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The Best Safety Razor Of 2022

I think you’ll agree with me if I say: it’s hard finding the best safety razors of 2022. 

In addition to the range of options available in the market, there are so many factors to consider that finding a right safety razor for your needs.

Do you believe it’s difficult?

Well, not necessarily. If you learn the rules of the game, finding a razor – whether electric, disposable or even vintage style, isn’t that difficult.

How? That is where we come into play.

After endless hours of scouring the market, we have come across the ten best safety razors that you can buy. Not only will they cause no irritation but despite the fact that some of them are double-edged, you can use ALL of them on sensitive skin.

Hence, if you want to go for a safety razor which provides close, superior yet safe shave – but don’t want to pay over the odds, you’ve come to the right place.

Safety Razor Reviews 2022

A safety razor might cause many problems: the most important of which is the razor’s “ability” to cause skin irritation. Also, for those who have sensitive skin, they need a razor which doesn’t leave their skin itchy after doing the deed.

Consequently, most of them refuse to buy even the best double edge safety razor. For, they believe that more the surface area of the razor, more the inconvenience it will cause.

However, if you decide to buy the ten best safety razors of 2022 mentioned in this article, you will have no such problems arising out of them.

Merkur Progress4 ounce75mmYesDoubleCheck Price
Revenge Scimitar
Double Edge Razor
67 g95mmNoDoubleCheck Price
Long Handle(23C) Merkur60 g4.2inchesNoSingleCheck Price
Elkaline Butterfly3.2 ounce1.7inchesNoDoubleCheck Price
Futur Merkur4 ounce4inchesYesDoubleCheck Price
Bevel Shave Kit System
(Thick Hair)
5 ounce3inchesNoDoubleCheck Price
Long Handle WEISHI72 g11cmNoDoubleCheck Price
Open Tooth (MUHLE)2.1 ounce0.8inchNoDoubleCheck Price
Merkur Chrome Plated0.6 ounce3inchNoSingleCheck Price
Chieftain Vikings
(Editor’s Choice)
4.8 ounce3.5inchNoDoubleCheck Price

A mere glance at the table should be enough to let you know that we mean business. For, apart from covering the usual reviews, we have noted down every minute detail as well. Therefore, making the final decision has got a whole lot easier for you.

Don’t believe me? No problem. The below-mentioned product reviews are enough to assuage your nerves.

Judging by your curiosity, we have decided to start this article with product reviews. Remember, there’s a buying guide after this for you to read. But first, the product reviews.

1. Merkur Progress Safety Razor – Best for Experienced Shavers


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Talking about the most popular safety razor brands in the market, the name of Merkur comes right at the top. Thankfully, the Progress Safety Razor – although a bit costly, hasn’t put a foot wrong to sully the brand’s name.

Don’t believe me? Scroll down to read the features.


Firstly, if you love everything classic, you’ll love this blade. With its two piece design, a plastic knob at the bottom and a smooth handle, it has a retro feel which not many safety razors could provide.

To justify the price tag, Merkur has equipped this safety razor with one feature you won’t find in many of its rivals: the adjustable head. As you already know, this feature offers a lot of positives, the most important of which is the razor’s ability to operate at difficult positions with poise.

Secondly, if you are a person who is obsessed with having good shaves, the short handle of this razor will come handy. By giving you full control over the blade, it allows you to make the finest of designs without breaking a sweat.

Also, for those of you who have sensitive skin – and subsequently need a razor which takes that into account, the heavy weight of this razor will come handy. By just applying a modicum of force, you can straighten out the coarsest of beards, without causing discomfort to your skin.

Another advantage which the heaviness of this razor provides is its durability. Unlike ordinary electric shavers which break the moment they hit the ground, this one is sturdy enough to withstand falls with aplomb.

Talking about the adjustability factor, it is not what you think it is. For, in addition to adjusting itself to your face shape, this safety razor has an aggressiveness option – meaning you can up or downgrade its aggressiveness to suit your skin.

