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The Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner Of 2022

Stick Vacuums have become a necessity in households when it comes to floor care and cleaning jobs.

Just think about the messes our kids and pets make at home apart from your regular dust and dirt. Brooms and mops just don’t have the cleaning power you need for all that.

Having a stick vacuum is such a helpful tool for cleaning all the mess they leave behind. In addition, a stick vacuum is easier to use. Just plug it in and let it suck up all the mess, easy right?

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However, there are so many variants out there on the market now. Therefore, we’ve looked at the best in the market and compared them to help you choose the best one.

Best Stick Vacuum 2022

The best stick vacuum should do well in deep carpet cleaning and other surfaces. It should also be lightweight and easy to handle. Additionally, it should be light and easy enough for carrying around and for lifting it to reach the higher spaces. 

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Not everyone has flat flooring, so you might also want to get a stick vacuum that works on different surfaces. Whether it does it with attachments or built-in features, as long as it works.

Ever worry about using a stick vacuum for cleaning through corners and underneath furniture?

A good stick vacuum is easy to use in corners and has the mobility for low height clearances. It’s why swivel features have become a standard. They rotate the head of your vacuum as you move it through corners and small spaces.

Additionally, it should have the right attachments for the most effective reach and cleaning performance. Like when you’re cleaning the tight spaces between your sofa’s cushion and arm rest.

You’ll also want a vacuum that has enough suction power to clean-up at the least a regular mess. Say, for example, Cheetos and all that cheese powder on your carpet? Or a little worse, like dirt from the garden that travelled via the visitor’s shoes?

Depending on your space, a corded vacuum could do just fine and tends to be more powerful. However, cordless vacuums win when it comes to mobility.
Do they last long enough for an average clean? The best ones should give you more than 20 minutes of clean time.

Which vacuums can give you all that? Let’s look:

Dirt Devil
(Best Budget)
5.85 lbs.15.6 V Nickel Cadmium20 mins.* On/Off rotating brushroll
* Folding Handle
* Easy Empty Dirt Cup
* Energy Star compliant
* HEPA – Allergen filter
Check Price
Eufy HomeVac5.8 lbs.Large 2200 mAh Li-ion battery50 mins.* Wall mount and mounting accessories
* Electric rolling brush
* HEPA-style filter
Check Price
Eufy HomeVac Duo 2-in-1
(Best Value)
9.1 lbs.Large 2000 mAh Li-ion battery24 mins
60mins (eco mode)
* 2-in-1 cordless vacuum
* Easy detachable dust collector and filter
* Crevice nozzle
* Dusting brush
* HEPA-style filter
Check Price
Dyson V64.5 lbs.21.6V Lithium Ion20 mins* HEPA Filter (whole machine)
* Motorized Cleaner Head
* Carbon Fiber Filaments
* Full-Width Bristles
* Weigh balanced for Floor to Ceiling use
* Push-button release for bin
* Docking Station
* Max Power Mode
Check Price
Hoover BH52210PC Cruise4.7 lbs.22 Lithium Ion20 mins.* 2-in-1 detachable hand vacuum
* Crevice tool
* Dusting brush
* Upholstery tool
* Wall mount
Check Price
Dyson V8 Absolute5.8 lbs.26.1V Lithium Ion40 mins.* Direct-drive cleaner head
* Soft roller cleaner head
* Handheld Mode
* Weigh balanced for Floor to Ceiling use
Check Price
Bissell 1683A
(Best for Pets)
9 lbs.600 watts via power cordNo limit* 30-foot power cord
* Microfiber attachment
* Upholstery tool
* Dusting Brush
* Converts to Multiple Built-In Tools with One Click
* Dusting Brush
* Converts to hand vacuum
Check Price
Black and Decker9 lbs.20 V Lithium Ion30 mins.* 2-in-1 detachable hand vacuum
* Extendable Crevice Tool
* Pleated Pre-Filter
* Autosense (adjusts suction power to surface)
* Battery Level Indicator
* Filter Cleaning Indicator
Check Price

Looking at the table above, we know that the best vacuums can cover all floor types. Each has their own technology and feature to highlight and run on a cyclonic cleaning system. Most of them also have the added convenience of a hand vacuum offering more use for other areas.  We also appreciate their ease of use and easy maintenance features including:

  • Easily detachable/push button release dust collectors
  • They have 20 mins. minimum run time, with some going as long as 60 minutes
  • Swivel head as standard feature for maneuvering and coverage
  • Washable/Reusable filters
  • LED lights that help users see dust
  • Lightweight, not more than 9 lbs. and enough for lifting and cleaning high areas
  • Most include special attachments for more detailed and specific cleaning
  • Note that not all have HEPA-Style filters (if you have allergies, consider models that have this feature)

Therefore, what’s the detailed low-down on these stick vacuums? Let’s look at the best of the bunch in different categories.

