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The Best Paper Shredders to Buy in 2022

Are you one of those customers who are wondering why they even need a paper shredder?

We get where you’re coming from.

Perhaps you still can’t see the purpose of this machine. Well, just remember how many times you wanted to get rid of certain documents.

Also, a paper shredder can come in handy when you want to destroy your old CDs and credit cards.

There’s no need to hold onto old documents you no longer need in your office.

Just imagine how much more storage space you can get with one of the best paper shredders of 2022.

Here’s the deal: a paper shredder can get you to a paperless office in no time. Whether it is a home office, or an office in your business facility, you’ll get more storage space. Besides the extra space, everything will look much more put together.

Best Paper Shredders 2022

There are so many paper shredder reviews out there, but you need a simpler picture. Whether you want to increase the storage space or help the environment, a paper shredder is the answer.

If you’re in the market for a crosscut paper shredder, we definitely have some premium recommendations. This comparison table contains the list of top rated paper shredders of 2022.

ModelManufacturerTypeShred Cycle/CapacityWarranty 
Bonsaii DocShred Micro-cut Paper ShredderBonsaiiMicro-cutUp to 6 sheets of paper in one session1 yearCheck Price
AmazonBasics Paper and Credit Card ShredderAmazonBasicsMicro-cutShred cycle of 3minute run time, then 30minute cooldown; capacity of 6 sheets and 1 credit card at a time1 yearCheck Price
AmazonBasics Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card ShredderAmazonBasicsCrosscutShred cycle of 2minute run time, then 30minute cool down; 6sheet capacity, one credit card at a time1 yearCheck Price
Fellowes Powershred Heavy Duty Paper ShredderFellowesCrosscutShred cycle of 20minute run time before a cooldown period; 16 sheets of paper capacity2 yearsCheck Price
AmazonBasics Strip-Cut Paper ShredderAmazonBasicsStripcutShred cycle of 2minute run time with a 15minute cool down; 8sheet capacity1 yearCheck Price
AmazonBasics Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card ShredderAmazonBasicsCrosscutShred cycle of 2minute run time with 40minute cool down; 8sheet capacity1 yearCheck Price
Fellowes Powershred Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card ShredderFellowesMicro-cutShred cycle of 7minute run time; 10sheet capacity1year product warranty; 5year cutter warrantyCheck Price
AmazonBasics Cross-Cut Paper/ CD/ Credit Card ShredderAmazonBasicsCrosscutShred cycle of 20minute run time; 15sheet capacity1 yearCheck Price
AmazonBasics High Security Micro-cut Paper/ CD/ Credit Card ShredderAmazonBasicsMicro-cutShred cycle of 20minute run time with 50minute cool down; 17sheet capacity1 yearCheck Price
Aurora Desktop-Style Cross-Cut Paper ShredderAuroraCrosscut40sheet capacityN/ACheck Price
Aurora Strip-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card ShredderAuroraStripcut8sheet capacityN/ACheck Price
Fellowes Powershred Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card ShredderFellowesCrosscutShred cycle of up to 3minute run time; 8sheet capacity1year product warranty; 3year cutter warrantyCheck Price

As you can see in this comparison table, there are many different paper shredder types. There’s a credit card shredder, a crosscut shredder, as well as many others. Also, they differentiate in other elements as well, such as capacity and security. Nevertheless, in this review you’re bound to find the best paper shredder for your personal needs.

Why Fellowes Powershred 425 Is Not On My List?

Some of you may be wondering why this Fellowes paper shredder for documents isn’t on our list. As a matter of fact, there are several reasons for the exclusion of this model. The first reason definitely regards the lack of experience with this machine. It is fairly new to the paper shredder market, which makes most of the reviews unreliable. Whether it is a machine for home users, or a company, you want reliability.

We aren’t here to say that we necessarily don’t support the new models. But when it comes to the best of the best, we take the selection very seriously. This means that we prefer the machines which have shown an undeniable result.

The other reason which could affect the decision of the buyer is the price of this paper shredder. On one hand, there’s the versatility of this machine. It shreds documents, while also being a credit card shredder. It is a machine which definitely offers the possibility of more storage space. However, the price is rather high, especially for home users. There are actually models on our list which could beat the performance of this paper shredder at a lower price.

The bottom line would be that this review will definitely show more appropriate alternatives. This means that the models we’ll be discussing have a strong reputation. Also, the price should be appealing even for the home users who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money.

1. Bonsaii Docshred Micro-Cut Shredder – Best Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

This Bonsaii paper shredder is just the perfect shredding machine for your home office. The simplicity of operation and use it offers is hard to match. Therefore, it is suitable for those of you who don’t really know their way around a paper shredder.

What can it shred? The list goes on and on. It can shred up to 6 sheets of paper per session. The documents it successfully shreds include tax records, old bills, as well as bank statements. Pretty much, you can get rid of all the documents taking up your storage space.

