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The Best Luggage Sets and Buyer’s Guide Of 2022

How many travelers you know that never complained about their bags? Very few, I’m sure. We must agree that airplane travel isn’t all that simple, and especially if you have rough handling baggage. No doubt, you can have a well-traveled life without the hassle of bad bags and suitcases.

Travelers know how important suitcases are, regardless of where you’re flying. For this reason, I’ve put together a list of best quality luggage sets of 2022 to making flying much easier.

Reliable luggage sets are the once that aren’t rough handling, have spinner wheels, are easy to use, convenient, etc. These are exactly the type of bags and suitcases I’ve included in today’s list. Therefore, continue reading if you want to find the right luggage set to make your flying much easier.

Best Luggage Sets 2022

Regardless of whether you’re flying across the world or just going on a road trip, you need appropriate bags. Simply, it’s much easier to travel with bags that feature spinner wheels, for example. All in all, you should avoid cheap luggage sets, and buy bags that will actually make flying easier. Finally, this is exactly what you’ll find in my list of the top 10 affordable luggage sets of 2022.

Here are the ten best luggage sets that can be use for your road trip.

U.S Traveler Rio rolling set6.6lbs, 1.3lbsPolyesterInline skate wheels2 pieceCheck Price
Samsonite Luggage Winfield6.7lbs, 9.3lbs, 11.13lbsPolycarbonateSpinner3 pieceCheck Price
Merax Hylas Luggage Set5.6lbs, 6.9lbs, 8.7lbsABS materialSpinner3 pieceCheck Price
American Tourister Pop Spinner34.1lbsPolyesterSpinner3 pieceCheck Price
Rockland Sonic Upright Set6lbs, 8lbs, 10lbsABS materialSpinner3 pieceCheck Price
Samsonite Nested Luggage Set21lbs1200D rugged polyesterInline skate wheels5 pieceCheck Price
Coolife Luggage Hardshell Lightweight4.8lbs, 6lbs, 7.4lbs, 9.2lbsABS materialSpinner3 and 4 pieceCheck Price
American Tourister Fieldbrook II15.87lbsPolyesterInline skate wheels3 pieceCheck Price
Rockland Expandable Spinner Set16lbsABS materialSpinner2 pieceCheck Price
Rockland Luggage 2 piece Set7lbsPolyesterInline skate wheels2 pieceCheck Price

It’s only logical that you’re looking for a lightweight and easy to use bags and luggage. Doubtless, the quality of a luggage set has a great impact on your flying experience, and therefore, you should choose carefully.

If you want to avoid any kind of possibility of rough handling, you should definitely go for spinner wheels. However, it’s needless to say that some people like inline skate wheels better, since they do have their own pros. In addition, there is also the difference in material, from polyester, polycarbonate to ABS material.

At last, you can see in our table that there are quite a few differences between these products. Now continue reading to learn more about each model of luggage and bags. 

1. U.S Traveler Rio rolling Set – Best Overall


This expandable 2-piece set is definitely a good choice if you’re traveling often. Simply, it’s made of polyester, with polyester lining as well, which means durability and quality.

Its lightweight design and inline skate wheels make it easy to use and maneuver. Keep in mind that this is a two piece set of a luggage and a tote bag. Apart from being only 6.6lbs and 1.3lbs, they also feature certain things to make them even more convenient.

For example, the luggage features a retractable self-locking handle that allows easy maneuvering. Also, it features a piggy bag strap that makes it easy to carry the bag together with the suitcase.

Naturally, it features carry handles on the side as well as on top and bottom. The interior is lined, features ties and a mashed zipper pocket. Lastly, you’ll also appreciate the zipper pocket that’s in front since you can put your airlines essentials in there.

Many travelers swear by this set, since it’s lightweight and quite convenient for all types of traveling.

Most of travelers agree on the quality and beauty of this suitcase set. However, it seems there’s one flaw that some travelers just don’t want to deal with.

More precisely, the suitcase lacks some kind of footing on the bottom to prevent it from falling over. Once you pack up and load your suitcase, you may have a hard time to keep it standing.

