wipers are made to live up to OEM standards. This means that they are made to fit pretty much any vehicle.

With this in mind, we can safely say that these are among the most versatile wiper blades on the market.

In regards to the sizes in which they are available, they range from 13 inches to 28 inches. Thus they are able to cover the vast majority of vehicular needs. In regards to the mounting bracket that they come with, it is the common J bracket. This is present on almost every vehicle out there, domestic or otherwise.

The most prominent feature that these windshield wipers have are the actual mounting brackets. This is because, unlike the simple brackets, they have a fastening system. It enables you to open the brackets, slide the J head in and close the bracket. This fastens the entire ensemble and makes it very hard for the wipers to come off.

Available sizes: 13-28 inches

Design: Flexible spine design

Wiping material: Specially blended rubber

These windshield wipers implement the flexible spine design. While among the simplest at its roots, it is also among the most effective. The splines that it uses are metallic, strong and flexible at the same time.

This allows the wiper blades to be both lightweight and tough. It makes it very easy to clean the windshield without adding strain to the wiper motors.

The rubber used is a rather strange choice. Marketed as being specially blended rubber, it does live up to the expectations.

The rubber has an impressive tensile strength. It is able to withstand a lot of usage and a lot of punishment. Because of the special blend that went into making it, it does not break off into little pieces. It is also elastic enough to model itself perfectly on the spline. This means that no matter how the shape of the support spline changes, the rubber keeps up. Fatigue, stress zones and cracks are out of the question.

Although it does sport a simple design and it is accessible from all angles, it does come with a few downsides.

First of all, cleaning it is fairly simple, until you reach the mounting bracket. Because of the locking mechanism, it is rather difficult to clean. Dirt and dust particles can get between all the small pieces, making them hard to reach.

That being said, if you want to clean the wipers properly you will have to really dig into that bracket.

The second downside that these windshield wipers have is the very fact that they are built to OEM standards. Sure, they can match almost any vehicle, and they will do their job properly. They might not sit properly on the windshield though.

They might slide under the hood, they might be a little off-center, and they might be just a bit crooked. This is because it is a standard aftermarket piece. Fixing this is easy, just adjust the windshield wiper arms.Pros

  • Very light
  • Flexible yet durable
  • Fastening bracket that locks the wipers in place


  • The bracket can be difficult to clean
  • It often times requires you to adjust the wiper arms

7. Valeo 900221B

Yet another set of wiper blades that have opted for the spline design. It is easy to understand why. It makes them light, easy to move and easy to maintain.

The same can be said about these windshield wipers. However besides being light and easy to handle, they are also very tough and resilient.

The main thing about these windshield wipers is the bracket that they sport. It is a simple J bracket, however designed in such a way that it can fit any vehicle. It even advertises on the box, “no adapter needed”.

The bracket itself is reinforced, providing a lot more support than other spline design brackets. This shifts the kinetic force down through the bracket, distributing it evenly throughout the rubber.

Available sizes: 15-29 inches

Design: Flexible spine design

Wiping material: Tec3 advanced rubber

When it comes down to the splines that these wiper blades are using, these ones come out on top. The splines themselves are made out of thinly profiled metal. They are also positioned towards the edges and not concentrated on the middle. This positioning makes the blades themselves very stable and balanced, allowing for no bowing or wiggling.

The caps on the ends of the wipers are different from other spline designs as well. First of all, they cover a slightly bigger area. This reinforces the tips of the windshield wipers, giving them more sturdiness. Second, the caps themselves are positioned in such a way that they also protect the edges of the rubber. This extends the lifetime of the wipers and prevents any splitting or other such signs of wear and tear.

Like with most of their products, Valeo implemented the Tac3 rubber as a wiping surface for these wiper blades. This is great because of the 3 layers that this system has. It works a bit differently with spline designs though.

The top layer, which is made out of synthetic rubber also houses the splines. This makes it even more sturdy and stable than before, making it add more stiffness to the blades. However this increase in stiffness puts a lot of strain on the second layer, made up of natural rubber.

Its main role is to absorb shocks and help stabilize the wipers. The second layer also has to compensate for more pressure because of the added stiffness. A beneficial side effect being the fact that the third layer covers a slightly larger surface.

The third layer, which is in essence a thin protective coating, takes advantage of the increased shock absorption. It allows it to move more and cover a larger area, essentially flicking the water off the edge.

One last thing to mention about these windshield wipers is the fact that they are very adaptable. They can cope with any kind of vehicle windshield with no adjustment troubles.Pros

  • Flexible and adaptable
  • More sturdy spline positioning
  • Slightly more rubber coverage


  • The bracket itself is hard to clean on the inside
  • Excessive use can cause a lot of wear and tear on the second layer of rubber

8. ANCO 31-series

There are wipers built to be as flexible as they can or cover as much area as they can. And then there are wipers that are built to last as long as they can.