What makes it particularly appealing is the micro-cut operation. Unlike cross cut paper shredder, this machine produces smaller particles.


Regardless of the quality of the machine, the security factor is something you can’t neglect. Sometimes you’re shredding documents you want completely destroyed. While other paper shredders may produce larger pieces, it isn’t the case with this one. The pieces are so tiny that it is impossible to reassemble the documents. Therefore, it is perfectly safe for confidential papers shredding.

There aren’t all that many user complaints regarding this machine. However, the ones that we could find criticize the capacity of the paper shredder. It seems to be a smaller unit, convenient for shorter sessions and home use. However, the manufacturer did point out its purpose.Pros

  • Convenient for home use, simple and reliable
  • Micro-cut operation (no retrieving of pieces of documents)
  • Safe to use


  • Its capacity may not be enough for certain users (it is mostly appropriate for home use)

Unlike crosscut shredders, the micro-cut doesn’t leave any room for potential scams. This means that there’s no possibility of reassembling the documents once you destroy them. Therefore, a micro-cut may be more reliable than the crosscut when it comes to confidentiality. Also, the fact that this machine is so simple to use makes it great for a home office. If you prefer larger capacities, you may want to continue the quest.

2. AmazonBasics Micro-Cut Paper And Credit Card Shredder – Best Paper And Credit Card Shredder

The difference between this AmazonBasics model and plenty others is in its versatility. While others can shred just documents, it is also a credit card shredder. This means that you need just one machine to dispose of all the confidential items. The shred cycle of this model lasts for 3 minutes continuously. In that time, it is able to shred 6 sheets at once, or a credit card.

The shape of the pieces it creates resembles confetti. This is a micro cut shredder, which is much different that a typical crosscut paper shredder. Contrary to some similar models, the pieces are miniature, making it impossible to reassemble the files. The statistics speak for themselves: a piece of paper becomes 2,235 miniature pieces. On the other hand, with a standard crosscut shredder, you get only 360 pieces.

There’s hardly anything that this micro-cut shredder can’t destroy. Feel free to use it for your tax returns, bank statements, as well as other personal documents. Besides the paper and the credit cards, this micro-cut shredder can also destroy small paper clips and staples.


In a world where scams happen every day, you need to protect yourself. Therefore, you must learn how to dispose of certain files appropriately. Unlike crosscut paper shredder, this is the perfect way to make sure they’re gone for good. The miniature pieces it creates can’t be retrieved. Therefore, this model is all about security and successful shredding session.

Additionally, the machine is incredibly easy to use. This micro-cut shredder has an auto mode, which detects the file. Once it happens, the shredding starts immediately. In case of a malfunction such as a paper jam, there’s a manual reverse feature which saves the day.

Before we even get into any complaints, it is important to point out that there are far more positive reviews regarding this machine. The ratings show that customers really do enjoy using it, thanks to its effortless performance. What some customers found complicated about it is that it doesn’t support more than 4 sheets per a session. Apparently, the process gets a little bit slower if you enter more than 4 sheets. On the other hand, there weren’t many reviews supporting this opinion.Pros

  • Both a paper and a credit card shredder; can even shred tiny staples and paper clips
  • It is a micro-cut shredder; unlike crosscut shredders it creates confettilike pieces
  • Has an auto mode option


  • Some customers feel that entering more than 4 sheets per session jeopardizes the ease of the operation

If you need all the security you can get, this paper shredder will definitely provide it. It shreds documents into thousands of little pieces which do not give off any information. In addition, it is a credit card shredder, offering a high level of versatility. Finally, the auto mode will save you a lot of time and energy.

3. AmazonBasics Cross-Cut Paper And Credit Card Shredder – Best Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

This crosscut paper shredder allows you to destroy 6 sheets at a time, without having to remove staples or paper clips. This is pretty convenient if you have a lot of documents you need to get rid of. Just imagine having to remove the tiny clips from each and every one of your documents. It certainly wouldn’t align with your busy schedule. Instead of wasting your time on preparing the documents, simply start the shredding.

This AmazonBasics crosscut shredder isn’t only appropriate for documents. As a matter of fact, you can also dispose of your credit cards. This kind of versatility definitely promises a lot more storage space in your office. Whether you want to shred private documents, old letters, or junk mail – this crosscut paper shredder won’t disappoint.


What makes the crosscut shredder different than the micro-cut one? The first main difference is the shape of the paper pieces after the shredding. The crosscut pieces are much longer than the micro-cut ones. On the other hand, the stripcut pieces are longer, which makes the crosscut a perfect middle.

On the other hand, there’s an important advantage of a crosscut over a micro-cut shredder. Namely, the crosscut shredder is much faster than the other types. This means that you’ll get to preserve your time it you choose the crosscut model.