Our advice is to always put it up against a wall or something similar if you don’t want to hold on to it all the time while waiting in airlines.Pros

  •  Durable polyester
  •  Lightweight
  •  Expandable
  •  Retractable self-locking handle


  •  No bottom footing

We definitely recommend this luggage set if you’re often traveling to different destinations. Simply, it’s lightweight but expandable and can fit everything you may thing you’ll need. Even the tote, if you choose to carry it with you, will keep all the airlines essentials close to you. If you don’t mind always leaning your suitcase to the wall, you’ll be pleased with how easier your traveling will become with this US Traveler Rio set.

2. Samsonite Luggage Winfield – Best Full Capacity Suitcases


If you’re looking for a set that’s bigger and fits all the stuff you and your kids may need on vacation, here’s the one for you. This Samsonite luggage set is all you need to avoid rough handling in airlines and traveling because it’s easy to use and maneuver.

Precisely, it features spinner wheels that allow you full control of where the luggage goes. To be honest, its design makes it even more appealing, since it’s fashionable and eye-catching.

In addition, the set features interior dividers and organizing pockets for all those tiny things that we often lose while traveling. For safety, don’t worry because all suitcases feature side mounted TSA lock.

The #10 oversized zippers make it easy to pack and unpack, while always keeping everything safely in place. Finally, these polycarbonate suitcases weight 26.67lbs all together, which means you won’t have any trouble handling them in airlines.

The dimensions are 28 x 19.8 x 12.5 inches and all suitcases fit perfectly into each other.

Interestingly, there are different critics on this product and all travelers had different experience. For example, some people said how their zippers broke after only a few uses.

In other cases, people complained how the design and glossy finish do look nice, but don’t hold up a long time. Precisely, the scratches and bumps you may give your suitcase during traveling will most definitely show on its shiny case.

However, if you’re being careful and handling your suitcase set with ease, you can avoid scratches all together. Finally, we suggest you contact Samsonite for any kind of difficulties you may have with zippers or locks, and they’ll be more than happy to help you.Pros

  •  Spinner wheels
  •  Suitcases fit into each other
  •  Safety TSA lock
  •  Fashionable


  •  Glossy finish shows scratches
  •  Zippers tend to break after some time

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful suitcases you can see in airlines. Its hard case with glossy finish makes it noticeable at all times. However, the same design can show scratches quite soon after using the set, which is a little setback.

Its pros are far more important and convenient, especially the spinner wheels. All in all, this is a good set to invest in if you think you’ll be able to avoid scratching it.

3. Merax Hylas Luggage Set – Best Value


Of course, durability is something we’re all looking for when shopping for suitcases. Even in shopping online, you must make sure that what you’re buying is durable and will last you a long time.

In the case of this this Merax Hylas luggage set, you get all kinds of features and conveniences in one. First, it features spinner wheels, which allow you full control of movability and maneuver.

Furthermore, the set is made of ABS material that’s durable and promising longevity. In addition, the material also ensures safety, which is also important when traveling.

Speaking of safety, note that suitcases feature a lock that’s preset to 0-0-0. In this set, you get 3 pieces that are 20 inch, 24 inch and 28 inch suitcases. They’re all upright and feature a telescopic handle system.

Naturally, this 3-step handle system is adjustable and allows you to maneuver with ease through all tight spaces. Also, all 3 pieces fit into one another for extra convenience and easy storage.

Of course, the last thing you want is 3 large suitcases taking up your closet. Finally, Merax Hylas offers one year warranty for this set.

Honestly, luggage with hard exterior casing is always prone to damage. In this case, you can also scratch and damage it easily. The design itself is durable, since it’s made of durable materials and will endure all kinds of travels.

However, hard casing will show scratches if you bump it into wall or concrete. Simply, take good care of your luggage if you want it to last you as long as it possibly can.Pros

  •  Made of durable ABS material
  •  Long-lasting
  •  Spinner wheels
  •  Features 0-0-0 lock system
  •  Suitcases fit into one another


  •  Hard casing shows scratches

In our opinion, there’s nothing better than a durable luggage set that you won’t have to replace in a long time. If that’s what you’re looking for, opt for this set. Honestly, spinner wheels and safety lock is important and adds a lot to the convenience of the luggage set.