Finally, like all other products you have had in your life, this one is not error-free. For, according to some users, the tolerances in the razor’s build aren’t tight enough. Hence, you might get the feeling of something going loose when using this blade.Pros

  • Adjustable
  • Mildly aggressive to suit sensitive skin
  • Easy to clean
  • Can go from aggressive to mild based on your needs


  • Assembling it isn’t easy

If you are anyone but Donald Trump – whose smaller hands render him incapable of holding this blade, it has all the features to make you fall in love with it.

2. Revenge Double Edge Razor

Bluebeards Revenge Review

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Talking about the most in-demand safety razors, most of them have one thing in common: they are double-edged. Yes, there are other features as well, but to start, buying a razor with a double edge is the first step to getting the perfect one for you.


First thing first, if you want a razor which could give you the same smoothness as that of a baby-bottom, the Merkur will provide just that. Just slide it down your face and BINGO!

Ask users of ordinary safety razors, and you might hear one complaint surfacing time and again: the blade went blunt. However, this razor will give you no such worries. For, thanks to the chrome plating, it makes sure that you can shave with one side for longer periods.

Still, if you are one of those persons who have the innate ability to make their blades go wrong after a few shaves, fear not as this razor has got two sides to it, both of which are chrome plated. If one of them goes rogue, you can always rely on the other.

Secondly, if you were worried about the heaviness of the previous safety razor, this razor – thanks to its lightweight, offers a perfect alternative. Since it weighs just 60g, it is very easy to hold.

In addition to the weight, another feature which permits easy grip is the smooth handle. Coated with the same chrome finish which adorns its head, the smooth handle won’t feel awkward inside your hand.

Another notable feature of this product is the compatibility it offers in terms of blades. Apart from fitting all Bluebeards blades, it can fit leading brands such as Merkur and Derby. So, changing the blade won’t be a problem.

Moving forward, on close monitoring, you’ll know that this razor’s head is less bulky and bulbous than other safety razors.

It will help you in shaving areas i.e. around the chin and under the nostrils, where ordinary shavers give way.Pros

  • Long lasting
  • Both the handle and the blade are chrome plated
  • Lightweight
  • Provides Precision Shaving


  • Handle is slippery

As stated above, the aggressiveness of this blade might turn the newcomers away. However, provided you have a pirate’s mane – and you want to tame it in one go, this blade might suit your needs perfectly.

3. Long Handle Safety Razor (23C) Merkur – Best for Those with Coarse Beard

Handle Safety Razor (23C) Review

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The second Merkur Safety Razor of this review, this one has got more plaudits than its predecessor. This might be surprising to some given the fact that it doesn’t have many of the features with which its counterpart is equipped. Still, despite costing less, it has earned more praise.


Starting from the balance, the comparatively heavy weight of this blade conspires perfectly with the length of the handle to give it a near perfect balance. Hence, for those of you who are making a switch from the cartridge razor to a DE one, the balance gives you an incentive to make the switch.

Turning our attention to the grip, and I couldn’t hold myself from saying that I expected better out of this razor. For, despite the fact that the handle is quite long, Merkur, for an inexplicable reason, has gone for a hollow and thin handle, making it difficult to grip.

As for the blade exposure, I would rate call it mildly aggressive meaning if you are a person who shaves daily – or has sensitive skin which causes irritation on the first sight of a blade, this is a blade you ought to try.

Also, if you are fond of sporting a coarse beard – which calls for frequent blade replacement, the three-piece safety razor will come handy. Though not as easy to open as a two-piece safety razor, the lack of moving parts allows easy removal of blades.

Lastly, there is one feature of this blade which makes it a must have: it has a built-in guard.