This crosscut paper shredder also offers the auto mode option. The shred cycle lasts for 2 minutes before a 30minutecooldown period. It is a very safe model, since it automatically shuts off in the case of overheating. Also, if there are any malfunctions, the 1year warranty is a guarantee.

The buyers seem to love so many things about this crosscut paper shredder. First and foremost, the fact that it is so affordable, and yet so powerful receives the most praise. The customers love to use it to get rid of the builtup junk mail, as well as private documents. The main complaint regards the crosscut style. Some users feel that the micro-cut models provide more security when it comes to confidential files. As a matter of fact, they want their identities completely safe.Pros

  • Shreds documents, credit cards, as well as tiny clips and staples
  • Faster performance than the micro-cut models
  • Auto mode operation, as well as automatic shutoff in case of overheating


  • The micro-cut shredders are more appropriate for confidential documents than the crosscut shredders

This AmazonBasics crosscut shredder gives you the simplicity of performance you want in a shredder. There’s no need to prepare the documents by removing the staples. Also, you can use it to shred the credit cards which are out of function. All in all, the machine allows you to dispose of all the thing that have been piling up. Finally, being a crosscut model, it works quicker than the previous two micro-cut shredders.

4. Fellowes Powershred Heavy Duty Paper Shredder – Home Office Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

This Fellowes paper shredder model takes secure shredding on a whole new level. The physical security is actually the most important factor that the manufacturer has developed. This machine is therefore both child and pet safe, due to its unique program – the SafeSense Technology. Thanks to this patent, once you touch the paper opening, the shredding will stop. This security factor ensures that there are no injuries with this particular model.

This heavy duty shredder guarantees a longer shredding period than most of the other devices. The impressive run time of up to 20 minutes allows you to do more work in one session. After the 20minute session, the machine needs a 30minute cooldown.

This Fellowes device is a crosscut shredder which displays utter versatility. You can destroy documents, credit cards, as well as CDs and DVDs.


The SafeSense Technology must be the most appealing feature of this shredder. Not only does it guarantee your safety, but the safety of your children and pets, as well. This kind of protection allows you to use the machine freely at any time.

The warranty that comes with the product is also quite impressive. While the product itself has a 2year warranty, the cutter warranty lasts for 5 years. This means that the most sensitive part gets a longer guarantee, which is a really convenient feature.

With other models, you should be surprised if there are occasional jams. However, with Fellowes, there’s a jam prevention system which is very successful. Speaking of the performance, the runtime of this model is also an advantage. In fact, it allows you to shred continuously for 20 minutes straight.

Also, the crosscut style is a perfect option between the stripcut and the micro-cut . The stripcut shredding leaves bigger pieces behind, while the micro-cut lasts longer.

The impressively high rating of this product speaks for itself. It is without a doubt one of the most beloved paper shredders on the market today. As far as the complaints go, one of the users found that the bin is hard to adjust once you remove it to unload it. Other than that, there were no significant negative comments regarding the product and the performance.Pros

  • SafesenseTechnology for absolute safety for the users, children, and pets
  • 20minute runtime with no jams
  • 2year product warranty, as well as 5year cutter warranty


  • Reassembling the bin seems to be difficult for some users

Perhaps the micro-cut models offer more security regarding the confidential papers. However, when it comes to physical security, this model takes the victory. Also, the longer runtime allows you to shred more documents in a single session. Therefore, it is also timepreserving. Finally, the long warranty is something you want with a heavy duty machine.

5. AmazonBasics Stripcut Paper Shredder – Small Office Paper Shredder

The capacity of this shredder beats many of the other models. While others can shred up to 6 sheets in a session, this one raises the number to 8. This means that with this particular model you’ll be able to do more in less time. That speaks of its efficiency and quickness.

Besides the multiple documents, including bills, ATM receipts, as well as junk mail, the shredder takes care of other items. You can use it to get rid of credit cards, as well as CDs. When it comes to the cards and the CDs, you have to shred them one at a time.

While micro-cut is the safest option, other ways can deliver great results, as well. Frankly, shredding your documents is the wisest option to dispose of them. The shredding style doesn’t necessarily have to make a big difference.


This stripcut machine comes with a large capacity bin (3.2 gallon) which won’t require unloading for quite some time. Since this shredder is meant for light use and basic tasks, a large bin is ideal. For occasional shredding, you won’t have to touch the bin for a long time.

If there are any paper jams, you don’t have to worry about mishaps or potential injuries. There’s the possibility of manual reverse, so you can start over and finish the shredding. Also, the auto start feature makes the process simple and safe. With auto mode, the shredder will start the process as soon as it detects the paper.

The shred cycle lasts for 2 minutes, before the 15minutecooldown period is needed. In case of overheating, the system will shut off automatically, protecting the motor.