We’ve gathered what’s great or not so great about them too, as well as where customers had problems with them.

1. Devil Accucharge – Best Budget


On a budget? You can still hook yourself up with a good vacuum for under $100. The Dirty Devil has a promising name and you can get it on Amazon for only $64.79. Not bad right?It has all the basic features you need and does a more than decent cleanup. Good enough for a studio condominium or apartment (without pets). It’s also quiet enough to do some clean-up without disturbing the neighbors. However, loud enough to wake-up a sleeping roommate.
Might not be so powerful but still beats sweeping with a broom anytime.It’s best to keep customer reviews in perspective. You’ll find some comparing its performance to a $300 Dyson. Really? How fair is that right?
Additionally, among our picks of the best vacuums, the Dirt Devil is the only cordless vacuum uses Nickel Cadmium batteries.  That means something since most cordless tools use Lithium ion used by most cordless tools these days. It’s probably why it can afford to be priced this low too, NiCad batteries are cheaper.

  • ­Mixed reviews when it comes to cleaning carpet areas
  • Mixed reviews on battery life. There are customers who had problems with the battery not holding a charge. It’s best to follow instructions on battery use because this is probably due to it using NiCad Batteries.
  • Some had challenges reaching customer support


  • Low price
  • Lightweight at only 5.85 lbs. so you can easily lift it for ceilings and walls
  • Cordless and rechargeable battery
  • It gets into tight spaces just fine.
  • It gets the job done fairly well (including dog hair, except for German Shepherd types)
  • Worked well on hardwood and tile flooring
  • Easy to clean
  • Give you 20mins run time requiring only 6hrs to charge.
  • Allergen filtration system
  • LED light and swivel head


  • It’s so lightweight that pulling the hose can sometimes cause the unit fall.
  • Best for basic clean-up only
  • Not strong enough for an efficient clean of upholstery and stairs

If your budget is tight, you don’t do heavy cleaning, and live in a small space then this vacuum would be just right for you. That’s also considering you have minimal carpeting and do not have a pet with long hair.

It still provides a more effective and efficient clean than the classic broom. It’s great for maintaining a well-kept space and has allergen filtration. Some more expensive models don’t even have that. Far from a $300 Dyson but good, enough for average cleaning and its price tag under $80

2. HomeVac – Best Splurge


If your budget can permit more than a Dirt Devil this could be a better option for you. It’s just almost at the $100 mark in black color. It doesn’t have attachable accessories for the nitty gritty cleaning jobs but does a good job in general.
What’s more is that it also has a HEPA-style filter. So if you’re getting a vacuum to get rid of those allergy-triggering dust mites and spores, this vacuum would be perfect for you.
Unlike the Dirt Devil, a large Lithium Ion battery that gives you about 50 minutes of run time powers this one. Lithium-ion Batteries tend to last longer too.
Plus, there are a lot less complaints about this product than you’d see on the Dirt Devil too.

  • ­Some users complained how the brush stopped rotating after weeks of use but noted good response for customer support for replacements.
  • Some say it takes a few more passes for larger debris
  • ­A number of users said it is high maintenance when it comes to cleaning (needs to be cleaned very often)


  • ­ It was harder pulling up customer critiques because it rakes in a lot of 5 star reviews
  • HEPA-style filter is definitely a pro
  • Does well on both hard flooring and carpeted areas
  • Fair performance when it comes to cleaning up pet hair
  • Fair price for a cordless stick vacuum
  • Easy to clean
  • Is lightweight enough to easily lift for high areas (5.8 lbs.)
  • One of the longest in run time for cordless vacuums with 50 mins. of run time
  • 4 hour charging time
  • Bearable noise level
  • Wall mount hook
  • LED light and swivel head


  • No switch for rolling brush
  • Needs to be cleaned constantly, preferably after every use
  • No attachments for other surfaces and hard to reach areas

It’s a better buy than the Dirt Devil if you’re budget can permit it. It has great customer reviews, performs above average on tests for suction power including carpeted areas with pet hair. It’s great even for wider spaces to cover and works well on stairs.