Put simply, if you want a safety razor blade which makes it very hard for you to nick yourself, you need to have this one in your possession.Pros

  • Offers good balance
  • Lightweight
  • Good for those with sensitive skin
  • Has a built-in guard
  • Inexpensive


  • Doesn’t offer a good grip

If you are switching from a cartridge or a disposal safety blade, there are not many DE Blades which would serve the purpose as well as this one.

4. Elkaline Butterfly Safety Razor – Best for Easy Cleaning

Elkaline Butterfly Review

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Go through any list of safety razors, and it is likely that you’d see the name of Elkaline somewhere in the review. Though not as famous as Gillett or Derby, Elkaline has eked out a market share of its own. And as the meager price tag of this safety razor will tell you, there is a reason why Elkaline is competing with giants of the game.


The first thing which most users expect of a butterfly razor – and which is also the main selling reason of these razors, is the ease of cleanliness. Unlike other blades which are hell bent as to dissuade you from cleaning them, the butterfly blades are the epitome when it comes to ease of cleanliness.

You don’t have to do anything fancy: just twist the knob located at the bottom of this razor’s handle, insert your blade, and re-twist the knob. Hence, if you have grown fed up of using toothpicks and your nails to cleaning hair out of your blade, this safety razor is a must-have.

The second thing worthy of note about this blade is the grip. For, this is one area where this blade proves its usefulness. In stark contrast to the ordinary razors out there – whose handle is so slippery you can’t hold it, the handle of this razor is a bit on the rough side to allow you to have easy grip.

Thirdly, if you were left infuriated after looking at the price tags of some of the razors in this article, allow this razor’s price to assuage your nerves. For, despite the fact that it comes in a full kit – which includes a Razor Stand, Travel Case, and Five additional blades, this blade costs extremely less.

Also, to make sure you use this blade for precision shaving, Elkaline has equipped it with a short handle. For those with small to medium sized hands, the short handle is a godsend, since it allows them to try all the designs of their favorite personalities with ease.

That said, there is a dark side to the short length handle: in can’t be used on coarse beards. Put simply, while this razor will suffice if you shave frequently, it won’t work well on multi-day beards.Pros

  • Includes replacement blades, stand and travel case in the same package
  • Blades are a cinch to change
  • Brilliant grip


  • Short handle makes it less efficient when dealing with coarse beards

For those of you who want to spend their money on a complete shaving kit – and want to go for something flashy, this set from Elkaline is worthy of your money.

5. Futur Safety Razor (Adjustable), Merkur – Best for Versatile Shavers

Futur Safety Razor Merkur

View on Amazon

As you might have deduced already, there are not many safety razors which are adjustable. Hence, being adjustable is one thing which sets this razor apart from the rest. Are there are other features you need to know? We find out.


First of all, the one thing which impressed me the most about this razor was the range of settings to set the aggressiveness of this blade. You have six settings at your disposal which allow you to adjust the exposure of the blade as per your convenience.

Put simply, if you set the setting at Level 1, the blade exposure will be minimal, hence perfect for those with sensitive skin. However, if you like it rough, turn the knob to setting 6, and the blade will reveal everything it has to give an aggressive shave.

Turning our attention to versatility – and while we don’t normally recommend beginners to set their hands straight on a wet shaver, this is the one which even beginners can try. Why? The major reason is the ease with which you can load the blade.

For, in contrast to other Merkur razors – which have a screw in place to hold the blade, a clip does the same function in Futur. Still, while it is easy, you need to be careful lest you injure your hands.

However, unlike other Merkur Products, the grip of this blade badly lets it down. Yes, there is an indentation, but the lack of knurling makes this blade very difficult to hold on.

Compensating for the slippery grip is the length of the blade which is anything but short. Measuring four inches, not only it will give you more control but will give you plenty of areas to hold on.Pros

  • Adjustable, giving you a lot of options to set the aggressiveness
  • Long Handle Provides Control
  • Beautiful
  • Clip on the head makes it easy to change blades


  • Lack of knurling makes the grip slippery

Apart from the already described shortcoming of a slippery handle, there aren’t many (read “any”) reasons this safety razor shouldn’t adorn your bathroom.

