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The 9 Best Radar Detectors to Buy in 2022 for Under $100

A radar detector is one of the best ways to avoid speeding tickets, and most people use it for this purpose. Every day, more and more drivers opt for it.

How do you buy the best detector?

Well, having many models on the market make the decision harder, especially if you’re on a budget. For this reason, we did some research to find out the best models that are under $100. Continue reading to find out the most efficient and affordable detectors from Cobra and Whistler.

Best Cheap Radar detectors Of 2022

ProductColorSafety alertOperating mode 
Cobra ESD 7570
(Editor’s Choice)
BlackRailroad, emergency vehicles, road hazardCity and highwayCheck Price
Whistler CR75Black/blueX band, K band, Super Wideband Ka3 city modes and a highway modesCheck Price
Whistler Pro-78SEBlackLaser Atlanta Stealth Mode3 city and a highway modesCheck Price
Cobra RAD 350BlackAll radar signalsDim modeCheck Price
Whistler XTR-265BlackTotal band protection3 city and a highway modeCheck Price
Cobra Electronics iRad 950BlackLive police locationsN/ACheck Price
Cobra XRS 9370
(Editor’s Choice)
Black/blueTotal band protectionCity, highway, pop modeCheck Price
Cobra XRS 9470Black/blueAll radar signalsPop, city and highway modeCheck Price
Cobra SPX 900Black/blue1 safety, 7 radar, 6 laser signalsCity, highway, and Pop modeCheck Price

As you can see, the most critical factor when choosing a radar detector is the type of safety alerts it provides. You need a detector that efficiently notices and alerts you about all signals, live police locations, and road hazards. Also, it’s crucial that the detector has different modes to choose from based on the road and situation

1. Cobra ESD 7570 – Best Overall


The Cobra ESD 7570 is probably the best budget option when looking for a quality radar detector. It’s effective and keeps drivers alert and safe. This Cobra detector features an ultraBright display, compact design, and digital signal strength meter.
It shows all laser and radar frequencies as well as a series of other signals. You get to choose between city and highway option, and with that, you eliminate many false alarms. Its LaserEye 360 degree detection, warns of emergency vehicles and railroad crossings.
The Cobra 7570 has one of the best onboard signal strength which alerts you to law enforcement and radar detector-detectors. Simply put, the Cobra 7570 provides the most effective way to get through urban areas that often have many types of radar and live police locations. This Cobra device is FCC compliant and one of the easiest ways to avoid speeding tickets and certain road hazards.

Many people said that the best place to use the detector was on a highway. It appears to pick up on many signals that aren’t significant even after it eliminates false alarms. To resolve this issue, you can turn the volume down, and turn off the XK bands. This will lower the possibility of picking up on unimportant signals around town.Pros

  • Small and doesn’t take up much space
  • LaserEye 360
  • Detects all road hazards, railroads, etc.


  • Picks up on almost every signal

Overall, this detector is the best value product you’ll find on the market. It’s affordable and there’s not a single signal it will miss. Now, that’s a pro as much as it’s a con since you may get a few false alarms here and there. For this reason, make sure tothoroughly learn what mode is the best for you and use the detector accordingly.

2. Whistler CR75 – Runner-up, Best Value


Whistler is one of the best brands when it comes to high-performance radar detectors. It features 360-degree coverage and protection. It’s especially effective thanks to its alert priority feature that eliminates any false alarms and prioritizes the most important signals detected. The Whistler CR75 easily detects and provides only relevant alerts on the X, K, KA, and laser signal.
The CR75 features protection blankets that detect all signals from the rear, sides, and front. Plus, it not only eliminates detection, but this radar detector-detector also features different modes to help you adjust to various situations. For example, its quiet mode, silent mode, and silence alerts are ideal for when you’re traveling at night and have people sleeping in your car.
Another impressive thing about the CR75 is the VG-2 detection and blinking LED light. These specifications and features eliminate threats, provide visual notifications and eliminate false-positive alerts. The device works as a digital compass, being one of the best pieces of electronics you can have in your car. Plus, the security factor is huge since detectors help you to drive more safely.

Some customers didn’t like its startup time. The device takes a minute or two to start up, which some people find to be way too long. However, this is a matter of preference and doesn’t affect the quality of its performance in general.Pros

  • VG-2 detection
  • Visual notifications
  • Detects X, K, KA and laser signals


  • Takes more than a minute to startup

If you don’t think a minute is too long to wait for the detector to start up, you’ll love how it performs. It picks up on all the important signals while eliminating the false ones. Also, it features alert priority which is more than useful, especially in urban areas. Overall, its features and specifications make it an outstanding device with very unimportant downsides.