It’s far from a Dyson V6, but for its price, it does very well.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t too specific with a HEPA filter requirement and run time. The Hoover BH52210PC Cruise Cordless sells under $100 and performs just as well. This already includes a hand vacuum function, an upholstery tool, crevice tool, dusting brush and a wall mount.

3. Home Vac Duo – Best Value


If you’re already going closer to the $100 range, you can get the Eufy Home Vac Duo for only an additional $10-$20. You get all the benefits of a Eufy HomeVac plus: a hand vacuum, a crevice nozzle and a dusting brush.
It uses the same cyclonic cleaning system as the Eufy Home Vac and provides up to 60mins of run time. It works fine on pets (but maybe not for a house full of cats and long-haired ones).
Moreover, when it comes to surface types, good for all floor types.The best part, it’s good enough to keep allergens away, because it has a HEPA filter. It’s a great feature to appreciate with this unit considering the price.

  • ­Didn’t work well for feathers and a house full of cats
  • A couple of customers said that filters clogged easily
  • ­A few customers complained about durability as it stopped working after 4-6 months of use


  • Raked in a lot of 5 star reviews from customers
  • Fairly priced just a little over $100
  • Lightweight enough to lift for cleaning ceilings and high areas
  • 2-in-1 function with a hand vacuum
  • Fair sized container for average cleaning jobs
  • Works well on both carpeted and bare floors
  • LED light
  • Longest run time for cordless vacuums (up to 60 minutes)
  • HEPA-Style filter
  • Swivel head


  • Could not validate longevity yet as it is new on the market
  • Not as strong as a Dyson V6 (can’t do deep cleans)

An affordable priced vacuum with all the necessary cleaning features (including a HEPA filter) you can’t go wrong with this. Furthermore, despite being a not so popular brand, it has raked in many positive reviews.

There also aren’t a lot of vacuums out there close to this price that is readily equipped with a HEPA filter. So that in itself is already great value.

It does the job well for a good price, so it’s an easy winner for this title.

4. Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum – Best Design


  • If you’re out to get only the best without blinking over this price tag, Dyson V6  won’t disappoint. Dyson has a good reputation for its brand and it does deliver as it outperforms other vacuum brands when it comes to suction power. Many users call it an impressive piece of equipment. And it should with  less than $250 price tag.
  • This stick vacuum works well on both carpeted and hard floors while also supporting other surfaces with its attachments. In addition, it does so well with a lot less noise.  It’s one of the quieter models making it perfect for apartments and condominium units.

It’s designed with quick release attachments a push button release pin and a whole-body HEPA filter making it an easy pick for the best design.Pros

  • Impressive design and cleaning performance on all surface areas (floor and non-floor)
  • Whole-body HEPA filter
  • Proven durability and a reliable brand
  • Quieter than most vacuums
  • Multiple quick release attachments
  • 4.5 Star Rating with over a thousand reviews on Amazon
  • 4-hour battery charge giving 40 minutes of run time.
  • LED light and swivel head


  • Very pricey

It is really the best of the best. It’s powerful and quiet enough to clean-up a house full of cats for sure. It seems they’ve thought of everything for this design, it’s even weight balanced for cleaning ceilings.

However, for a lot less (like more than half of its price) you can get a vacuum that can perform quite close its power with most of the same features and convenience. But still, it’s the best and has it all. It has features that you can only find with it alone. 

5. Hoover Cruise Cordless Stick Vacuum – Best for Small Spaces


A smaller space means probably less storage space but also less floor area to clean. So you don’t need anything that has to have stair cleaning features or long run time.

But, dust also tends to collect faster in a small space. This means either you need something with a strong cleaning power or you need to clean more often.

This vacuum delivers just the right power and is equipped with the right attachments for your flat. Moreover, it’s one of the quieter models so you can worry less about disturbing the neighbors when you clean.