For, apart from carrying the brand name of Merkur, the Futur Safety Razor has a plethora of features to meet the needs of the majority of men.

6. Bevel Shave Kit System (Thick Hair)

Bevel Shave Kit System

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Provided you are willing to spend some serious money on a shaving kit, the Bevel Shave Kit System is worthy of your attention. Comprising of a safety razor, a shave brush, Bevel Priming Oil, Shaving Cream and Restoring Balm, this product of a Startup has earned accolades over the years.


As you might have noticed from looking at the name of items included in the shaving kit, they are designed to deal with rough and curly hair. Before you raise your hand to say that you don’t fall into that category, allow me to move forward to address your apprehension.

Yes, the shave kit system is designed to deal with curly hair, it doesn’t state that those who shave daily cannot use it. In fact, if you like to have clean, close shave – without cutting yourself in the process, all these items will come handy.

Turning our attention to the Safety Razor, it claims that it prevents irritation and razor bumps. On close inspection, the reason of this appeared to me.

Unlike other safety razors – which cut the hair under our skin to cause skin irritation, the unique design of this razor refrains it from doing the same. Consequently, there are neither razor bumps nor skin irritation.

However, that doesn’t mean that the razor will choke at cutting your hair. Rather, due to it being double-edged, you can expect from it the same durability and close shave as any other quality safety razor.

As for the other products in the shaving kit, the shaving brush functions as a shaving lather, lifting your hair for an effortless shave. As for the priming oil, it will prime your mouth to reduce the likelihood of any cuts, nicks or grazes.

Similar is the case with the Bevel shave cream which – by keeping your skin hydrated, will keep you safe from nicks and cuts.Pros

  • Works well on coarse hair
  • The Combo of the products in the shaving kit combines to give a close shave
  • Razor is balanced and provides good grip


  • Expensive

If you have thick/coarse hair and you’re looking for a combination of single blade, cream and oil for a smooth shave, your search ends here.

7. Long Handle Open Double Edge Safety Razor WEISHI – Best for thick beard

WEISHI Long Handle Review

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If there was ever a razor whose outer appearance was flawless, the long handle safety razor from WEISHI is that one. With a magnificent convoluted grip and a head made of solid brass, this is the sort of safety razors which you can gift to your loved ones.


While safety razors aren’t known for this feature, the grip provided by this razor is immaculate. Convoluted, porous and abrasive, this grip will make sure you hold onto the long handle with ease.

Did I say long handle? You bet I did. However, this long handle has one thing which you won’t find in many others: the butterfly head. Consequently, while the long handle caters those with long hands, the butterfly head makes extends its appeal to even a wide range of users.

Also, when it comes to blade replacement, this blade makes sure you don’t spend more time than necessary. All you need to do to replace the blade is to twist the knob located at its bottom and bingo!

On the flip side, as you may expect from a razor coming at such a low price, it is not adjustable. As a result, the aggressiveness of the blade – which cannot be altered and is borderline extreme, makes it unsuitable for beginners.

However, that doesn’t mean that beginners will get cut every time they get near the blade. Rather, if you can afford to purchase quality blades – similar to the ones which come alongside the package, you can tame the aggressiveness of this razor to your advantage.Pros

  • Brilliant Grip
  • Double edge makes it long lasting
  • Perfect for close shaves


  • Might be too aggressive to some

If you were looking for a wet safety razor with a comfortable grip and aggressive blades – but can’t afford to pay over the odds, this blade is worthy of your attention.

8. Open Tooth Double Edge Safety Razor (MUHLE) – Best Budget

Edge Safety Razor (MUHLE)

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Imagine the R41 Safety Razor with its classic head. Now Imagine you have supplanted it with a two-piece system. Well, you don’t need to imagine as this is the description of the open tooth double edge safety Razor from MUHLE.