In addition, they work perfectly in tight spaces and are easy to store once you’re not using them. Finally, use them with a little care just to prevent the scratching.

4. American Tourister Pop Spinner – Best for International Travel


Made of 100% polyester and nylon lining, this luggage set is life changing when it comes to international travel. Simply, it’s lightweight and features certain specifications that make it quite easy to use.

First and foremost, the zipper closure provides safety and keeps everything in place. The set is made of 600 denier polyester that guarantees durability and longevity. In addition, it features spinner, multi-directional wheels that allow ease of use and maneuver.

What’s really convenient is that they roll upright, which is what makes them convenient for long, international travel. Simply, there’s no weight on your arm this way, and that’s always a plus. Furthermore, top and side handles are padded for extra comfort even when you’re lifting a fully packed luggage.

When it comes to interior, you get multiple pockets and cases that expand for more space and capacity. Finally, panel pocket at front are ideal for items you want to keep at hand.

So far we haven’t heard of any major complaints when it comes to this luggage set. However, every product has a flaw, so it’s only logical that some people are unhappy with this one, too.

To be exact, the critic following this luggage set is a matter of maintenance. Simply, people report that the material is quite hard to clean. Of course, hard casing is much easier to clean, since all you have to do is wipe it with a cloth.

However, polyester takes more work, so keep that in mind. I would suggest you clean it regularly before it becomes dirty beyond cleaning.Pros

  •  Durable
  •  Upright roll for ease of use
  •  Spinner wheels
  •  Lightweight


  •  Hard to clean

In all honestly, the pros of this luggage set are very convenient. Not only you get a durable luggage, but you also get a luggage that’s easy to use. Of course, both are equally important, which makes this luggage set perfect for international travel.

Understandably, spinner wheels and lock system also add to the popularity of this luggage set. Finally, make sure to clean it after every use, and you’ll be happy with it for a long time.

5. Rockland Sonic Upright Set – Best Budget


If you’re in a need of a luggage set, but don’t feel like spending a lot of money on it, this is the set we recommend. Simply, it’s inexpensive but still delivers quality and comfort.

First, it’s made of ABS material that’s durable, so you can be sure you’ll use it for a long time. Also, even though it’s durable, this luggage set is lightweight, which makes it easy to use and maneuver with.

Most of the time, we think that durable materials make luggage heavy and hard to use. Of course, this isn’t always the case. These suitcases weight only 6lbs, 8lbs, and 10lbs. Furthermore, you should note that spinner wheels are also featured.

As you know, wheels such as spinner ones are extremely convenient so it’s a plus to have them. Each of these suitcases also feature an ergonomic telescopic handle that’s sturdy and makes use much easier.

You’ll find it easy to use and helpful. Finally, every luggage in this set is expandable, which means you can’t fit more clothes than you hoped for.

Surprisingly, these bags have a certain scent that people aren’t very pleased with. Reportedly, there’s a chemical smell to them, which is what you might not like. We suggest you let your luggage air for about 3 to 5 days, and the smell will go away.

However, if you don’t have as much time to let it vent, make sure to give it a quick wash with soap and water prior to traveling. Unless you do that, the smell may transfer to your clothes.Pros

  •  Lightweight
  •  Inexpensive
  •  Durable
  •  Spinner wheels


  •  Chemical smell

To be honest, this is a good deal for the money. In all seriousness, you can’t expect cheap luggage to last a long time, but this set may be an exception. Apart from the chemical smell that you’d have to vent a little, you get a pretty decent luggage set.

As you understand, weight and durability are one of the most important matters when it comes to suitcases, which is why we’d recommend this set if you’re on a budget, too.

6. Samsonite Nested Luggage Set – Ideal for Family Trips


If you have a large family and you’re all going on a vacation together, this may be the most convenient solution for you. This 5-piece set by Samsonite is all a family could need when traveling.

