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The Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets Of 2022

I think you’ll agree with us when we say that hygiene is the most important factor in the kitchen. You can make it look flawless, and have the latest equipment available. But, if you’re neglecting the sanitary requirements, everything else becomes less important.

What we use and touch the most when in kitchen are definitely faucets. Besides the hygiene, aren’t you tired of all those water spots and fingerprints? It turns out that the faucet market offers a solution.

In this review, we’ll present the best touchless kitchen faucets of 2022. A touchless faucet allows you to control its action without actually touching it. What this means is that dish washing is about to get a lot easier.

In addition, you won’t be jeopardizing the sanitary conditions in your kitchen. And if someone in your household prefers the old settings, it’s also a possibility.

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets 2022

You wouldn’t believe the change that these cheap touchless faucets can bring to your kitchen regimen. You won’t have to deal with annoying, almost-impossible-to clean water stains all the time. Also, you’ll see that the market offers some great models for the touchless convenience. We present you the list of the top 7 touchless kitchen faucets of 2022.

ModelWater UsageDesignWeight 
Moen Arbor Motionsense
(Editor’s Choice)
1.5 GPMSpot-resist stainless5 poundsCheck Price
Pfister GT529-ELSN/A; flow rate: 1.8 GPMStainless steel5 poundsCheck Price
Delta 980T-SSSD-DSTN/A; flow rate: 1.8 GPMContemporary, modern style9 poundsCheck Price
KOHLER Sensate1.8 GPMTransitional style8.3 poundsCheck Price
KOHLER Barossa
(Easy Use)
N/AStainless steel8.8 poundsCheck Price
Moen Brantford1.5 GPMMotionsense2.4 ouncesCheck Price
BL Delta ContemporaryN/AContemporary2.2 poundsCheck Price

All of these kitchen faucets bring the touchless convenience to the table. What makes a difference is the design, as well as the capacity. You want to make sure that your faucet compliments the interior of your kitchen. Now, let’s proceed to more specific reviews of each of these touchless faucets.

Moen Arbor Kitchen Touchless Faucet – Best Overall


One of the most important things about this model is that it can match all styles. At times, it can be hard finding the right devices to suit your kitchen interior. This universal design won’t cause this kind of problems.

Because of its MotionSense technology, there’s a convenient hands-free performance. This touchless faucet has two sensors for two different actions. The first one at the top starts the flow, while the other at the base stops it.

Yes, it can get it even more convenient than the touchless design. This faucet comes with a 68-inch long hose for different tasks. It is flexible, versatile, and extremely easy to use.

Its Duralock Installation System makes installing a faucet a piece of cake. No tools are required in this process. All you need to do is connect the water lines in a single step.

The Power Clean technology allows you to get rid of stains and dirt in a powerful way. Also, there’ll be less splatter and less water wasted. There are two spray patterns, which you can adjust depending on the current task. Also, the spotless stainless design ensures that the faucet always appears clean.

Finally, there’s a lifetime warranty to back up all these amazing features.

In a sea of positive reviews, there were some problems noted by the customers. For instance, one of them found that the water was leaking underneath the faucet. Unfortunately, this damaged their cabinets. There were leaks from the valve handle after 6 months of using the product. Also, the bottom of the device had some leaking, as well.

Other customers found that the problem with this product is in clogged filters. These filters cause the water flow to be inconsistent and disrupted.Pros

  • Has an adaptable, versatile style
  • MotionSense technology for a touchless, easy performance
  • Duralock Installation System for quick & effortless installation


  • The possibility of water leaking
  • Clogged filters may cause the water flow to be inconsistent

2. Pfister GT529-ELS – With React Sensor


Hands-free models give you much more than impeccable hygiene. What you get is a faster performance, including dishwashing, cooking, and cleaning.

Instead of spreading germs and leaving fingerprints all over the faucet, choose a more convenient option. This will save you time when it comes to cleaning the kitchen counter.

This model comes with a pull-down sprayhead which is quite mobile. You can easily extend it to get to any area of your sink. Also, you can manage the water pressure and flow pattern. The available options are soft stream, spray, and pause.

All you need to do to start or stop the water flow is to wave in front of sensor. If there’s no motion in more than 2 minutes, the device shuts off automatically. This means that you’re protected at all times, and you won’t be wasting water.

You can adjust your preferred temperature and set it for future use. The next time you activate the sensor, you’ll have the right temperature without trying.

Hibernate mode and the touch-free mode are interchangeable. This means you’ll be able to switch back to any of these at any given moment.

