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The Best Vacuums for Tile Floors 2022

Knowing which vacuum cleaner best suits your tile floors can prove to be a very challenging and even difficult task.

Or is it?

Noteworthy, is that understanding the type of tile you have is the first step to buying a good vacuum cleaner.

There are several vacuum cleaners that are designed to tackle all types of tile floors, but it is advisable to buy one that is suitable for particular tile floors.StaffComparoid

Most noteworthy, with any of the Best Vacuum for Tile Floors 2022, you are guaranteed to maintain your tiles in good condition for many years.

But that is not all:

In addition to that, maintaining a clean floor no matter what the surface is made of is very essential in everyday life. Regardless of whether your floor is tile, hardwood, linoleum or even carpet; cleanliness still remains a priority in every household.

In other words, this guide will take you through the necessary steps for purchasing a good vacuum cleaner. Actually, if you keenly read through, you will be able to keep floors clean even with pets and children in the household. Therefore, check out a list of some of the best vacuum cleaners for tile floors in our compilation.

Best Vacuums for Tile Floors 2022

First of all, let us begin by highlighting some of the best vacuums for tile floors. Even more, you will notice that there are vacuum cleaners that are suitable for cleaning on surface, better than others.

Also, we looked at various vacuums in the market. We compared the most essential features to consider when you buy either a stick, canister, handheld, or upright vacuum. Consequently, we came up with a reliable list of the top 13 best vacuums for tile floors in 2022.

Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors
(Editor’s Choice)
Upright-Operating manual
-Stair tool
-Combination tool
-Multi floor vacuum cleaner
21.4 poundsCheck Price
Hoover FloorMate SpinScrubCanister-30 hard floor wipes
-User manual
-16 ounce bottle detergent
16.5 poundsCheck Price
BISSELL PowerEdgeStickN/A7.5 poundsCheck Price
Hoover Corded Cyclonic
(Vacuum Under $100)
StickN/A9.7 poundsCheck Price
VonHaus 600W 2-in-1Upright and Handheld-Small brush attachment
-Crevice tool
6.1 poundsCheck Price
Eureka 3670GCanister-crevice tool
-dusting brush
-upholstery nozzle
11.9 poundsCheck Price
Fuller Brush Spiffy MaidStick-crevice tool9.8 poundsCheck Price
Hoover FloorDeluxeUpright-16 oz bottle detergent13.8 poundsCheck Price
BLACK+DECKER MaxHandheldN/A2.6 ouncesCheck Price
Shark Sonic DuoUpright-Washable pads
-7 bottles dilute cleaning solutions
18 poundsCheck Price
BISSELL PowerfreshStick/handheld-Scent discs
-2 microfiber pads
6.2 poundsCheck Price
HomeVac Duo 2-in-1Stick/handheld-Charging cradle base
-Crevice nozzle
-homeVac Duo
-AC power adapter
6.2 poundsCheck Price
(Editor’s Choice)
Canister-Telescopic wand
-Full bag indicator
-Automatic cord rewind
12.5 poundsCheck Price


In all honesty, the particular type of vacuum cleaner that will suit you and efficiently serve you will depend greatly on your specific need. It will also depend on the type of floor and cleaning capabilities.

Most of all, understanding the type of floor and having pets and children will be an influence. Also, how challenging it is to clean your household will influence and determine the weight, dimensions and type of vacuum cleaner you go for.​

Indeed, it is very important to consider the capabilities and ease of use, while also looking at your set budget. Alternatively, as you read through this guide, you will notice that, when compiling this list, we put such features into consideration.

We are ensuring that only the best are included in the list and excluded others with good and logical reasons.

You must be wondering:

Why the latest Dyson V8 and iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner are not in my list?

For the answer you’ve been asking: Why the Dyson V8 and iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner are missing from the list? First of all, don’t get the wrong impression; the two machines are very efficient, durable, powerful suction, good cleaning brushes and of high quality. On the other hand, the main reasons why we chose not to include them in this review are:

They are very expensive

Most noteworthy, when you look carefully at our compilation, you will notice that the price limit is $250. This is the reason we had to exclude the Dyson V8 and iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic, as they exceed this price limit. Furthermore, both of these vacuums cost more than $300, with the Dyson V8 going up to around $800 in some places.