3. Whistler Pro-78SE – Best Audio


The Whistler Pro-78SE might be the perfect radar detector for users who prefer lots of modes and features. It has a high-performance mode that alerts you to any upcoming threats using voice and audio notifications.
This is very useful since it allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road at all times. Its boosted 360 degrees of protection laser and radar bands provide voice alerts each time. The real voice alerts are a fan favorite, simply because it’s the easiest warning system. The detector picks up on everything regardless of whether it’s a railroad or active radar.
It also has city and highway modes that you can choose between based on your current location. Most customers like the radar’s sensitivity level which helps minimize false alerts and signals. Finally, you have the option of adding the Whistler Intellicord as a remote control or to change detector settings.

Interestingly, you should check the device’s compatibility with your car’s cigarette lighter. Reportedly, its power plug doesn’t fit some cars, such as Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo. Surely, a cigarette lighter is usually the standard size, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Other than that, customers don’t have any major complaints about the device.Pros

  • Minimal false alarms
  • 360-degree protection
  • Features voice alerts


  • Not compatible with all cars

If you’re certain that the detector will work in your car, you’re ready to experience the great quality and performance that this device delivers. It covers all signals, filtering them through its alert priority and minimizing false alerts.

It provides a few different modes you can choose between depending on if you’re in or out of town. Overall, the Whistler Pro-78SE has many great features, best audio and voice notifications being a couple of them.

4. Cobra RAD 350 – Best Detection Speed


The Cobra RAD 350 radar detector is one of the best devices with “instant on” protection. Its IVT (In-Vehicle-Technology) allows you to detect radar faster and avoid danger and speeding tickets. This technology also helps the radar reduce false alarms and false flags.
Its traffic flow monitoring device and vehicle collision systems make this technology even more important. Undoubtedly, it’s the right choice if you’re looking for the best detection speed and all-threats signals.The RAD 350 offers full protection from radar bands (X, K, Ka) as well as laser and VG-2 signals.
Not only does the radar detector have an ultra-bright display, it also features auto dimming. This, plus the quiet alerts feature are ideal for nighttime conditions. More so, the device is known for its digital strength meter and speeding alerts that are the two of its key factors.

Unfortunately, there’s a major problem with this device that some people didn’t like. Although the detector is ideal for nighttime, reviews say that its display doesn’t work as well in daylight. In case the sun is shining directly on the device, its icons appear as if they’re all lit up even if they aren’t. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to fix this since it’s the way the unit was built.Pros

  • Full protection
  • In vehicle technology
  • Speeding alert


  • Display doesn’t show well in the sun

If you can look past the user complaints, you’ll have yourself one of the best radar detectors on the market. It picks up on all the important signals, and it’s ideal for nighttime. Its technology makes it easy to use and detect all threats on the road.

5. Whistler XTR-265 – Compact


Now, if you’re looking for something compact and easy to use, it doesn’t get much better than the Whistler XTR-265. It’s one of the most compact detectors that allow you to avoid specific dangers on the road.
This Whistler detector features 360-degree protection to warn you about all radar and laser signals. It has a safety warning system that effectively helps you to avoid detection and law enforcement.
Most importantly, the detector features three city and highway modes as well as POP mode safety alerts. The Whistler XTR-265 features the best VG-2 anti-radar technology. When it comes to Whistler, it’s also important to note that it features audio alerts as well as a quiet mode.
However, when you compare this model to the Whistler Pro-78SE, we can see some clear differences. Some people like to compare them because of the Pro-78SE’s audio quality. Whistler made sure to make XTR-265 just as great for this reason.
One of the biggest differences between the two models is what they do to the life of your car battery. This model by Whistler is a much better car battery saver than almost all Whistler radar detectors thanks to its unique vehicle battery saver mode.

One thing that customers had to say about the Whistler XTR-265 is that it’s too quiet. It’s reported that the device isn’t loud enough, so you might miss out on some alerts if you’re maybe listening to music while driving.Pros

  • Car battery saver mode
  • VG-2 technology
  • 360-degree protection


  • Quiet

If you’re not a fan of listening to loud music while driving, this might be a good option for you. As a detector, it works effectivelyto discoverpotential dangers and police locations. However, its major con is the fact that it’s just not loud enough for some people. Still, on a much better note, it saves a lot of your vehicle’s battery life which is always a good thing.

6. Cobra Electronics iRad 950 – Best Smart Connection


The Cobra Electronics iRad 950 is one of the best radar detectors to use with Android and iOS devices. It works with an iRadar app 4.0 that offers excellent mapping features such as zoom and a rotating map.
Its Live Traffic Data Integration gives you real-time traffic insight and live police locations. You can enter an address destination and have the detector tell you the best route with its “get directions” mode.
Its coverage map view tells you about all the caution areas, speed cameras and heavy traffic areas on the road. This communal information is based on user reporting and generates around 40,000 reports a day.
The detector gives you speed and red light camera notification reports on radar and laser brands, as well as all the traffic jams. Of course, its 360 degrees of protection help you to avoid accidents and other dangers on the road.