This is a small unit which is great for small offices, especially because it fits under a desk. It is a mostly appropriate for smaller, basic tasks.

Some of the users feel that the unit heats up really quickly. Because of that, the user has to wait longer before starting the next shredding session. While most of the customers enjoy the low price, some still feel it isn’t worth it. Apparently, the machine tends to work slower when there are more than 4 sheets of paper in a session.Pros

  • Shreds up to 8 sheets in a single session (can also shred credit cards and cds)
  • Large capacity bin (3.2 gallon)
  • Great for small offices, fits under the desk


  • According to some reviews, tends to heat up quickly

This particular paper shredder model is a great option for home use and small businesses. It is a small, convenient device which completes the work as long the task isn’t too challenging. The stripcut is great for basic tasks, but it certainly isn’t the first choice for sensitive content. Large chunks of paper can easily be put together.

6. Amazonbasics Micro-Cut Paper And Credit Card Shredder – Confetti Paper Shredder

We’ve already established the fact that micro-cut shredders do offer the highest level of security. The secret is in the confetti cut, which protects your sensitive information. Basically, if anyone tries to retrieve your confidential papers, they won’t be able to. The confetti pieces are impossible to put together, which is important with risky data.

The protection factor is what makes this shredder a highsecurity paper shredder. The capacity of this model is 8 sheets at a time, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also use it to dispose of CDs, DVDs, as well as credit cards.

Thanks to the micro-cut program, you don’t have to hesitate when it comes to sensitive content. In fact, you can destroy medical records, as well as bank statements, without the fear of a scam.


The micro-cut device includes a designated slot, specifically for DVDs, CDs, Blu Rays, as well as credit cards. Besides the piled up document stacks, you can easily get rid of other items as well.

The auto mode is a life saver when it comes to shredding. As soon as the device detects the paper, the shredding begins. This means that you won’t have to control or position the paper – the machine does it all for you.

The shred cycle lasts for approximately 2 minutes, after which the machine needs a 40minutecooldown. There’s also a protection against overheating, since the machine automatically shuts off. The automatic feature protects the motor from failing.

The pullout bin must be the most appealing feature of this model. It is a large capacity bin, which offers a 3 gallon capacity for a busy office. Instead of having to disassemble the machine, you can simply pull out the bin and empty it. Also, the unit is easy to position, since it has wheels for smooth movement.

The downside to the Black & Decker BDH200PL is that the pivotal joint is completely defenseless against sand or dirt. Sometimes debris may slip into the joint that allows the handheld vacuum to bend. This jams up the car vacuum and gets it stuck in one position. You may need to rinse the debris out or use a crevice tool to unstick it. Otherwise, this seems to be a major design flaw.Pros

  • It is a micro-cut shredder (confetti finish, great for confidential papers)
  • Versatile: applicable to cds, dvds, blu rays, as well as credit cards
  • Comes with a pullout bin


  • Requires a long cooldown period (40 minutes after a 2minute runtime)

This is a very convenient micro-cut shredder for many reasons. Its versatility is undeniable, given the fact that it shreds items other than documents. Also, there’s a pullout bin, which allows you to easily unload it and place it back. Furthermore, the micro-cut style leaves no information available for scammers. The only disadvantage of this model is rather long cooldown period.

7. Fellowes Powershred Micro-Cut Paper And Credit Card Shredder – 10-Sheet Paper Shredder

Once again, we’re talking about a micro-cut shredder which is the best option for sensitive files. If you happen to have a lot of confidential documents to shred, this Fellowes model is the right choice. Not only is it micro-cut , but it also has a bigger shredding capacity. In a single session, you can shred up to 10 sheets of paper. This kind of capacity will significantly shorten the time you spend disposing of old files.

Besides being a quick, efficient paper shredder, it is also absolutely safe. The safety doesn’t only regard the impossibility of retrieving the shredded files. It also guarantees protection for children and pets during the shredding process.

This particular shredder can shred far more than papers with paper clips. It is also suitable for old credit cards you no longer need in your wallet.


Just like we’ve mentioned, the Safety lock makes it impossible for the shredder to cause any accidents. Therefore, it is safe to use around children and pets.

The runtime of this model is 7 minutes, after which it’ll need a 30minute cooldown. However, the shredding capacity is bigger than with most of the models. In one session, you can shred up to 10 sheets of paper. Another feature that makes it superior to other models is the bin capacity. This machine comes with a 5gallon bin.

As far as the warranty goes, the product has a 1year warranty. However, the cutter, which is the most important element, has a 5year guarantee.