They can’t effectively clean a big apartment

Additionally, compared to some of the vacuum cleaners, these two are great; especially because they are codeless. However, they do not hold charge long enough to clean a larger apartment or house without having to charge again. Therefore the high cost of this vacuum cleaners a bit of a disappointment.

You will agree with me when I say that:

Reliability is very important when purchasing any vacuum cleaner and knowing which one will best suit your particular needs without disappointing becomes challenging.

Or is it?

Understanding the kind of tile floor you have and the features that will best serve you, is the first step towards great cleaning. With this in mind, read carefully from the top of our best vacuum for tile floors 2022 list. This will ensure you get the necessary information about each vacuum cleaner.

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1. Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum (Editor Choice)

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson D25 Ball is considered one of the best in the market. Even more, it features Root Cyclone technology for smooth steering and is suitable for virtually any type of floor surfaces. Also it is designed with HEPA filters and superior suction capabilities.

Furthermore, the washable HEPA filters and easily emptied dustbin, has made it an excellent upright vacuum for asthmatic individuals. Again, this upright vacuum cleaner also offers no clogging and no loss of suction. Most of all, it offers ease of use on hardwood floors and tiles with its retractable brush bar and adjustable features; which enables you to clean hard to reach areas of up to 15.4 feet.

Moreover, with its light weight and impeccable cleaning functionality, Dyson D25 Ball comes highly recommended by most users.

After carefully analyzing the Dyson D25 Ball, we noticed some issues. The strong power of the recoil strength makes it necessary to seek extra help in holding it firmly in order to reach the 15.4 feet.

Most of all, we also noticed that some dirt tend to get stuck on the inner wall of the dustbin when trying to empty it. Another thing is the power cord. The power cord is too short, meaning you have to plug in this upright vacuum cleaner every time in order to clean wider floor surfaces.

Nevertheless, considering that the vacuum cleaner is lightweight, this becomes a minor concern. In this review Dyson D25 Ball ranks as the costliest of them all and is a concern if you are on a tight budget. Saving this though, compromising becomes an easy task considering that after purchase there will be no more costs to incur.Pros

  • Dyson Ball technology
  • Telescopic stick of up to 15 feet reach
  • No loss of suction power
  • Great air filtration features


  • Very short cord
  • Made of plastic

As you may have noticed, this upright vacuum cleaner offers excellent cleaning capabilities. It is also light weight meaning it doesn’t wear you out before the work is done. Actually, the Dyson D25 Ball delivers effectively and the 5 year warranty makes a fantastic and irresistible addition to this cleaner.

2. Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes

Equipped with special detergents, this three-in-1 bagless cleaner vacuum comes with 30 hard-surface wipes. Also, this canister vacuum has a quick-release power cord to enable easy cleaning of rooms that are large in size.

Most noteworthy, and an impressive feature is the patent-counter-rotating SpinScrub brushes as they make it possible to clean and scrub the floor from several angles. It is called the 3-in-1 because it washes, vacuums and dries floors.

Additionally, it has fast and reliable drying power, which makes it one of the most suitable vacuum cleaners for tiled floors. Furthermore, no need to worry about putting water that is not clean back to the floor as it separates clean water from dirty water.

Despite being a multi-floor vacuum, this canister vacuum is not suitable for cleaning carpets, but it works great on tile floors.

It gets better:                                                                                         

In addition, the collapsible handles make storage very simple, although the footprint is relatively wide. Furthermore, the Hoover FloorMate comes with a limited warranty of one year and it is listed in the ETL list. This proves that you can be sure that the canister vacuum meets all the US product safety standards.

First of all, the vacuum cleaner comes with a manual that is not of much help. I mean, the manual is not detailed, but covers the basics. Besides, after several tests, this canister vacuum cleaner seems not to pick up debris from floors effectively when in vacuum mode.

In contrast, the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes is quite loud when using it. Saying that, this may not be a big deal considering that it leaves floors squeaky clean. Another very significant feature we noted is that the canister vacuum cleaner is very bulky and heavy. As a result, you use a lot of energy cleaning because of this. Consequently, the weight can be a hindrance for cleaning longer or cleaning lager floor surfaces. Also, the brushes are not close enough to the floors.