First thing first, asks safety razor users their views about an open tooth and all of them will say one thing in unison: cuts. However, those who opt this safety razor encounter no such problems.

How? In contrast to other open tooth razors – whose maximum area is exposed, the manufacturers of this razor have slightly decreased the contact area. It is possible you might not even feel this razor is showing you fewer teeth.

However, your skin will feel it, and it will let you know by the lacks of cuts and nicks. So, if you were looking for the aggressiveness of an open tooth razor – but want the safety of a closed one, this razor offers that unique combination.

Turning our attention to the barley patterned grip, and in addition to being beautiful thanks to the chrome plated coating, the grip has such a design which prevents frequent slippages.

Since it is an open-tooth razor, you might already know that it is for clean shaving. In fact, if you are a person who shaves daily, the vigorous operating mode offered by this razor will make your shave all the easier.

One more thing you might want to note is the range of models of this particular razor. While we kept our attention fixated at the chrome plated chasing, there is another model, made from high-grade resin, which you can order.Pros

  • Brilliant Grip
  • Double edge makes it long lasting
  • Perfect for close shaves


  • Not for those with coarse beards

If all you can tolerate on your mouth is a three-day stubble, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for this blade.

9. HD, 34C Merkur Chrome Plated – Best For Close Shave

Merkur HD 34C Review

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If you are looking for that one safety razor which both newcomers and veteran wet shavers can use, the Merkur 34C is one which you need to have. For, if you want an aggressive shave, use a sharp and expensive blade such as feather and it will provide just that. Conversely, go for a Dorco blade, and you will turn it into a beginner’s razor.


The first thing worthy of note about this razor is its craftsmanship. Thanks to the chrome plating, the finish is as smooth as you’d expect from a Merkur product.

Still, there is one area which isn’t as smooth as the rest of the razor: the underside of the top cap. Touch it, and you’d know of the cost cutting measures by the manufacturer in the construction of this blade.

Turning our attention to how easy is the blade to load, this razor lies in between a one-piece and a three piece design in this aspect. Put simply, while it isn’t as easy to load the blade in this razor as in a one-piece design, it is much easier than a three=piece razor.

As for the grip, one thing which impressed me the most was the pattern of knurling. While most high-end razors have it, there is one thing which sets this knurling apart: its compatibility with both the left and right-hand users.

It means whether you are a left or a right handed shaver, the knurling won’t discriminate, giving you equal grip regardless of whether it is wet or not.

Unsurprisingly, for a razor which provides so many useful features, there is one particular shortcoming: the length of the handle. Standing at around 3’’, it is not for those of you who have large hands.

Finally, the weight of the razor is on the heavier side, hence complementing its features. Weighing at 80g, all you have to do to achieve a close shave with this blade is to slide it down your face.Pros

  • Commendable Grip
  • Brilliant for close shave
  • Good build quality
  • Smooth chrome finish


  • Isn’t the most aggressive razor you can get

As long as you don’t have a thick or a coarse beard, the 34C HD from Merkur is more than capable of giving you a good quality close shave.

10. Chieftain Safety Razor Vikings Blade – Best for sensitive skin

Chieftain Safety Razor Vikings

View on Amazon

If you wonder why some people call safety razors as One of America’s Best Inventions, take a look at this one. Being the #1 Best Seller in Men’s Safety Razors at Amazon, you know this razor has got something which its rivals could only dream. What is that thing? We are going to find out.


Starting from the butterfly head of this safety razor, it allows you to change blades in super-fast time, just 5 seconds, to be precise. In fact, there is only one thing you need to be careful about while changing the blade: saving your hands from cuts.

As for the handle – which is covered by layers of knurling, it will provide you a brilliant grip even if you lather it with shaving soap.

Also, if you have skin irritation problems in the past, there is one extra reason why you should go for this razor: its micro combs. Located on the underside of the blade’s head, these micro combs reduce friction by allowing the blade to go smoothly with its work. Consequently, there are fewer chances of irritation.