Some of the customers noticed that sometimes the sensor doesn’t quite “catch” their movement. This malfunction requires them to repeat the motion until the flow stars or stops. The users seem to really enjoy it as long as the sensor is working. However, many of them have experienced the sensor acting up or not reacting at all.Pros

  • Pull-down, Adjustable, Flexible Sprayhead
  • Sensor for a hands-free performance
  • Both hibernate mode and touch-free mode available


  • The sensor tends to stop without a warning and not recognize the motion

3. Delta 980T-SSSD – Best Design


This model is designed for those of you who can get really messy in the kitchen. Every time you touch a faucet with soupy or greasy hands, there’s a possibility of bacteria creating. Not touching the faucet while washing your hands prevents this serious issue. Many times you’re preparing raw food and you’re not even aware of its traces all over the kitchen.

Touch 2 0 Technology allows you to tap anywhere to control the flow. This means that you don’t have to think about the sensor position. Instead of grabbing the faucet, you’re gently tapping to get the same result.

Only this way you’re preventing bacteria from spreading.

The design of this faucet can be a great addition to any kitchen. It is extremely versatile, sleek, and above all – convenient.

To adjust the water temperature, simply move the handle right to left. Moving it up to down will cause the water flow rate to change. In addition, you’ll get a convenient soap dispenser to match your new faucet.

The Diamond Seal Technology guarantees that the water is of the highest quality. At times, the water in the faucets can meet the metal contaminants and become infected. Thanks to this unique technology, this touchless faucet prevents that issue.

One of the critics pointed out the fact that the faucet came without a magnet. Because of this mishap, their faucet is hanging loose. While most of the customers do enjoy the faucet, the soap dispenser is not so popular.

Another complaint regards the “tapping method”. Apparently, the water doesn’t stop immediately. It actually takes about 10 seconds to process the tap.Pros

  • Touch 2 0 Technology: you can tap the faucet anywhere to control the flow (to start or stop it)
  • Easily adjust the temperature and the flow by moving the handle
  • Diamond Seal Technology for the highest quality of water


  • It isn’t entirely touchless; you still have to tap and move the handle
  • The “tapping method” doesn’t seem to give instant results

4. KOHLER Sensate – Best Budget


The touchless design will make the cooking process faster, and safer. The essence of every kitchen isn’t in tasty meals. It is in hygiene and adequate preparation. The Sensate Intuitive Response Technology saves the time and effort.

There’s no need to touch the faucet and control it with your hands. Your movement will show it exactly what to do. With a single wave, you can start of finish the procedure in a split second.

What seems to be a problem with many sensor-controlled faucets is the precision. However, what KOHLER promises is an oriented sensor that you can rely on. Also, there’ll be no false activations, since the sensor will recognize the movement.

To be exact, the sensor reacts in 20 milliseconds. There are no delays, no waiting, and no false activation. What you need to do to start the flow is wave through the beam. To adjust the temperature, move the handle.

One of the most prominent features of this model is its docking system. DockNetik is a magnetic docking system which guarantees safe positioning. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about water leakage and malfunctions.

The sprayhead has two available options: both spray and stream. Depending on how the complicated the cleaning task is you can choose the adequate one.

It is incredibly easy to keep clean, thanks to its lasting finish. Also, the flexible nozzles don’t allow the mineral to build up on their surface.

According to some reviews, the faucet seems to lose water pressure from time to time. Instead of consistent, reliable water pressure, some customers had to deal with interruptions. On the other hand, this is not a confirmed complaint. It seems that other users enjoy the procedure and face no mishaps.Pros

  • The sensate intuitive response technology allows you to control the water flow without touching the faucet
  • Quick sensor response
  • DockNetik magnetic docking system for a stable installation


  • For some users, the water pressure seems to be inconsistent; however, this isn’t the case with everyone

5. KOHLER Barossa – Best for Easy Use


The Barossa model combines the three important factors in a touchless faucet. First and foremost, it has the unique Response technology. Just like the name implies, it provides a touch-free operation.

To be able to control the hidden sensor, you just have to use your natural hand gestures. In addition, this technology has a precision activation feature.

There’ll be no false activation which could annoy you and make the process complicated. Not to mention the sanitary benefits of a touchless model such as this one.

The second prominent quality of this faucet is the design. It is durable, sleek, and highly adaptable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it standing out in your perfectly organized kitchen design.

Finally, it provides a quick and simple installation. You won’t have to spend hours studying the manual and trying to assemble it. As a matter of fact, it should take a couple of minutes.

Just because the installation is simple doesn’t mean that it isn’t stable. The well-known DockNetik system uses magnets to ensure that the faucet stays in place.

Whether you prefer battery-operated devices, or the AC option, both are available. This is yet another factor that contributes to the versatility of this model.

In fact, there weren’t many reviews on this particular model. To be able to objectively judge the product, we’d definitely need more. The only complaint available regards the electronic construction, which seems to be a bit loose. The looseness can apparently be found in the neck of the construction, as well.Pros

  • Response technology: touchless, quick, and responsive to the natural movement of your hand
  • DockNetik magnetic system for firm and stable installation
  • Two power options: batteries and ac


  • There was a complaint regarding the overall quality of the construction (apparently, some portions aren’t firm enough)

6. Moen Brantford (Spot-resist Stainless)


The MotionSense technology allows you to enjoy the hands-free convenience. Stay away from the bacteria by not touching the faucet at all. To activate the water, simply put the object below the spout. This will activate the Ready Sensor.