Ultimately, the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes has impeccable cleaning capabilities. Proved to clean tiles and grout very effectively, while tackling spills with ease. Also, this vacuum leaves your floors looking good. More importantly, if we consider the price of this canister vacuum plus the service it delivers, this becomes one of the best deals marketwise.Pros

  • Fast drying power
  • Dual tank technology
  • Counter-rotating brushes
  • Folding handle
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Brushes and tanks can be removed and reattached easily


  • Vacuum suction poor
  • Heavy
  • Brushes are not close enough to the floor

Ultimately the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes has impeccable cleaning capabilities. Proved to clean tiles and grout very effectively while tackling spills with ease.

Also, this vacuum leaves your floors looking good. More importantly, if we consider the price of this canister vacuum plus the service it delivers, this becomes one of the best deals in the market.

3. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A

This Bissell corded vacuum is a favorite amongst pet owners. It is one of the best vacuum for cleaning tile floors and any hardwood floors. Furthermore, the design makes it easy to capture dust and debris along edges and unreachable places.

Equally important is that it is very reliable, with maneuvering capabilities to clean under furniture and tight spaces. It has a “v-shaped” nozzle that picks up debris and directs them to the center for great suction. Also, the edges capture even the finest dust particles like pet hair.

The suction technology is the major reason why this vacuum is great when you have a pet around the house. It removes even pet hair hidden in hard to reach corners.

But that’s not all:

The Bissell vacuum cleaner has a 20-foot power cord and is very light in weight. It comes with a swivel head to make it easy to clean both small and large rooms.

Removing and emptying the dirt cup is also very easy and replaceable for continued use. Its unique shape is a plus, especially considering the possibilities that come with it. Even more, the brushes on this vacuum reach the floors efficiently, hence it offers great cleaning results.

Finally, the only drawbacks include the debris compartment that tends to get full quickly. Saying that, the vacuum cleaner is bagless; hence, it is easy to empty without much hassle.

Furthermore, being able to cover larger cleaning areas before having to move and plug in elsewhere is one of the essential features of any vacuum. Notably, this is a problem with this Bissell vacuum cleaner as it has a cord that is a little short.

This limits the amount of area you can cover when cleaning.  Another concern is that when using this machine, it becomes a bit loud.Pros

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Powerful suction
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for cleaning under furniture
  • Compact for ease of storage
  • Dustbin is easy to empty
  • Good at picking up pet hair
  • Light in weight
  • Easily cleans tight corners


  • It gets very loud when cleaning
  • Very short power cord
  • Does not have attachments
  • Low suction power at the far end of the “v shape”

4. Hoover Corded Cyclonic  Vacuum (Under 100 dollars)

Outfitted with powerful cyclonic technology, this vacuum is one of the best tile floors vacuum cleaners. Additionally, it has a reclining handle that makes it easy to reach under the furniture for great cleaning experience.

For dirt that gets embedded at the edges this vacuum cleaner has edge cleaning bristles and a wide mouth for effective cleaning. Even more, this versatile vacuum, offers powerful suction technology and side bristles for cleaning corners. It is also designed with a power button that turns the power brush roll on and off.

Another plus for this vacuum is its light weight and slim shape; this makes it easy to manage. Furthermore, the swivel steering enables an effortless manoeuver. The Hoover Corded Cyclonic vacuum also comes with a dirt cup at the bottom that is released to dispose of debris after cleaning.

Considering that this is a full size vacuum cleaner a 20 foot power cord is not long enough. Consequently, this seems like the most contentious part of the Hoover sh20030 corded cyclonic vacuum.

After some tests it is obvious that the cord should have been a bit longer, roughly 30 feet like in most full size vacuum. Furthermore, although not very major, the dirt canister is fairly not as big as would be expected of a stick vacuum cleaner.

Normally, the full size vacuums offer a bigger dirt canister that holds more dirt at a time.Pros

  • Light weight
  • Easy to move and maneuver
  • Dirt canister can easily be emptied
  • Great performance for both carpet and tile floors
  • Does not make a lot of noise when in use
  • No battery
  • Small footprint for ease of storage
  • Slim shape enables cleaning under furniture


  • Very short cord
  • Fairly small dirt canister for a stick vacuum

Overall, this vacuum cleaner offers powerful performance. It has great cleaning capabilities with good suction technology. Indeed, what you will appreciate more about this stick vacuum is the fact that, you can work longer due to the light weight.