This is the case of the ANCO 31-serises wiper blades. From top to bottom, they were designed and engineered to last and handle abuse.

The very construction of the frame itself hints towards the strength of the wiper blades. Being made out of high performance metal, with a vented bridge, gives it a lot of tensile strength. The bracket itself contributes to the overall strength of the wiper blades.

In regards to the suspension used on these windshield wipers, ANCO went for symmetry over anything else. This ensures an even distribution of pressure, without any excess pockets being formed. Spreading the pressure equally over both halves of the blades also helps preserve the rubber. This in turn extends the lifespan of the windshield wipers.

Available sizes: 10-28 inches

Design: Vented bridge and high performance polymer

Wiping material: DuraKlear exclusive rubber

The suspension system that the windshield wipers use is slightly offset. The sway bars being positioned more towards the outside of the blades. This is to help radiate more of the pressure towards the tips of the wipers.

It also sports 4 pressure points which are evenly distributed along the length of the wiper surface. This help equalize the pressure, providing a nice clean wipe without harming the windshield. It also helps keep an equal force along the length of the rubber. This in turn prevents the rubber from breaking off into smaller chunks over time.

The rubber itself is also something to pay close attention to. The wiping surface is made out of DuraKlear exclusive rubber. This is a very high concentrated amount of rubber and is designed to last a very long period of time. In regards to functionality, it relies on the density of the rubber to perform properly.

They are able to last a long time and handle extended usage. They are also capable of providing a soft wipe without damaging the windshield. This is because of the DuraKlear rubber and its chemical composition. It has the elasticity and softness needed to safely wipe the windshield while maintaining its strength.

One thing that really makes these wiper blades very popular is the fact that they are very affordable. Although they boast a lot of strength, the price tag is very easy to manage. This makes these windshield wipers a great choice for the vast majority of vehicles and drivers.

There is a downside to all of this though. Although these windshield wipers were designed to last as much as possible, they have a weakness. The rubber can be damaged if you use wiper fluid with a high chemical concentration.Pros

  • Very strong and resilient
  • Manages to maintain the softness needed to not damage the windshield
  • Inexpensive


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Can be damaged by wiper fluid with a high chemical concentration

9. Rain-X 5079281 – Best Wiper for Snow

Simple spine, or beam body, wipers are known to provide the best performances when it comes to wiping a windshield. This is the case with these wiper blades, however Rain-X took it one step further.

They made them as user friendly as possible, with as little intricacies as possible. This is a good thing, mainly because it help people understand how to better take care of their wipers.

Every single one of these wiper blades comes with a complete set of instructions and links to their website. These will help help you know when to change them and how to clean and maintain them.

In regards to the stricture of the windshield wipers, they follow the standard spine design. However they have some small changes added in for good measure.

First of all, the spines that they use are a lot more flexible and can handle a lot more pressure. This means that the wiper blades can be used for extensive periods of time on the fastest setting. Another thing to note here is that the added flexibility also protects the rubber wiping surface. It allows it to transfer all the pressure properly through the rubber. This relieves a lot of the strain being put on the rubber and makes your wipers last a lot longer.

Available sizes: 16-28 inches

Design: Flexible spine design

Wiping material: Synthetic graphite-coated rubber

Finally, the rubber wiping surface itself. It is actually made out of synthetic graphite-coated rubber. This material is not very popular with spine design wipers. However it works wonders for the rain-X wipers because of how they distribute the force. This makes the graphite coating on the rubber strong enough to last while soft enough to not scratch.

Connecting these blades to your vehicle is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. It sports the generic J connector bracket which is easy enough to handle. Simply slide the connector in, push down on the wiper then connect it to the bracket and release.

Although it is a wiper that is simple to use, connect, clean and maintain, it does have one weakness. The rubber cannot handle abrasive surfaces well. This means that it is a bad idea to use these wipers to defrost your windshield. It is also a band idea to use the wipers to scrape off hardened dirt or dust.

It is recommended that you wash the windshield with water and a washcloth instead of forcing your wipers. Even the manufacturer warns against this type of usage and encourages using them to combat weather conditions. They can handle heavy rain, snow storms and dust clouds, however they cannot scrape things off the windshield.

All in all these are great wiper blades to have. The ease of access and the information provided are great bonuses as well.Pros

  • Easy access to information provided by the manufacturer
  • Strong and resilient design
  • Long lasting rubber wiping surfaces


  • Cannot be used against abrasive debris or surfaces
  • Need to be cleaned regularly

10. Bosch Icon 26A

Bosch is one of the leading names on the market when it comes to tools and technical appliances. It also made a reputable name for itself when it comes to windshield wipers as well.

This is one of the best examples of Bosch windshield wipers that you can find on the market. While these are few and far between, their performances make them some of the most desired as well. With a fragile balance between quality and strength, it is easy to see why these are among the best.

First of all, the design of the wiper blades themselves. Borrowing from the popular spine or beam design, Bosch came up with a more improved solution.