  • ­Some customers find the brush head hard to steer
  • A few customers weren’t satisfied with its suction power


  • Priced under a $100
  • 2-in-1 vacuum, so you have a hand vacuum to use for your fixtures
  • A push button switch to adjust between hard floors and carpeted areas
  • Long slim and light weight at only 4.7 lbs. (Just 0.2lbs heavier than the more expensive Dyson V6)
  • Wall Mount for easy storage.
  • 20-minute run time
  • LED light and swivel head


  • Not fit for pets and heavy carpeting
  • No HEPA filter

Many users compare it to the Dyson V6, which is almost twice the price. Considering that it’s comparable to higher priced model you have to appreciate what it offers. Especially because ist’s also quieter, lighter and more versatile than they are.

It easily earns the Best for Small Space title because of its versatility, adequate power, and easy storage features.

6. Dyson V8 Absolute – Best for Cleaning Performance


Just looking at cleaning performance alone, HEPA Filtration should be a standard. From the list of HEPA equipped vacuums, this one easily makes it to the top when it comes to performance.
In particular, it packs a suction power of 115 AW. That, plus it’s very specific and easy-to-detach tools make the best cleaning performance.Moreover, it runs with 150% more dusting power than the Dyson V6.We’ve already covered critics, pros and cons above.  (Check also our list of best upright vacuum cleaners)

When it comes to superior performance in suction and cleaning, the Dyson V8 definitely outperforms the rest.

Additionally, it comes with attachments that support a more detailed cleaning for specific areas. You know it’s pricey for a reason.

7.  Bissell 1683A Trilogy – Best for Pet


It works so well for pet hair even a user with a mini zoo said so. If you’re looking for what’s best for pets nothing can beat a zoo right? This will probably do well in a house full of cats.
This Bissell is equipped with motorized power foot and a hard surface glider that help helps with that. Plus, it also features a microfiber pad for sweeping dust.
One thing though, the title said superlight but this vacuum is actually one of the heavier ones at 9 lbs.

–  Some reported their unit broke down due to hair clogging
–  Some had problems with durability of parts
–  Some were not satisfied with its suction powerPros

  • Works well on pet hair even on non-floor areas
  • Easy to maneuver through corners and low clearance spaces
  • Extra convenience with easily accessible built-in tools in one click
  • 2-in-1 with hand vacuum
  • No limit to run time (corded)
  • 2-speed brush


  • Corded (less mobility, but more power)
  • One of the heavier types weighing at 9lbs.
  • No HEPA filter

Considering how well it cleans off pet hair, attachments, and convenience, this makes a good cleaning partner for pet owners. Plus it comes at a reasonable price for all it offers. Check here our list of best vacuum for pet hair.

This should mean no problem in cleaning that house full of cats (or longhaired dogs). It would be best to be realistic though when it comes to cleaning and maintaining its parts.

The only thing missing to make it a pet-perfect vacuum is a pet grooming attachment.

8. Black and Decker  – Best Overall,Runner-up


Looking for a balance of performance, customer experience and price, we named this one our best overall. The Dyson V6 came close, but with a price tag like that, it’s not an easy buy.
The Black and Decker HSVJ520JMBF27 features a 2-in-1 design and includes the basic attachments needed for cleaning.  This one does the one-pass as promised, cleans multiple surface areas and has long enough run time.
Additionally, it has indicators that help users maintain it better. This includes a power indicator and one to alert you for cleaning.

  • ­Some customers were not impressed with its suction power
  • Some were not happy with the battery life
  • ­Some say rollers clog easily
  • ­Some find the filter hard to clean


  • Complete cleaning attachments
  • Long run time at 30 minutes
  • Feels sturdy
  • Indicators for better maintenance/safer use
  • Autosense feature that adjusts automatically to surface cleaned
  • Extendable crevice tool
  • Can reach over 15” in low clearance areas
  • Strong enough for pet hair (but not at the level of a house full of cats)


  • Not for heavy cleaning
  • No HEPA filter
  • One of the heavier ones weighing 9lbs.

It has enough power, good attachments and long run time for an efficient and effective cleaning job. It does the job and does it looking good too. The aesthetic design of this vacuum is something easy to appreciate. Eggplant tends to be a favorite.

Considering average cleaning needs including pet hair and medium mess. This would do a good job.