There isn’t much of criticism present in the product reviews. The majority of customers like the blend of performance and quality of this particular machine. The only concern regarding this product is directed towards the 60minutecooldown, which is quite long.Pros

  • It is a micro-cut paper and credit card shredder with a capacity of 10 sheets at a time
  • Safetylock for safe shredding; child and pet safe
  • 5gallon bin


  • Requires a 60minute cooldown period after working for 7 minutes

This micro-cut shredder is just a perfect home office shredder, adequate for sensitive files. It is safe in every sense of the word, having the SafetyLock. Also, its 10sheet capacity promises a higher efficiency. The only disadvantage of this product is the long cooldown period it requires.

8. Amazonbasics Cross-Cut Paper/ CD/ Credit Card Shredder – 15-Sheet Capacity Paper Shredder

Besides the paper, this AmazonBasicsshredder is also suitable for paper clips, credit cards, as well as CDs. Basically, it is an allaround reliable shredder which can help you get the much needed organization. Instead of piling up the mess, you could develop the habit of shredding. With a shredder such as this one, you wouldn’t have to prepare the documents for shredding. Since it shreds the small clips too, there would be nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, it is suitable for hard items such as credit cards and CDs. In this case, you can completely get rid of all the sensitive information. The best thing about this shredder is that it is a crosscut model, meaning that it is the quickest.


Superior to other models, this machine can shred up to 15 sheets of paper per session. Considering the quickness of a crosscut shredder, this capacity makes it extra efficient. Since it shreds paper, credit cards, as well as CDs, it is ideal for home use. However, its performance makes it suitable for a busy workplace, as well. The separate dedicated slot is designed for CDs, DVDs and credit cards.

When it comes to security, this crosscut shredder provides a rather high level. Although it isn’t a micro-cut , it still offers a P4 security level. Therefore, it is completely safe to dispose of personal and confidential material this way. Also, the crosscut style is far more secure than the basic stripcut.

This crosscut shredder also comes with a fourmode power switch. The fourmode consists of the functions forward, reverse, auto, and off. Thanks to the smart auto mode, the crosscut shredder starts shredding as soon as it detects the paper. Also, once it finishes the shredding process, the crosscut shredder will automatically stop.

Paper jams can occur frequently with all kinds of shredders, including the crosscut. Luckily, this model has a jamfree technology, thanks to the autostart and autoreverse features. This means that this crosscut shredder prevents a jam before it even happens.

One of the most convenient features of this crosscut shredder is the LED indicator. This indicator light will notify you of the status of the shredding process throughout it. The indicator points of this crosscut model include Power, Overheat, and Door Open. Finally, the 6gallon bin allows you to unload it less frequently.

Most of the satisfied users agree that this is a heavy duty crosscut machine which you definitely need. The only criticism we could find regards the quality of the bin door. According to the review, the customers have a hard time shutting it down and putting it back into place. Other than that, the comments are rather positive.Pros

  • 15sheet shredding capacity
  • No paper jams (autostart and autoreverse)
  • Led indicator with useful points


  • Apparently, the design of the bin door isn’t as convenient as the rest of the crosscut machine

The quickness of a crosscut shredder in combination with the 15sheet capacity is hard to beat. It is a reliable, sturdy crosscut machine adequate for both home and workplace use. Other than being extremely safe, it is incredibly easy to use. Also, the LED indicator makes the process monitoring and managing effortless.

9. AmazonBasics Highsecurity Micro-Cut Paper, CD, And Credit Card Shredder – 17-Sheet Paper Shredder

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, AmazonBasics is here to prove you wrong. Combining the innovative micro-cut shredding and the 17sheet capacity, it beats the competition. While micro-cut shredders do work slower than the crosscut, it is no secret that they’re far more reliable. Namely, the micro-cut has a confetti finish which makes it impossible for the scammers to abuse of your identity. This is particularly important in case of confidential data.

Just like the majority of AmazonBasics shredders, this one too has the versatility you need in a shredder. Besides the regular function, it also shreds credit cards, CDs and DVDs.


In a runtime of 2 minutes, this micro-cut shredder can destroy up to 17 sheets of paper per session. This means that you can do twice more work than with the majority of other machines. What is it that you can shred with this model? Absolutely any type of documents, including those confidential ones. The confetti pieces which remain give off absolutely no information. Besides the paper, try the dedicated slot to get rid of your credit cards and CDs.

The auto mode of this AmazonBasics machine starts the shredding as soon as it detects the paper. Once the process is over, the machine will automatically shut off. Therefore, the process is fast, safe and convenient.

The pullout bin makes it incredibly easy to unload and return the bin into place. Unlike some models, you won’t encounter any difficulties while emptying it. Also, there’s no need to worry about repositioning it correctly. The biggest advantage of this pullout bin is its 7gallon capacity. This means that you won’t have to think about emptying for a really long time.