As a result, you will notice that the advantages are more than the drawbacks of this stick vacuum.

5. VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Upright  & Handheld Vacuum

Being one of the best deals when it comes to vacuum cleaners, the VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 functions as an upright vacuum cleaner. It also has a part that can be used separately as a handheld vacuum.

Consequently, this means that you can get the better of two products in one vacuum cleaner. This is great if you are a budget conscious individual who is looking for great performance. This upright and handheld vacuum offers 130 air watts of reliable suction power and a dust canister with a capacity of 1.2 liters.

This vacuum cleaner is also asthma friendly because of its Sponge and HEPA filtration which captures allergens, preventing them from circulating in the room. Also, this great deal comes with an 18 foot cord, crevice tool, small brush attachment and a shoulder strap.

Most models have their handle ergonomically designed which is not the case in the Vonhaus 600W corded vacuum cleaner. It causes you fatigue after using it for a while. Considering that it is not cordless, moving from one outlet to another is one of the drawbacks of this handheld vacuum.

Also, if you happen to be on the tall side, you will realize that the height of the machine is not very comfortable. Now, because the machine is not a full size vacuum, it can easily get clogged by large particles.

Another aspect that cannot go without notice is that this upright and handheld vacuum cleaner produces quite a lot of noise. The noise is loud enough to prevent you from hearing the ringing of the phone.

The most important feature to focus on in any machine is the overall performance. With that in mind, you realize that this vacuum cleaner proves that cheap does not necessarily mean substandard performance or quality. In any case, if you are looking for performance and good budget, then this is a fantastic option for cleaning tile floors.Pros

  • It is a very affordable vacuum
  • Lightweight vacuum
  • 2-in-1 vacuum
  • Compact for easy storage
  • The canister is easy to empty
  • Can turn into a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Very easy to assemble


  • The cord has to be wound externally
  • The attachments are made of plastic
  • Very loud
  • Height not adjustable

The most important feature to focus on in any machine is the overall performance. With that in mind you realize that this vacuum cleaner proves that cheap does not necessarily mean substandard performance or quality. In any case, if you are looking for performance and good budget then this is a fantastic option for cleaning tile floors.

6. Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

This is one of the most affordable canister vacuums that offer very good performance. It is very versatile catering for almost all types of floors including hardwood and tile. Also,it has a powerful 12 amp motor and a blower port.

Additionally, the machine is lightweight, weighing around 3.7kg, with a compact size of 9 x 16.5 x 11.3 inches. Even more, it has a power cord of 20 feet which is a bit on the shorter side.

Furthermore, this canister vacuum comes with standard filtration abilities. Besides, the vacuum cleaner is also equipped with on-board tools that include dusting brush upholstery nozzle and crevice tools. With this machine you need not worry about overheating as it is designed with a shut-off system that protects it.

Amongst the contentious issues about the Eureka 3670G is that it features less exchangeable heads compared to other vacuum cleaners. In addition, the canister vacuum produces a very loud noise. Although it won’t scare the dog, it is impossible to hear your phone ring through all the noise.

This may not be a major problem however the clogging of the hose is a concern that can’t be ignored. With large debris the hose has high chances of getting clogged, which means caution has to be taken when using the vacuum cleaner.Pros

  • Compact size for ease of storage
  • Highly powerful suction
  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent performance on hard floor surfaces
  • Doubles as a car cleaner


  • Cord must be wrapped around bottom part
  • Very loud sometimes
  • The hose can get clogged easily
  • The attachments have no real use

7. Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Bagless Broom Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is one of the most recommended choices for cleaning tile floors. Another thing is that the size of the vacuum cleaner is very small in size, but with impressively good suction.

The Spiffy Maid Broom vacuum is designed to help you clean upholstery furniture, and even car interiors. Also, it has a suction valve that you can select manually and a telescopic handle to enhance comfort while cleaning.

The Spiffy Maid vacuum cleaner comes with a crevice and a long power cord of 30 foot. With a power cord this size, you can be sure of comfortable cleaning. You also don’t need to always charge the batteries or move from one outlet to the other.

Here’s the deal:

You can clean different rooms without worrying about the power cord restricting you. It comes with a high capacity dust cup that is easy to empty and tools like brushes that help enhance the performance of the vacuum. Furthermore, the one year warranty is a great deal and it is also listed with ETL. In other words you can be sure of great quality. Another feature you will definitely love is its flexibility.