Many people say that the detector is set off by most of the signals it picks up on the road. Of course, this means there’s no chance that it will miss on a police locations or radar. However, it also means it might alert you whenever you pass automatic doors or different laser signals that aren’t relevant.Pros

  • Live traffic reports
  • Gives you directions
  • 360-degree protection


  • Generates many false alerts

This is an ideal choice for someone who lives in more rural areas or is often on road trips. If that’s you, you can be sure that it will alert you to any police locations. It’s also quite effective in alerting about traffic jams, and of course giving the best directions to the selected address. However, you may find it annoying that it sometimes goesoff due to irrelevant laser signals.

7. Cobra XRS 9370 – Best Protection


The XRS 9370 features Cobra’s sweet super-fast circuitry provides advanced warning and detection range. Its 360 degrees of detection makes it easy for you to avoid a ticket and other detected threats.
The XRS 9370 features POP mode, as well as city and highway modes that reduce false alerts. It also features the best VG-2 technology to alert you when you’re near VG2 surveillance. In addition to VG-2, there’s also the Spectre technology onboard, which is what informs you if there are any radar or laser frequencies nearby.
The XRS 9370 is the kind of radar detector that works great in both daytime and nighttime conditions. It features an auto dimmer for nighttime use, ideal for when you’re going on long trips. Plus, the signal strength meter and alert priority of the XRS 9370 choose to show only the most important notification. This eliminates the chance of false alarms in both urban and rural areas.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to listen to the radio while driving if you want to use the Cobra XRS 9370. Apparently, it produces a lot of static and weird noises that just make it impossible to listen to any music. Ideally, try and place the detector a bit further from the radio. That could help the situation just a tiny bit, if at all.Pros

  • VG-2 technology
  • Auto dimmer
  • Ideal for both day and nighttime


  • Can’t be placed near the car radio

Try and put the detector far away from your radio, or don’t turn the radio on at all. Without radio interference, you’ll have great protection from radar and other road hazards. This detector is packed with great features and it’s effective in helping you avoid speeding tickets and traffic jams.

8. Cobra XRS 9470 – Best Detection Range


Another great device is the Cobra XRS 9470 model which features extra defense and signal detection. It has 360 degrees of protection from front to rear of a vehicle and it’s able to detect signals from afar.
The Cobra XRS 9470 has the popular Spectre Alert Technology that informs you of VG2 surveillance and radar signals. It’s one of the best radar detector-detectors because it’s able to eliminate false positives while providing only the most important signal detection.
The Cobra XRS 9470 also features city and highway modes to choose from depending on your location. Overall, the device helps you keep track of your speed while notifying you about a nearby law enforcement vehicle.
Its operating system enables you to avoid a ticket, but also be aware of a railroad crossing or road hazard. If you’re driving at night, you’ll appreciate its auto-mute and auto-dimmer since they make the Cobra XRS 9470 a bit more suitable for nighttime rides.

As is mostly the case with radar detectors, this device generates false alarms quite often. This happens most oftenin an urban area where you’re sure to get many notifications about signals that don’t matter. You can read the manual to see if there’s a way to stop it by changing some of the settings, or you can set it to highway mode at all times.Pros

  • City and highway modes
  • Alerts to road hazards
  • 360-degree protection


  • False alarms

There’s no question about its quality and effectiveness. This device will always alert you to relevant dangers but it will also alert you to things that aren’t as important. Surely, this can be annoying, but it’s not such a big of a price to pay to be safer on the road and avoid speeding tickets.

9. Cobra SPX 900 – Extreme Range , Best Budget


If you’re looking for a cheap way to avoid speeding tickets and detect all radars on the road, this Cobra detector is the best choice for you. It features the superfast sweep circuitry that gives it the best detection range and a warning about some of the fastest radars.
It has the 360-degree detection that notices seven radar, six laser, and one safety signals. Its VG-2 and Spectre alerts notify you when you’re near VG2 or Spectre detectors.
Of course, the detector features city, highway, and a POP mode which is ideal for detecting the radar gun POP. City and highway modes allow you to adjust the detector based on the road you’re on.

Again, the main issue with this radar detector is that it picks up other, non-important signals. It might even go off even when there are no police locations, and some people find this annoying. This is especially problematic if you live or drive in urban areas.Pros

  • 360-degree protection
  • City, highway and POP mode
  • Affordable


  • False alarms

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Radar detectors are the best possible way to avoidtraffic violations. They also help you know when you’re near road hazards, railroads, traffic jams and more.

Our recommendation for the best overall device is the Cobra ESD 7570 radar detector. It’s ideal for avoiding threats on the road. Its specifications and features allow it to reduce the number of false-positive alerts and only inform you of important signals. However, make sure to read all our reviews on these devices, and you can find detectors that are effective, under $100, and long-lasting.

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