All these considering its price makes it a fair buy. It’s no Dyson, but it’s not priced like one either.

Things to Look for When Buying a Stick Vacuum

We always want to get our money’s worth. So knowing exactly what we need to look for help, us make the best buying choices. The same is true when buying the right stick vacuum.

Your budget is the starting point of course. It’s the first filter. And we always have to be realistic with that. You’ll also have to align expectations to your budget. A $65 Dirt Devil wont’ ever come close to a $500 Dyson.

Now, we’ve looked at the best, but deciding on value is also about choosing what best fits your need. For example, minimal cleaning needs in a small space doesn’t need a super strong vacuum.

Another one is if you have a large area to cover, would a cordless vacuum do okay? Or maybe you have kids that constantly bring in heavy dirt home. If that’s the case, what attachments are helpful to clean-up after that mess?

Here are some considerations you can make as you decide on which vacuum to buy:

Design: What Dimensions and Coverage Do You Need?

Look at the size of your space and think about how much cleaning you really need to do. Consider the following too:

  • Amount and size of furniture
  • Your environment
  • Spaces between fixtures and furniture you need to reach
  • Your storage space for your vacuum

The best vacuums are designed to function well in these spaces. They have features for swiveling, folding and directional features. They would also have the attachments you need to clean furniture, corners and between creases.

Have high spaces to clean? Lightweight stick vacuums are great for when you need to clean ceilings and the height of walls. Just remember that when you choose a lightweight one, check for durability.

Additionally, having the option for a hand vacuum conversion is also a great feature to look for. It’s perfect for cleaning up a small mess and mobility. Plus, it’s like getting two vacuums for the price of one.

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE: Is It Easy to Clean and Maintain the Quality of Your Vacuum?

Bagless stick vacuums tend to be the trend these days. They have their own benefits except for the extra sensitive users. So if you’re going bagless make sure you’re equipped to do it, or have someone tasked to do the cleaning.

Considering allergies though, most bagged vacuums don’t come with HEPA filtration. So you have to weigh between benefits.

Are you in a place where dust doesn’t really build up so much, and you aren’t as exposed to allergens? Maybe you don’t really need one with a HEPA filter if that’s the case.

Additionally, the best vacuums have easily detachable parts for cleaning, washable filters for reuse and indicators for maintenance. If you can remove parts in one-step that unit deserves points for convenience. If it has features accessible at the push of a button, then more plus points.

 Lastly, remember that units don’t last forever. If you’re considering maintaining it for a long time, you can ask about availability of parts and their cost. Sometimes you’ll find that repairs or maintenance cost just as much as getting a new one. 

ATTACHMENTS: What Areas and Type of Substances Do You Usually Clean?

Attachments make your vacuum more versatile in terms of reach, cleaning detail and use.

The most basic attachments often included are a Crevice Tool and a Dusting Brush. Additionally, some also include an upholstery tool and an extension wand.

Each has its own specific ideal use. For example, the crevice tool is used for tight spaces like:

  • Removing link from your dryer
  • Spaces between vents
  • Between bed or sofa cushions
  • Tight corners between furniture and fixtures
  • Fixture, stairs and board edges

Then the extension wand is like a longer crevice tool for those small spaces that need a longer reach. It’s also useful for high areas you need to clean. You’ll use this for ceilings and wall corners.

Meanwhile, a dusting brush has long soft bristles that help loosen dirt and stains. It’s also useful in “dusting” off fixtures like lampshades and blinds. It’s also ideal for cleaning leather since its soft and will not cause any scratches.
Some vacuums also include specific attachments for blinds, ceiling fans, and a mattress attachment.

If you have pets, you can also check for a pet grooming attachment. This lets you use your vacuum to clean pets (though probably useful for quiet units only).


With the versatility, convenience, and power a stick vacuum offers it’s definitely a must-have in every household. Moreover, people who suffer from allergies or need special care when it comes to cleanliness need it too. Because HEPA filters on vacuums are specifically helpful against allergens in the household.

Now, as you decide on the best vacuum for you consider different aspects in design, cleaning and maintenance as well. Think about which one gives the best value for money. Most vacuums below $150 won’t deliver as well as a Dyson V8 Absolute, but some of them will get the job done.

Have some tips on making the most of your stick vacuum cleaner? Share them in the comments below?

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