First and foremost, it’s made of polyester and looks very stylish all in black. In addition, the front panel is actually EVA foam, which makes its appearance tailored and sharp.

The two suitcases feature inline skate wheels that make maneuvering easy. Another thing that provides ease of use is the locking handle system that operates as a push button.

Furthermore, you’ll find the bottom grip very useful, too, since it makes lifting much easier than you’d expect. At last, its interior is fully lined and the smaller pieces of this set are easily fitted in the larger ones.

No doubt, you can pack a lot in this set of bags and suitcases, and people are pleased with that. On another hand, what most travelers have complained about is the lack of wheels on the other 4 bags in the set.

More precisely, only the two suitcases feature wheels and the rest doesn’t. As you imagine, this means you’ll have to carry the rest of the bags in hands, which is sometimes quite difficult and inconvenient.Pros

  •  Perfect for family use
  •  Good locking system
  •  Made of polyester


  •  Only 2 out of 5 pieces feature wheels

If you’re traveling as a family and want to pack all of your stuff in one set, this is the perfect set to choose. It’s durable and will last you quite some time for sure. However, you may find it a little hard to use since only two out of five pieces have wheels.

In addition, skate wheels aren’t quite as popular as spinner, so consider that as well. All in all, it’s a good luggage set, but think about if its pros and cons suit you well.

7. Coolife Luggage Hardshell Lightweight


Spinner is always a word that people love to hear when they’re shopping for luggage. Simply, these kinds of wheels make maneuver a little bit easier. More so, if you were ever reading shopping tips on luggage sets, you probably heard spinner quite few times.

These wheels are multi directional and smooth, which means you’ll be able to move anywhere with them without any trouble at all. Furthermore, the luggage set contains 3 pieces that fit into one another for extra convenience.

In addition, they are upright, which makes them easy to use, too. Material we’re talking about is ABS material that provides durable and long-lasting life. Still, the whole set is lightweight. Its full capacity design and mesh zip pocket that’s inside make it easy to fit as much clothes as you want.

The telescopic handle featured is ergonomic and aluminum. Finally, this spinner set is a game changer if you need more luggage that are convenient and durable.

Logically, the luggage may show wear after a few times if it’s not handled with care. Simply, because its casing is hard, it may show scratches and bumps after a few uses.

This is no surprise, really, since it happens to pretty much all suitcases that have hard case. To prevent this simply take good care of your luggage and try not to bump it very often.Pros

  •  Sturdy design
  •  Spinner wheels
  •  Lightweight and durable
  •  Easy to store away


  •  Outer case may show scratches and tears

As you see, its only con is very common among suitcases like these. Therefore, you shouldn’t really judge it by that one. Simply, take good care of it, and you won’t have any problems. No doubt, the entire set is promising and it’s worth trying out. Also, spinner is always a good choice, so you can’t go wrong there.

8. American Tourister Fieldbrook Ii – Best Ultra-Lightweight Design


If lightweight isn’t enough for you, I suggest you go an extra step and try out this ultra-lightweight luggage set. It’s made of polyester, with fabric lining, which is a long-lasting and durable combination.

In addition, its construction is what’s so lightweight; you’ll enjoy traveling with this set. No doubt, another very important thing is its reinforced corners that help prevent tear in harsh conditions.

As far as convenience, the luggage features many interior and exterior pockets that provide all the extra space you may need. Furthermore, both suitcases feature a locking handle that works as a push button.

The tote, however, features a smart sleeve that guarantees ease of use. Finally, combined weight of the set is 15.87lbs, which is quite lightweight compared to other models on the market.

Most of the customers got what they were looking for. Precisely, the luggage works fine, and rolls easy even though the wheels aren’t spinner. Still, the issue with the luggage is concerning its plastic and chemical scent.

Travelers have reported that the entire set has this kind of smell and you’ll have to invest some time into getting rid of it. Simply, let the set vent for a while before putting your clothes inside. However, you can wash it with soap if you don’t have the time to vent it.Pros

  •  Ultra-lightweight
  •  Fabric lining
  •  Reinforced corners


  •  Chemical scent that you must vent first

We can all agree that suitcases can get quite heavy once you pack them full. Therefore, it’s only logical that you’re looking for the ultimate lightweight suitcase that won’t weight a ton once you pack your clothes in it. Well, this is the set you’ve been looking for.