While the ratings are pretty high and there are definitely more positive remarks, we’ve come across some complaints. For instance, some users feel that the 17sheet capacity doesn’t work with the thicker paper such as the bills. Apparently, paper jams are more likely to occur with this kind of documents.Pros

  • 17sheet capacity and a micro-cut style
  • Shreds paper, credit cards, cds, and dvds
  • Pullout 7gallon bin


  • The 17sheet capacity doesn’t really apply to thicker paper (such as bills and bank statements)

This is a heavyduty, reliable shredder which combines a great capacity with the secure micro-cut shredding. The AmazonBasics quality is definitely present within this model. Also, the convenient pullout bin has an impressive capacity of 7 gallons. It is an overall quality, valuable shredder.

10. Aurora Desktop-Style Crosscut Paper Shredder – Affordable Paper Shredder

While the other models we mentioned earlier were quite larger, this one definitely fits on your table. Therefore, if you’re working in a really small office, you need this compact model. Of course, since it is so compact, it isn’t the best choice for bigger tasks. Its capacity is 4 folded sheets per a session. Also, it can shred 1 credit card at a time, so versatility is definitely there.

The seethrough basket makes it easy for you to determine the unloading time. It has the capacity of 1.32 gallon, which is enough to hold approximately 40 sheets of paper.


Being a crosscut model, it comes with a speed guarantee. One of the most important facts about crosscut shredders is that they work faster than the competition.Also, this particular crosscut model is suitable both for paper and credit cards.

The steel cutters of this model promise a brief, quick, and clean shredding. They’re also extremely durable, meaning that this model is quite reliable.

The shredder is also extremely easy to use. There are three modes you can choose from: auto/on, off, and reverse. The reverse option is quite handy when it comes to potential paper jams. Also, there’s thermal protection in case of overheating.

Since the entire unit is so lightweight, you won’t have any trouble emptying the bin or moving it around. The package also contains a convenient letter opener accessory.

The main complaint about this particular model regards the capacity. Apparently, some customers expected it to take more than 4 sheets at a time. However, the product description clearly states that it is a lightduty machine for smaller tasks.

A more serious complaint concerns the fact that you have to fold or precut the sheets prior to shredding.Pros

  • Desk-top-style: compact and lightweight
  • Durable steel cutters
  • Thermal protection in case of overheating


  • You need to fold or precut the sheets before shredding them

If you need a lightweight, compact shredder for occasional use, here’s the answer. This Aurora model is extremely affordable, so it is definitely a smart investment. However, if you’re looking to shred more paper in a single session, you definitely want to skip this one.

11. Aurora Strip-Cut Paper, CD, And Credit Card Shredder – 8-Sheet Shredder Basket

This Aurora basket shredder is convenient for many shredding tasks. Besides the usual paper and credit cards, you can also use it to get rid of old CDs and DVDs. The shredding capacity of this device is 8 sheets of paper. All the other mentioned items are shredded one by one.

Considering the compactness of this machine, the basket capacity is pretty impressive, holding up to 4.5 gallons (100 sheets).


The biggest advantage of this Aurora model is its compactness. It can fit literally anywhere, so it is ideal for a small workplace, or a home office. Ease of use is yet another of its appealing features.

Furthermore, it is more than a paper shredder. This convenient model can also be used for credit card, CD, and DVD shredding. Also, there’s no need to remove staples from your documents prior to shredding them.

In case of paper jams, there’s a jam remover, as well as a manual reverse option. These features will help you deal with potential paper jams quickly and efficiently.

Judging by the critique, it is important not to use this shredder consistently. Apparently, it can cause it to overheat in the middle of the session. Another complaint regards the size of the strips the shredder makes. Apparently, they’re not always the same size, and some of the pieces tend to be bigger than the rest. This kind of inconsistency in size can be dangerous if you’re shredding personal info.Pros

  • Convenient for paper, credit card, CD, and DVD shredding
  • Basket capacity of 4.5 gallons in a compact unit
  • Jam remover and manual reverse option


  • The pieces of paper the shredder produces are inconsistent in size at times

Just like the previous Aurora model, this one too is a perfect solution for a crowded place. Whether it be a workplace of a home office, it will fit perfectly. It can also be considered a lightduty model, although it does have a 8sheet capacity. Finally, its versatility makes it an ideal little shredder for your everyday shredding tasks.

12. Fellowes Powershred Crosscut Paper And Credit Card Shredder – 8-Sheet Paper Shredder

If you want the shredding to be as fast as it can be, you’ll love this model. The shred speed of 10 FPM will give you quick results in no time. Also, the capacity of 8 sheets in combination with the speed is definitely hard to beat. Besides the confidential data and the junk mail, there’s the option of shredding credit cards.

The shred cycle lasts for 3 minutes, before the shredder needs a 30minute cool down. Given the capacity and the speed, the time is definitely on your side. With this machine, you’ll be able to finish so much work faster.