However, there is a flip side to the micro comb system. While it is ideal for those who have sensitive skin, those of you who are looking for an aggressive blade might find it too tame.

That doesn’t mean that it will not give you a close shave. Rather, if you have tested cartridge brands in the past, it is likely you’ll find this blade providing as close a shave as any of those.

Lastly, as a bonus, Vikings Blade is giving a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this safety razor. Hence, if there are any manufacturer defects, you can simply return the razor.Pros

  • Best for Sensitive Skin
  • Microcomb system reduces friction on contact with the skin
  • Blades are super-easy to change
  • Comes with a Guarantee


  • Not recommended for usage on coarse beard

If you are looking for both safety and quality for your shave, there is nothing wrong with the Chieftain Safety Razor Vikings Blade. For, apart from helping beginners out, it has the necessary credentials to bail out the more experienced shavers as well.

Safety Razor – Buyer Guide

For those of you who are wondering, we still believe that the abovementioned products should suit your needs. You might ask: why the buyer’s guide then? Well, if not for anything else, this safety razor buyer guide should provide you with a checklist of features which define a quality product. Also, if our selection fails to impress you, this guide might still come handy to land you your favorite safety razor.

Types of Safety Razors

One Piece

If you want to have the same razor design which your grandpa used, the vintage one piece safety razor is what you need. Resembling a hole, the head of this razor is connected to its handle, hence forming a right angle.

However, there is a reason why it has gone rare these days: the lack of versatility offered by this razor. If you are not an experienced wet shaver, the aggressiveness of this design might result in some cuts and nicks.

Two Piece Safety Razor

As its name might suggest, it is a double-edged safety razor. Since you can use both sides of the blade, it lasts longer than its counterparts.

For, since there are two sides of the blade capable of usage, you can simply forego one side, if it goes blunt, and start using the other. Consequently, you don’t have to replace the blades much often.

Three Piece Safety Razor

It was in the early 1990’s that this razor became popular. Consisting of three parts: the handle at the bottom, the base where you place the blade and the upper part which covers the blade, it is kept together by a screw, which is underneath the top cover.

If you want a safety razor which is incredibly easy to clean: you need to have the three piece safety razor. For, since you can detach all three parts at any time, any cream or air is very easy to remove.

Butterfly Head

Also known as TTO or Twist To Open, it is a one-piece razor. It is different from the vintage, one-piece design due to its design

For, there is a knob at the rear side of the handle. Twist it to expose the razor by spreading its parts like a butterfly. Hence, if you want a blade which is the easiest to clean, you need a butterfly head.

What to Look For When Buying a Safety Razor

Until now, we were concerned with the technicalities. From now on, we take a look at tangible features you might want in your safety razorTake a look.

Open Comb or Safety Bar

The open comb safety razor’s blades are pointed at the end, allowing it to trim mustaches and sideburns It does the same by taking in hair between the teeth of its blades for a smooth cut.

If you have extremely tough, fast growing and thick whiskers, the open comb safety razor might come handy. On the flip side, since its teeth are fully exposed, it is not recommended for sensitive skin.

You may like also to know how to grow a bear faster.

Turning our attention to the safety bar razor, it is everything which the open comb isn’t. Despite being aggressive, this razor functions by forcing the blade to slalom through the beard, resulting in a close shave. Apart from this, its function is similar to that of a double-edge razor

As the description of its working might suggest, it is recommended to be used on thick and coarse beard. Hence, if you are a beginner, you might find this razor a bit tricky to handle.

Length of Handle

In contrast to the abovementioned feature, choosing the length of the handle is a fairly personal matter. Still, we can explain the differences between the duo to make your choice easy.

If you want maximum control over your razor, you need a short handle option. Generally speaking, if you trim your beard every other day, you need the short length handle.