As the very name implies, it is an asymmetric system, meaning that one side is slightly bigger than the other. However instead of causing balance issues like you would expect, the bracket also packs in a tension spring. This not only helps stabilize the blades but also provide a lot more stiffness on the side.

Available sizes: 13-28 inches

Design: Flexible asymmetric spoiler with tension spring arcing technology

Wiping material: Exclusive fx dual rubber

The overall flexibility of the design is not to be scoffed at. It is capable of moving properly, without any stress or drag on both the body and rubber. This also helps alleviate a lot of the stress and strain being put on the glass.

With a high amount of flexibility, the rubber used needed to be stronger and a lot more reliable. This is why the designers opted for the FX Dual Rubber. It is, just like the name implies, made out of double rubber layers.

The best thing about the design is the fact that it is able to distribute the pressure and force. It distributes them between the layers, so at every point, the layers compensate for each other. This all equates to a much longer life span of the rubber and subsequently the blade.

It is also because of the FX Dual Rubber system that these windshield wipers can outperform the competition. They do not need much downward force or pressure in order to properly wipe the windshield. What they mostly rely on is the strength and flexibility of the layers of rubber in order to obtain that.

On the flip side, the rubber itself protects the windshield when the wipers are being used. Because of their layering, they are able to negate all the pressure that is being put on the glass. This means that these wiper blades will not cause scuffing, scratches or surface damage to the glass.

Maintenance is a breeze when it comes to these windshield wipers. The simple design and exposed elements make these blades very easy to clean and maintain. Probably the only bit that might seem challenging is the bracket. Simply popping it open and hosing it down solves that issue.Pros

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High glass protection
  • High levels of flexibility


  • The tension spring system takes a while to get used to
  • The asymmetrical shape can cause a couple of problems when mounting

Windshield Wipers – Buyer’s guide

Knowing what to buy and when is paramount to getting the best windshield wipers that you can. While there are a lot of characteristics and details to keep in mind, the wiping surface is the most important.

There are 3 main types of blades in that regard: Rubber blades, Silicone blades and Coated blades. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what is the best one for you and your vehicle will help you get the best windshield wipers.

Rubber blades

These are iconic and traditional blades. Made out of rubber with various treatments and compounds added to them, they are still popular today. They are also among the cheapest blades out there with a moderate life span.

They are most commonly found with traditional metallic frame windshield wipers. Due to the molding and treating process, they are able to meet the needs of every vehicle out there.

Silicone blades

Silicone blades are not as common as rubber or coated ones are. This is because silicone in of itself is rarely used in windshield wipers. They are most commonly found on newer designs like the beam frame, the flexible spine or the covered spoiler.

They are tough and are able to withstand a lot of repetitive and extended use. This gives them some of the longest life spans when compared to to other wipers. Vehicles that benefit the most from them are modern ones with curved windshields.

Coated blades

The coated blades, while common on the market, are not for every vehicle. In fact, they are more popular with the industrial and transportation sectors.

The wiper blades are similar to the ones used with rubber blades, thin metallic frames. They have a different wiping surface though. It is made out of a type of rubber that is too soft to be used on its own. The rubber is then coated with a bonding agent and chemically treated.

The result is a wiper blade with a thin wiping surface that can handle as much wiping as rubber and silicone can. The problem is that coated wipers tend to be among the most expensive ones out there. Which is why it is rather unpopular and not really used for domestic vehicles.

Things to consider when buying windshield wipers

In order to have the best windshield wipers for your needs, you need to look at your car first. You might know that you need wiper blades and what type suits you, but now you need the technical details.

1. Size

It goes without saying that you will want to buy wipers that will fit well with your vehicle. The last thing you want is wiper blades that are either too small or too large.

There are a few ways in which you can determine what size is best for your vehicle. First, you can measure the length of your old wiper blades. Second, you can use the measurement booklets that wiper vendors have and look up your car for measurements.

2. Type

This part is choosing the design of the blades and their frames. Although it is a mostly aesthetic choice, one of the key factors is the mounting bracket. If it does not fit then it is useless. Check what mounting bracket they have and whether it works with your wiper arms.

There are also bracket adapters to consider. So might still get a shot at the designs that you prefer.

3. Warranty and maintenance

As with everything else on the market, windshield wipers come with a standard warranty. Some of the best windshield wipers come with larger warranties which can cover the entire life span of the blades.

Even with the warranty, the blades still require a bit of maintenance. Even the best windshield wipers require a bit of cleaning every now and again. Make sure you opt for one that has maintenance requirements that fit your time schedule.

Wrapping it up

In order to buy the best windshield wipers for your vehicle, there is a bit of browsing to be done. There are a lot of options for you and a lot of choices to be made.

As long as you have a good idea of what you need and the technical specs, you will be fine. Before you know it, you will find the best windshield wipers for your vehicle.

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