It is not easy to switch to the crevice tool, which can prove to be very challenging. Another concern worth noting is that we found it to be relatively fragile and can easily break when it drops.

These are not the only drawbacks. The vacuum cleaner has a small dust cup that will force you to empty it often if you are cleaning a lot of dust. After some tests, the vacuum cleaner has proven to offer great performance only when cleaning floors that are lightly dirtied.Pros

  • Compact size for ease of storage
  • Highly powerful suction
  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent performance on hard floor surfaces
  • Doubles as a car cleaner


  • Cord must be wrapped around bottom part
  • Very loud sometimes
  • The hose can get clogged easily
  • The attachments have no real use

8. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe (Hard Floor Cleaner)

The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner is without doubt one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. It comes equipped with a dual–tank technology, a 20 foot power cord, and an 11.5 inch nozzle that can easily be removed.

Also, it is equipped with counter-rotating brushes and a 1.5 quart tank capacity. Even more, the brushes are designed to wash and scrub your tile floors from different angles with ease. Above all, one of the best features of this vacuum is the dual tank that separates dirty water from clean water. Each reservoir has a 48 oz capacity.

Notably, it is packed with a bottle of 16 oz solution and wash and dry cleaning modes.  When trying to clean floors with a steam mop and the grout won’t come off, this vacuum for tile floors can be of great help. The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner is easy to store and comes with a 2 year warranty.

After use, what we noticed about this vacuum cleaner is that the edge cleaning needs a bit of improvement. Although it has great features, it doesn’t clean up to the baseboards because the brushes are somehow dug in, which is disappointing.

Most users have also complained that the motor fails after some time. With a 20 foot power cord, you are forced to move from one power outlet to another in order to clean large floor areas. Another disappointing fact about this vacuum is that you have to re-do an area to get it completely dry. This is due to the machine not being able to suck up all the water. Consequently, you have to clean for a long time.Pros

  • Light weight
  • Dual tank for clean and dirty water
  • Very easy to use
  • 11.5 inches nozzle for good suction


  • Doesn’t clean corners
  • Must go over floors again to effectively suck up water completely
  • Power cord is short

All in all, the vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning tile floors. Comparing both sides of this machine the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. At the end of the day, if it suits your needs then definitely its worth investing in.

9. BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum

If you’re looking for a vacuum for tile floors with great suction, the BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum is, without doubt, an excellent choice.

This handheld vacuum is highly recommended for cleaning up spots very quickly. The handheld vacuum is very light in weight, making movement possible from one place to another. Movement is also made easy because of the 4 foot hose. The Black and Decker vacuum cleaner has an extension wand that can turn this vacuum cleaner from a handheld vacuum to a stick vacuum.

When you purchase this vacuum, it comes with a pet hair brush 2-in-1 nozzle, a 4 foot hose and washable vacuum. This handheld vacuum works great on carpet, ceilings, floors and cars whenever there is need. It is equipped with several attachments that make it easy to towel perform well on any kind of surface.

Everything with an advantage has a disadvantage, right? Well, this particular handheld vacuum has its downside too. Most noteworthy is that the charge has to always be full.

This means that you don’t charge it only when it has been depleted, but rather having to maintain it full all the time. The handheld vacuum makes a lot of noise which is not convenient if you have a child or children in the home.

Looking at the overall view of the vacuum cleaner, the advantages are very obvious.Pros

  • Lightweight for ease of movement
  • You can easily clean floors without bending down
  • Very good for cleaning stairs
  • Decent battery life, charging for about fours
  • Powerful suction
  • Washable filters
  • Made of quality plastics
  • Hose allows for reaching tight spaces on floors


  • The dust filter inside fill up very fast
  • Not good for carpet cleaning
  • Limited dust capacity
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Does not work well on hard dirt
  • Hair tends to stick on the inner walls of the dust cup

10. Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner

The Shark Sonic Duo vacuum cleaner is perhaps one of the most fascinating cleaners in the market. Most importantly, the vacuum cleaner comes with a 2 year warranty if you purchase it on Amazon.com.