However, if you feel like shaving is a waste of time, a long handle might come handy. While it won’t make any designs, it will do the job in less time.


You might want a razor which is rightly balanced. What do I mean by this sweeping statement? Well, a rightly balanced razor is the one whose handle’s weight complements that of its head.

Assume that the handle is heavy but the head is light. In this case, you’ll end up applying the more-than-necessary pressure than what is requiredConsequently, nicks and cuts will follow.

Hence, while choosing a safety razor, make sure that the weight is perfectly distributed between its head and the handle. Otherwise, be ready for cuts and nicks.


While most people mistake weight of the safety razor with its blade, there is a notable difference between the two. For, unlike the balance, the weight of the blade is a matter of your personal preference.

For example, some of us have a natural tendency of pressing down too hard. Others, however, like to keep the pressure at a minimum. If you belong to the former category, you need a safety razor which is on the lighter side. So that, when you apply more pressure, the less weight of the razor compensates to save your face from cuts.

On the flip side, if you hand is light, you need a safety razor which is heavy. If you don’t do that, you might end up spending more time than usual in shaving. Or worse, you might not be able to shave properly at all.

Ease of Use

There will be two adverse consequences if your razor isn’t easy to use. At best, you’ll end up binning it to spend more money on another one. At worse, you’ll feel so bad about spending your money on the razor that you will continue to use it. However, that will be to the disadvantage of your skin.

Thankfully, there is an easy formula which you can apply to ensure your safety razor is easy to use. It goes something like this: make a checklist of features mentioned in this buying guide. If your safety razor ticks all the boxes, buy it. If it doesn’t, move forward to the next option.


You might say: we have already touched this subject in the weight section. Still, it is so important that we felt discussing it under a different heading in detail.

What do we mean by aggressiveness? Simple, a minor effort from your side and the blade cuts down the coarsest of beards in a few minutes. Provided your razor fulfills this criterion, DITCH it. For, it is unsafe for you to use it any further.

Yes, all of us like quick shave. Still, none of us like making weird faces so to make sure there is no hair left behind. But, believe me, you won’t also like the nicks and cuts which an aggressive safety razor entails.

Thankfully, manufacturers aren’t out there to kill their customers. Hence, they have allowed us the option to choose the amount of aggressiveness we want from our blade. Don’t believe me? Just change the angle at which you shave to find out.

On changing the angle, you might find a spot of the blade which is less aggressive. However, if you are wondering, you won’t take anything useful away from the blade. Rather, this change of angle will make the razor more or less aggressive to suit your needs.

If you want to be more specific, search for the aggressiveness tag on the cover of safety razor. They come in three categories: Mild, Moderate and Strong. So, you can make your selection based on this rating.

Adjustable Safety Razor or Not?

No other question divides opinion as vigorously among the users of safety razors as this one. There is one school of though which craves for adjustable safety razors. There is another one which do not want to pay the price which manufacturers demand of adjustability.

However, talking about the opinion of the majority, it is believed that safety razors should not be adjustable. They believe that by providing this feature, manufacturers mainly find an excuse to increase the price tag.

You can find the veracity of this claim by checking out good safety razors mentioned above. Most of them aren’t adjustable.

Still, no one can stop you from going for an adjustable razor if you want.


As long as you know how to shave, all brands will be the same. Still, there are some brands – like Gillett, which can take your shaving experience to the next level. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that those below them on the list have ceased to exist.

For, there is no one safety razor which could be beneficial to us all. Similarly, there is no one brand on whose usefulness all of us can agree. Keeping this fact in mind, we have compiled the top brands in the safety razor niche.

Take a look.

  • Merkur
  • Vikings
  • Muhle
  • Parker
  • Weishi

Final Thoughts

We have listed down the ten best safety razors in the market. What’s more, you can use the buying guide to your advantage as well. Still, we might have missed some information.

Hence, if you feel that way, feel free to give your suggestions in the comments box.

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