Honestly, there’s nothing very special about it but its weight is really the most important here. Finally, the scent is something you can work out, and once you do, you’ll be left with a very convenient luggage set.

9. Rockland Expandable Spinner Set – Best for Men


Sturdy, black and brown design is perfect for men who don’t just want a basic black luggage. To be honest, the luggage looks quite classy, and as such would work for women, too.

Nonetheless, talking about its specifications, we must mention that it’s made of 100% ABS materials. This guarantees durability and longevity. However, even though it’s durable, it’s also lightweight. We’re talking about only 16lbs of combined weight.

Furthermore, this spinner set features multi-directional wheels that add to its convenience. Doubtless, convenience is more important than anything, which is why we must mention that the set is also expandable. This way, you get to fit even more clothes and stuff and that’s always a plus.

Apparently, this set has what appears to be a technical flaw. Some travelers who used this set reported that the wheels tore down quite quickly. Of course, this is a major issue and something to be concerned about.

However, it all depends on what kind of surface they rolled the luggage, and how they used it in airlines. Normally, you should contact the manufacturer if this happens to your luggage.Pros

  •  Sturdy design
  •  Lightweight
  •  Easy to use
  •  Expandable


  •  Wheels tear down quickly

You may or may not believe in customer reviews and reports, but I wouldn’t suggest you ignore it all together. Overall, this luggage set has all the qualities you’re looking for. However, I’d suggest you opt for it only if you won’t travel as often and carry anything that’s very heavy.

10. Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set – Best Fashionable Design


This 2 piece set contains an upright suitcase and a tote bag, and both are made of 600 denier fabric. We must mention its cute and fashionable patter designs that come in so many different styles and colors.

In addition, you get a retractable handle, inline skate wheels, secured pockets, and a comfort grip handle on top and side. As far as safety goes, you can be sure that none of your stuff will be lost with the locks and keys system that’s featured here.

Also, the set has stability bars at bottom to prevent bags from tilting. Furthermore, upright luggage has two zippered pockets and three internal pockets.

Of course, this provides better organization. A tote has its own useful features like an adjustable shoulder strap that’s non-slip, and padded handles.

Because the set is quite lightweight, it appears that it does tip over when you pack it full. Of course, both bag and upright feature stability bars, which is why this happens to be the most common critic. Yes, although it has stability bars, you’ll have to lean it against a wall if you packed it to its full capacity.Pros

  •  Fashionable and fun prints
  •  Packed with useful features
  •  Lightweight


  •  Stability bars don’t help much

It’s a fun set, especially suitable for children and travelers who want to spot their luggage as soon as possible. In all honesty, this is a convenient luggage set that you’ll be able to use for a long time. Still, don’t bet on its stability bars, because they mostly don’t hold the luggage upright. In my opinion, the con is not as important.

What are different wheels?

Wheeled luggage is the type we see most often, and with a reason. Simply, rolling your suitcase is quite convenient, especially if your luggage is heavy. However, some suitcases have 2, while others have 4 wheels. Of course, the difference is that some feature spinner and others inline wheels.

Two wheels

This type of suitcase has two wheels that are called inline skate wheels. Technically, they only go back and forth, and not side to side. In this case, your luggage rolls behind you.Pros

  •  Skate wheels are recessed, which means they have less chance of snapping off. For travelers who visit urban places, these wheels are better because they handle uneven surfaces much better.


  •  This dragging position may cause pain in your back, shoulder or wrist. In addition, it’s a struggle to drag this kind of suitcases in a crowded space.

Four wheels

You may know them as spinner type, and that’s because they swivel and spin at all sides. You know the wheels on a shopping cart? Well, these are exactly that. Conveniently, you can turn them any way you want.Pros

  •  They’re much easier to maneuver with in tight areas. Also, if your suitcase is large and heavy, you’ll handle it better if it features 4 wheels. Furthermore, spinner doesn’t put any pressure on your shoulder, which automatically makes it a better choice.