Moreover, it measures barely half of the normal upright vacuum cleaner, at a weight of 9lbs. It is also equipped with 7 bottles of diluted non-toxic solutions and pads that are reusable. Make sure to clean it and filters. You can follow our tutorial about it here.

Furthermore, if you have pets that leave behind a bad odor, this can sometimes be very difficult to get rid of. The Shark Sonic Duo is great at riding your carpet or tile floors of the stain, pet hair and odor completely. Besides, it is designed to offer deep cleaning and a low moisture cleaner, ensuring the floors is not let feeling wet rather it remains dry.

In addition:

Maneuverability is another very important feature: it has built in swivel steering that enhances this maneuverability. Another very interesting part of this vacuum cleaner is that it has headlights. These headlights are meant to assist you in spotting hidden places that need cleaning.

Check here our article on How to Replace Belt of Shark Vacuum​

First of all, it doesn’t effectively remove older stains and dark spots easily from floors. Mostly this vacuum has great features and works very well.

Also, the only other complaint was the fact that I realized the manual is very sparse. Consequently this can be a major problem for someone who is learning to use a vacuum for the first time.Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Able to maneuver with ease
  • Different speed settings
  • Several Pads that are washable and reusable
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Cleans grime and stains effectively
  • Does not leave any sticky residue behind
  • Moves smoothly on floors
  • Headlights to help spot places to clean
  • Electronic spray button
  • Has a bumper to help protect your furniture
  • VIP warranty of 5 years plus limited lifetime warranty


  • Does not clean cracks efficiently
  • Takes two hours to dry
  • The manual does not offer enough information
  • Does not clean coaches

Generally, this is a great deal and a very reliable vacuum for tile floors. You can purchase this for only $199 directly at Shark’s site. Furthermore, you get a warranty of 5 years and a limited lifetime warranty if you purchase the Shark Sonic Duo on Shark’s site.

11. BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop

The BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop comes equipped with great features that leave your floor clean and sanitized. It is designed with a low profile that makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas, round corners, and dashboards.

Furthermore, the steam mop vacuum cleaner has built in brushes, steam control and optimal discs. Actually, when the discs are heated up, they release a beautiful scent that leaves your floors smelling nice. It is designed with settings that are easy to manage and a power cord of 23 feet.

More importantly, this kind of steam mop is a great option especially if you have pets and children who are always playing on your tile floors. You can use it on tile floors of all types including stone, linoleum, ceramic, laminated and vinyl. Much as this vacuum for tile floors is simple, it is very effective for cleaning and leaving tile floors sanitized.

The steam mop becomes super hot and can easily ruin your tile floors. It gets even worse because it can burn your feet if you don’t have any shoes on.

Alternatively the other challenging part of this is that, you have to change the filter every so often. Notably, when cleaning a large room, the sponge gets soggy and leaves streaks on the tile behind you.

As a result this becomes a problem especially because it means you have to go over the same area again.Pros

  • It takes only 30 seconds to refill the tank
  • Can easily remove germs effectively from the floor
  • Easy to assemble together in around 60 seconds
  • Lightweight construction
  • Power cord of good length 23’ long
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Equipped with two microfiber pads
  • Compact design that is slender enough to easily maneuver
  • Built-in brushes
  • Doesn’t make any noise
  • Very affordable


  • Can easily burn your feet because it gets too hot when steaming something
  • It can ruin your tile floors when left in one place for a long time
  • The floor remains more wet when you use the medium and low settings
  • Steam does not turn off which is difficult when you need to pause
  • Leaves streaks behind when cleaning very large rooms

In general getting a great vacuum for tile floors at such an unmatched price is not easy. This steam mop vacuum is a great deal especially for tile floors.

12. Anker HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner comes with an impressive long battery life. It is both a stick and handheld vacuum, meaning you get double the benefits. Even more, it is designed with two efficient modes.

The lower mode can perfectly clean light debris, while the high mode does a great job on heavy dirt. Certainly, the Anker HomeVac Duo vacuum is very versatile and is able to clean different floors effortlessly. It is very lightweight, making it easy to handle as a handheld vacuum.

Not to mention, it comes packed with a separate dusting brush, a welcome guide, a carpet vacuum head, a charging base and a crevice nozzle. Actually, all these accessories are a great addition to the vacuum. They all have essential roles to play in your experience with this vacuum for tile floors.