The bin capacity is also one of the positive traits of this model, since it’s able to hold about 150 shredded sheets.


The most important feature of this model is the Safety Lock. It makes this crosscut shredder child and pet safe, so you have nothing to worry about. Basically, the Safety Lock disables the shredder when you’re not using it. This prevents any accidents and injuries.

The unit itself has a 1year warranty, while the cutter has a 3year warranty. The separate cutter warranty is very important since it’s the crucial element of the machine.

The main complaint about this model is the one we’ve found in almost every paper shredder review. There seems to be a gap between the promised capacity, and the actual result. Apparently, the shredder can take 8 sheets without lagging. However, this isn’t something that happens consistently. Other than that, the reviews are definitely on a positive side.Pros

  • 10 FPM speed and 8sheet capacity
  • 150sheets bin capacity
  • Safety Lock for secure use


  • Can’t always operate as quickly when having 8 sheets to shred

The speed and the capacity of this device can deliver really good results. This is a great shredding device for a home office, or a workplace. According to the reviews, it is more adequate for smaller tasks which don’t involve many files per session. Other than that, the shredder seems to fulfill the customers’ expectations

Paper Shredder Buyer’s Guide

It is important to stress the fact that this kind of document disposal is crucial in the modern age. You definitely want to avoid any scams or felonies including your name and personal data. Shredding is a must, but you can choose from a variety of different shredder models.

Types Of Shredders

StripCut Paper Shredders

Stripcut paper shredders are the ones you should probably avoid with extra confidential files. The reason for this is the size of the pieces it leaves behind. Unfortunately, the paper strips aren’t hard to reassemble and utilize once the machine shreds the sheets. Therefore, for a more secure shred, it is much wiser to use the other two techniques.

Stripcut shredders can be very convenient for documents which aren’t that sensitive. For instance, if you find yourself piling up that junk mail, a stripcut shredder can come in handy. With this kind of files you don’t really have to worry about the size and the shape of the paper pieces.

Then again, it is better to use a stripcut paper shredder, than not to use any at all. Therefore, if you’ve got your eyes on one of these, it could still work out. However, in a case of highly confidential data, opt for a higher security level.

CrossCut Paper Shredders

Just like the name implies, crosscut paper shredders cut the sheets crosswise. This manner of shredding makes it difficult to recognize and put together the pieces. This means that crosscut paper shredders offer a much higher level of security than the previously mentioned stripcut shredders.

Another thing about the crosscut paper shredders is that they’re usually faster than the other two types. Between the lack of security of the strip ones, and lack of quickness of the micro-cut ones, they seem to dominate.

The usual amount of pieces you get from a single A4 sheet of paper is 300 to 900 tiny pieces. Obviously, since the pieces are smaller, you’ll get to fit much more waste into the bin. This also means less frequent unloading.

Micro-Cut Paper Shredders

Finally, we’ve got the best and the most secure option of them all. A micro-cut paper shredder is a safe choice, since there are basically no disadvantages. Unlike the previous two alternatives, there’s no chance of getting robbed of personal info. Why? Simply because it micro-cut paper shredders produce miniature confetti-like pieces. They’re absolutely impossible to reassemble.

This level of security is specifically important for confidential data, such as bills and credit card statements. Any documents containing your personal information should go through a micro-cut shredder.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt shredding other documents with it, either. The confetti-like pieces will create a waste which is easy to accumulate in a bin. This means spending less time unloading and cleaning out the bin. Also, a number of micro-cut shredders also have a separate slot for other items. While the shredders are mainly used for documents, you can also dispose of credit cards and CDs.

If you wish to put security before anything else, you should go with a micro-cut paper shredder. Once you destroy your sensitive data with this shredder, it’ll be gone forever.

Obviously, these three types of shredders offer a different level of security. However, this is not the only factor to consider when purchasing a paper shredder. There are a couple more crucial elements you need to pay attention to before you invest your money.

Paper Shredder: What To Look For

What are the elements that make a difference when shopping for the perfect paper shredder? It can largely depend on your preferences and expectations. However, some of these factors aren’t something you can ignore if you want a good performance. The best model will definitely implement a certain dose of each of these qualities.

Cut Type

As you could see in the previous section, there are three main cut types. The three well-known categories are: strip-cut, crosscut, and micro-cut. Depending on what you want to use the shredder for, each of these offers a different performance.

For instance, if you’re working with a lot of confidential material, you may want to avoid the strip-cut models. The documents which you shred this way are easy to retrieve. Therefore, it makes them prone to a scam, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. On the other hand, occasional junk mail shredding won’t be a problem for a strip-cut model. Obviously, you don’t care about the level of security with this type of documents.