  •  These are vulnerable because they’re mounted and not recessed. In addition, spinner isn’t stationary, which is inconvenient on an incline. You’ll have to lay the suitcase on its side at times.

No wheels

Luggage with wheels is definitely easier to work with, but there is some exception when it’s okay to use bags without wheels.
-If you need full interior capacity, it’s understandable you’d go for bags without wheels. Simply, wheels as well as the handle take up a lot of space.
-It’s fine not to have wheels if you’re not the one handling your luggage. If you have someone to carry your bag, feel free to forgo wheels.
-If you’re going to sand, ice, or any kind of rough surfaces, you may want to exclude wheels. Simply, wheels don’t work very well on these surfaces. It would take some rough handling to get your luggage out of sand. 

Luggage Sets Review: What We Tested, What We Found

Interior Capacity

Interior capacity is really what it’s all about. Of course, you have to consider the outside dimensions, but it’s important you think about how much space you have inside, too. Unfortunately, many brands don’t state the interior capacity. However, there are some things you can pay attention to in order to secure more interior volume. For example, avoid curved corners because they take up the interior space. Instead, choose squared edges. Also, make sure that the outer compartments are integrated. Finally, if you need all that space, you’re best to exclude wheels and handles all together. 


Construction of your luggage has a lot to do with how long the luggage will last. Most brands use different methods of construction, as well as materials. For example, hard case luggage may seem durable but they’re often much easier to break. On another hand, polyester luggage can tear easier. Consider how often you’d travel and look for construction that would endure that. Finally, construction has a lot to do with weight that’s an important matter when you’re flying.

Appearance & Versatility

Logically, style isn’t the most important factor when choosing suitcases and bags. Still, a certain style or color can help you spot your luggage easily. In addition, travelers always appreciate variety of sections and pockets to help them organize better.  Luggage set that comes with bags and upright suitcase is about as versatile as things can get.


Spinner or inline wheels, extending handles, locks and expandable interior are nice to have in your luggage. At last, each manufacturer offers different features to make the luggage convenient and versatile. Remember, ease of use and safety are features you should always have in mind.


Of course, warranty is always important, and even more so with luggage. Really, we all want our luggage to last us a long time, but it’s nice to have a backup plan if something goes wrong. This is where warranty comes to play. If you just want to feel secure about using your luggage, make sure that the brand offers a fair warranty deal in case something doesn’t work as well.

What Else Is Important in Choosing a Luggage sets?

Take measure yourself

Different airlines have different restrictions and limits. For this reason, the best is to know the rules of the airline you’re flying with. We suggest you measure the dimensions by yourself and make sure it’s all good and safe. Make sure to include all parts, wheels, pouches, and handles. 

Check the handle

Test it out and feel the grip it provides. Its durability is important, so be sure it’s firm and provides smooth movement. The best is to opt for a handle that has no wiggling as you’re pulling the suitcase. 

Don’t forget the wheels

Logically, wheels are crucial and if they don’t live long enough you’ll be stuck with a large suitcase that you can’t move. Therefore, check if the wheels roll nicely. Also, check if they’re attached well before you buy the luggage. 

Double check the warranty

Best warranty is always promising a long run of a luggage. Therefore, choose the luggage that fits your needs but also features a good warranty deal. No doubt, if you can get a lifetime warranty, we suggest you don’t pass on it. 


Finally, I hope that we were able to help you choose the quality luggage set that’s best for all your traveling. We made sure to include different types and models to fit a wide variety of travelers and avoid any kind of rough handling.

At this point, you can tell what’s good and what’s not when you’re buying a luggage set. Simply, some things are a must, while others aren’t quite as necessary especially if you’re looking for an affordable set. To be honest, you must consider everything carefully especially when choosing between polyester and hard-shelled luggage.

However, keep your own personal preference in mind when you’re considering wheels and construction. Lastly, now that you have a luggage set in mind all that’s left for us to say is bon voyage! What is your favorite type of luggage? Do you prefer spinner or inline wheels? Please, join our discussion in the comment section below.

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