On top of that:

The Anker HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner never clogs as a result of its cyclonic system that prevents dust from jamming the motor. Moreover, pet dander, dust and other microscopic allergens can easily be trapped with the HEPA filtration in this vacuum cleaner.

You do not have to worry about movement while cleaning as the vacuum is cordless. Everything seems simple with this vacuum and it also comes with an AC power adapter and 18 months warranty.

Unfortunately this vacuum cleaner comes with an 18 months warranty; which is very short compared to most vacuums on the market.

Another concern is that finding replacements for the different parts is very difficult. Due to this, things like a new battery or new filter are very difficult to find.

As a matter of fact, it only performs very well on light duty tile cleaning. It also disappoints a little when it comes to cleaning heavy stains as it becomes a challenge.Pros

  • Comes with durable battery
  • Has very good headlights
  • Designed in a very attractive look
  • Designed to be a 2-in-1 vacuum
  • It can maneuver with ease
  • HEPA filter for perfect cleaning
  • Cyclonic system to direct dust away from motor
  • Has separate dusting brush
  • Very good suction power


  • No firm grip on handle
  • Is not stable because plastic construction
  • It tips over very easily
  • The battery on this vacuum is not replaceable
  • Standing balance not very good


This is a canister vacuum with a combination of great performance and affordable price. The Zing Bagged Canister vacuum is very light in weight, weighing about 10 pounds.

Even more, this canister vacuum has a power cord of 17’ feet and it can automatically retract with only a touch of a button. And it has a low profile design and a telescopic wand that makes it easy to clean floors under the furniture.

In addition, it comes with floor nozzles and offers powerful suction for thorough and fast cleaning. Equally, it cleans both bare floors like tile and carpets without any problem. It also sucks up pet hair effortlessly and effectively and is great for cleaning upholstery, stairs, car interiors, and drapes.

It doesn’t end there:

This canister vacuum has a compact design that makes it easy to move from one room to another. Additional features that make this a great vacuum for any home include automatic cord rewind, complete bag indicator telescopic wand and great suction control.

The drawbacks of this vacuum make using it a bit of a challenge. It produces a lot of noise when suction power is on.

While, transitioning from hardwood and tile floors to carpet, it becomes difficult to push the floor tool on carpet. The effectiveness on carpet is also very limited because of the lack of motorized brush.

The telescopic wand is great but it is too short. Another very important drawback is that this canister vacuum does not help with pet hair.

Other than the few downsides, it is generally a good vacuum for tile floors. Furthermore you are sure to get rid of all the pet hair without using a lot of time.Pros

  • HEPA filter can be easily washed
  • Has suction power features that are adjustable
  • Cleans bare floors very efficiently
  • The dust canister can be emptied easily
  • The power cord can be retracted easily
  • Comes with two different nozzles
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Has a full bag indicator
  • Multi-surface cleaning capabilities
  • Able to maneuver easily
  • Sucks up pet hair effectively
  • Very affordable for such great performance


  • Has a very narrow bare floor nozzle
  • Relatively small dust canister
  • The cord is 17 feet which is short
  • Doesn’t work well in low pile carpet
  • Produces noise while cleaning


What Are The Things To Consider When Buying A Vacuum Cleaner For Tile Floors?

Purchasing a vacuum is one of the things you will have to find yourself doing at some point in your life.  We should always be aware of the right features to look for when shopping for one of these. Some of the key things in your mind should, and will include, reliability, quality, type of floors and cleaning power.

In this guide, I’ll take you through some important features that’ll determine whether you get your money’s worth or you end up regretting the purchase.

Indeed, it might be easier to get one similar to one you had, but most people want an upgrade or are purchasing their first one. Whatever the case may be, check out this guide for step by step information needed for this important purchase.


It is important to be sure of how much you are willing to spend. Although knowing your budget is important, it should not play a major role in determining the vacuum you buy.

Quarried Or Glazed Tiles Floors

To plan your cleaning properly you must know whether your tile is quarry or glazed. The quarried tiles are made of clay that looks like bricks. They usually look very nice but attract a lot of dust.

This kind of floor needs powerful vacuum cleaners, which will effectively assist you in wet mopping. Glazed tiles are lighter in terms of thickness and density. Unlike unglazed tiles, glazed tiles repel dirt.