In the middle, we have a fusion of the two other categories: a crosscut shredder. This one produces smaller pieces, but still not as miniature as the micro-cut . On the other hand, it is faster than the superior micro-cut shredder. The documents you shred this way are extremely hard to reassemble, but it still isn’t impossible. Therefore, this still isn’t the best choice for highly sensitive data. However, it is a great option for everyday shredding.

Micro-cut shredders will have you sleeping tight at night. When using this type of shredder, there’s no going back. The documents you shred this way will give off no information whatsoever. The confetti pieces it produces are so miniature that even the most skilled criminals won’t be able to reassemble them.

Therefore, if security is important to you, you know what to do. If, on the other hand, you tend to shred notsoimportant files, the cut type isn’t a decision-making factor.


As you already know, the main purpose of each paper shredder is to destroy documents. However, sometimes the mess around you consists of more than just paper. You can have CDs, old credit cards, DVDs, and Blu Rays laying around. These are also items which can contain confidential material. Therefore, you aren’t better off just throwing them away.

Certain paper shredders also contain a dedicated slot for these items. Some of them will only have a credit card slot, while others will have a multiplepurpose one. The bottom line is that you should choose a versatile shredder if you happen to have a lot of other stuff to safely destroy, too. If you don’t really have that many CDs in your collection you want to dispose of, a simple paper shredder will do.

After all, the paper shredder you choose should meet your needs.

Safety Feature

Safety is crucial, especially with children and pets around. Also, if you don’t have much experience shredding, you may want an extra secure device. What safety feature really brings to the table is the ability to shred with no fear of injury. The safest models will have the option of switching off the moment the shredding session ends. Also, certain machines automatically detect the paper and start the shredding. This means that shredding won’t start until there’s paper inside.

It is important for your paper shredder to have some kind of thermal security system, as well. Devices such as this one tend to overheat, and you don’t want a failure. Thermal protection protects the motor from overheating and shuts down the machine before it happens.

Duty Cycle

The longer the cycle – the more paper you’re going to be able to shred in a single session. Also, you should know that each runtime comes with a cool-down period, as well. Basically, the best paper shredders have a long runtime and a short cool-down period. You get to do more work and wait less with this kind of combination.

What you need to consider with the duty cycle is the shredding capacity. Perhaps a device shreds more in less time and is therefore more efficient than the model with the longer runtime.


If you intend on using the shredder occasionally to shred a few files, you don’t really need a heavyduty machine. On the other hand, if you encounter bigger tasks, this is important. The more work you need to do with it, the more power it should bring to the table. Therefore, this factor depends upon your requirements.


The word has it that the crosscut shredders give the quickest performance. In comparison to other two types, it really does turn out to be the fastest. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get quick results with the other two. The speed is closely connected to the duty cycle we’ve previously discussed.


There are two important types of capacity with paper shredders: sheet capacity and bin capacity. Sheet capacity determines how many sheets of paper will you be able to shred at a time. Bin capacity, on the other hand, shows the amount of waste the bin can hold before you have to empty it.

If you like to do more work at once, models with a larger sheet capacity are a better choice. Larger bin capacity is also more appealing, since you don’t have to unload it frequently.

Easy to Use

How convenient is it? Is it simple to use, and are the instructions clear enough? The ease of use can really determine whether you buy a device or not. You want simple controls and settings, so you can quickly finish what you’ve started. Also, this is very important for your security.

The simplicity in removing and cleaning the bin is also of high importance.


Finally, the guarantee. You want to have a “backup plan” in case of emergency, and it is a crucial factor. The best kind of warranty features two categories. The first one regards the entire unit, while the second category concerns only the cutter. The best warranty has a separate cutter warranty, since it is the most important element of the machine.

What Are Paper Shredder Security Levels?

The security levels determine how much security is a particular paper shredder going to provide. These security levels range from P1 to P7. The first level offers the least amount of security, while the maximum P7 means the most security. For instance, the P1 security level would signify the easytoreassemblestripcut pieces. While the crosscut remains would be somewhere in the middle, micro-cut has a high rating. The highest levels are reserved for the most sensitive data, which is the government material.

Regardless of the type of the paper shredder, the bottom line is that it is an extremely convenient device. In case you don’t already own one, it is definitely going to change the way you organize. We’re all constantly trying to find different methods and strategies to keep the space around us organized. Well, paper shredder is definitely a device which can help you achieve that goal.

Not only can old documents and other files make a mess, but it can be dangerous not getting rid of them. Unfortunately, the modern age has brought many dangers and threats. Identity theft and financial scams are no longer something we can only see in the movies. They’re real, and they definitely do exist. The best way to protect yourself is to dispose of confidential data you no longer need – for good.

Shredding is also an environment-friendly method of destroying data. Paper you destroy this way can enter the recycling process easily. Now, all you need to do is find the model with suits your needs.

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