Or, you can simply wave in front of the Wave Sensor which is positioned on the top of the spout. This way, you’ll activate an uninterrupted flow.

Thanks to the flexible, long hose you’ll be able to reach any area of the sink effortlessly. Also, the pulldown wand has two different spray options. You can choose between the steady stream and the stronger, more powerful rinse.

Spot-resist stainless style allows the faucet to stay flawless, allowing no water spots. Speaking of design, the high-neck position allows you to wash the dishes without the faucet getting in the way.

Thanks to Moen’s lifetime warranty, there’ll be no panic in case of leakage, dripping, or finish defects.

When it comes to reviews, the positive ones are definitely standing out. However, one of the users points out the fact that the temperature isn’t set. With some faucets, you’re able to adjust the desired temperature and not have to re-adjust it the next time. With this model, the device doesn’t memorize your preferred temperature.Pros

  • MotionSense technology for a touchless convenience (two motion sensors)
  • Long, Flexible Hose
  • Moen’s lifetime warranty


  • You’ll have to adjust the temperature each time you turn on the faucet; there’s no memorizing option

7. BL Delta Contemporary – Runner-Up, Best for Home Use


When it comes to touchless faucets, this one is definitely one of the affordable models. While it may not belong to the top-notch models, it’s worth mentioning.

Thanks to its high-arc design, there’s a great amount of clearance space it provides. This means that there’ll be enough space even for the bigger pots and pans.

While on the topic of design, it has a solid brass construction which grants longevity. It is also a deck-mounted model, which provides stability.

This particular model gives the possibility of both touch and touchless managing.

There were no available reviews for this particular model.Pros

  • An affordable touchless model
  • High-arc design for more clearance space
  • Solid brass construction


  • N/A

Touchless Kitchen Faucets Buyer Guide

Whether you’re wondering why do you need one, or how to discover the best one, we’ve got an answer. This guide will bring the concept of faucets closer to you.

Why Use Touchless Kitchen Faucets?

First and foremost: it’s just easier. You’ll find yourself finishing tasks a lot quicker. There’s simply no need to keep touching the faucet and adjusting it. With a simple hand signal you’ll be able to start or stop the water flow. Even if you’re used to the traditional faucets, it won’t take you long to learn to use these. Their controls are usually very simple and easy to acquire.(Check our list of best Over-the-Range Microwaves).

One of the main reasons to look for a touchless kitchen faucet is hygiene. How many times have you touched the faucet while your hands were dirty? You will go back into your food, and then touch the same faucet again. You may not be aware of the bacteria creating, but it is there. In addition, every time you touch the food, you’ll be spreading it. You want to avoid germs spreading all over your house and food at all costs.

These faucets are easy to clean and maintain. There are no clumsy water spots and fingerprints. Since they have a hands-free operation, they won’t get nearly as dirty. Also, they usually have a spot-resist finish to remain shiny and clean.

Lastly, most of these faucets have a gorgeous, silky design. Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional style, you can find the one for your kitchen.

Things You Should Look for in Touchless Kitchen Faucets


As we’ve mentioned before, there are different styles of these faucets. You’ll usually come across two main options. These include the more modern, contemporary style, and the traditional one. Nevertheless, most of the faucets nowadays have a sleek, versatile touch to it.

Make sure to choose the one which compliments your kitchen style.


The size of your sink should influence your decision. You definitely don’t want to end up with a faucet which doesn’t fit the sink. Therefore, make sure to check the dimensions prior to making a purchase. Also, if you want more clearance space, consider the ones with the higher arc.

Construction & Valve Type

The construction of the unit itself is very important. You want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. If you want the unit to last, go with sturdy, reliable materials. Also, pay attention to the docking system. You want it to be stable and reliable. There are also four different types of valves, depending on what kind of faucet you’re getting.


A solid warranty will give you something to rely on. If you want absolute protection, go with the faucets with a lifetime warranty.

This review has made it quite obvious that touchless faucets are a convenience you need in your kitchen. Not only are they incredibly easy to use, but they also fulfill the sanitary requirements. A lot of times we neglect hygiene, but it should be the number one factor on our list. Germs can develop and spread in a blink of an eye. Do you really want this kind of situation in your household?

We could say that touch-free faucets are the ultimate modernization of the kitchen sink. Besides staying protected, you’ll be able to finish tasks quickly. In addition, the clean-up process won’t take as long. Your kitchen will remain looking flawless even after you’ve washed a ton of dishes.

On top of being sanitary and convenient, these faucets have a very clean, sophisticated look. The faucet of your choice can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen interior. Also, you can find a lot of cheap options on the market.

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