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One thing for sure is that there are features you cannot do without, if you are looking to buy a good vacuum cleaner. These are important regardless of whether you have carpet, hardwood or tile floors. Some of them include:


This happens to be one of the most important features in a vacuum cleaner. Since tile floors tend to trap more microscopic dust, a good filtration system becomes mandatory. One good filtration technology is the HEPA.

Dual tank technology

This technology is not only necessary but very crucial. It will help separate the dirty water from the clean water to ensure your floors are perfectly clean.


This is predominantly important when cleaning tile floors. Tiles are easy to sanitize and defy high temperature very well.

Cordless or corded

If you prefer corded vacuums ensure you go for a cord that is longer than 20 feet. As for cordless, batteries are the determining point. Even more, the vacuum will deliver good suction if the voltage is higher, that is 18 Volts or more.

Height adjustments

The vacuum should be designed to clean different depths of floors. Look for automatic adjustments that will detect when you get to a low pile or high pile.

Folding handle

Cleaning hard to reach places should be top of the list. Consequently, a vacuum with a handle that can fold to allow you to clean under furniture and inaccessible areas is a great option.

Brush roll

Even with hardwood and tile floors there are areas in the home that have either carpets or rags. In fact having a vacuum that can transition easily from tile floors to carpet makes this feature worth looking into.


I could say this is more important than any other feature, at least to me. Besides, great suction means perfect cleaning without having to go over the same area again.


Ensure you can clean the grout efficiently especially because this can prove to be a problem. More importantly, you need to be able to clean it with ease.

Handling And Weight

If you can, try and feel how heavy the machine is to lift. You don’t need a vacuum that may need a lot of energy when cleaning your floors. What’s more think about accessing the interior incase of basic repairs or find out how easy it is to operate before you purchase.

Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

It’s important, before anything, that you are aware of the kind of vacuum you want as there are a number of varieties to choose from.

Most noteworthy is that each type comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Due to this, it is good to base your preference on how well the vacuum will suit you. Here are the types of vacuums:

Upright Vacuum

This is the category where all traditional vacuums fall into. In fact they use lint, bags to collect dust, and grime. Especially relevant, is that they have to plug them in and push them around the house when cleaning floors.

However, the types mostly in use today are the ones that use filters and canisters to collect dirt. Besides, you can empty the canisters, wash and re-use; which is more eco-friendly than bagged.

Stick Vacuum

They have great maneuverability and are very light. That is, you can clean large areas of the hardwood and tile floors effortlessly. While, designed for quick cleaning, their performance is not as high as upright vacuums. Check here our list of best stick vacuum of 2022

Canister Vacuum

These are perfect for cleaning inaccessible places. The hose unit is usually separate from the canister: making them great for cleaning stairs, upholstery, tile floors or bare floors. Whereas, compared to the upright vacuums, they are usually bulkier.

Handheld Vacuum

They are usually cordless battery-powered vacuums. Even more, they are good for cleaning at the surface and light cleaning. In fact, they are used for cleaning the interior of cars and things like couches or upholstery.

Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuums are new on the market. Furthermore they operate on their own, with some able to avoid clutter on the floors. Actually, the only downside to these vacuums is that they cannot offer deep cleaning like the upright and canister vacuums.

There’s no set amount of time. Simply listen to your body and watch for aches and pains. If you feel unusually weak or suffer new, unusually intense muscle pains, then you might need to take a week off.

Typically, those who are new to inversion therapy should only do a few minutes a week. As your body adjusts and your muscles grow, you gradually add more time.

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What’s The Bottom Line?

Finally, buying a vacuum cleaner does not have to be a difficult task if you properly do your research. Alternatively, try not to buy the first vacuum you come across; ensure you find one that best suits your floor type and personal preferences.

Furthermore, vacuums that are listed with ETL offer quality assurance – you can opt to go for them. And, do you want a vacuum for cleaning either carpets, hardwood and tile floors? Furthermore, do you need it to remove pet hair?

 Consider whether you have tile or hardwood flooring throughout the house. Also consider if there are areas with a carpet; then you can go for a versatile one or one that’s specifically designed for your flooring. In conclusion, you have seen in our guide that a steam mop vacuum may be better suited for tile floors.

To make an informed decision, do more research, and read our reviews.

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