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The Best Cheap Smartwatches Of 2022

Perhaps you’re wondering why you need a smartwatch in the first place.

This is a common question, especially with those of you who already have an Android smartphone, or an iPhone.

Since you already have all the features and the apps you need on your phone, why even look into best cheap Apple watch?

In this review, we will tackle that question, as well as the selection of the best smartwatches of 2022. You’ll see exactly why so many people decide to get an inexpensive Bluetooth smartwatch, instead of sticking with their phone.

Basically, a smartwatchoffers just as much as a great Android device, such as Samsung Gear S3.

It gets even better. Not only do you have a little mobile device on your hand, but you can also connect it to your Android phone or iPhone. Now that you have an idea of what we’re talking about, let’s proceed to the actual examples. (Check our list of best smartwatch for android phones.)

Best Cheap Smartwatches Reviews Of 2022

If you’re looking for a good cheap smartwatch, you must be familiar with the factors you need to consider.

For instance, it is very important to know the difference between Bluetooth watches, and the ones without that option.

No products found.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for a good Android watch, this comparison will definitely be helpful. Without further ado, here’s the list of the top 10 best cheap smartwatches of 2022.

ModelCompatibilityHeart rateScreenWater resistance 
Pebble Steel Smartwatch
(Editor’s Choice)
-iPhone or Android smartphoneN/AReadable display in both light and darkWaterproof up to 5 ATMCheck Price
Pebble Time Smartwatch
(Under $100)
-iPhone 4S and above;
-all Android running 4.0 and above
Pebble health (activity and sleep tracker)2.5D glass LED displayWater resistant to 30 metersCheck Price
Martian Watches NotifierSmartwatch-Certain Apple (iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S) and Android (OS 2.3.3 or later) models; iPad Air, iPad mini; Android tablets 3.0 & aboveFitness stats available1.5” graphic OLED displayN/ACheck Price
ASUS Zenwatch 2-Android 5.1.1 capability (part of Google Android Wear) and iOS 8.2Built-in pedometer (activity tracker)1.45” AMOLEDIP67 water resistanceCheck Price
ASUS Smartwatch– Android 4.3 & smartphone (not compatible with iOS, expect for iPhone 5+)Heart rate monitor (Wellness Manager & built-in bio sensor)AMOLED screenIP55 water resistanceCheck Price
WithingsActivite Steel– iOS (7 and up), and Android (4.3 and up)Running activity trackingN/AWater-resistant to 50m (up to 5ATM)Check Price
Withings Activité Pop
(Editor’s Choice)
– Android (4.3 or more) and iOS (7 or higher) phones; iPod touch (5th generation or newer) &iPad (2nd generation or newer)Includes activity trackingAnalog displayWater resistant up to 150 feet (5 ATM)Check Price
Smart life smart watch– Android and iPhoneN/AN/ASweat proofCheck Price
Starry Baysmart Watch– Android (4.2 or higher), and iOS, but only partial functions (7.0 or higher)N/A1.54” inch touch screenSweat proofCheck Price
IRONLINK smartwatch GT08– Android (4.2 and higher), and iPhone (iOS 7.0 and higher)N/A1.54” touch screen displayN/ACheck Price

As you can see, different cheap smartwatches offer different features. While some of these models are more compatible with an android phone, others are more versatile. Finally, it all comes down to your preference and what you want in a smartwatch. The bottom line is that all of these models are low-cost, high-quality watches.

Why The Latest ASUS Zenwatch3 &Withings Steel HR-Activity Aren’t On Our List?

You might be wondering why these particular two models haven’t made it to our list of top 10 smartwatches. Well, I think that we can all agree that their price doesn’t exactly make them fit into the cheap category.

In this review, we’re mainly focusing on the best price cheap smartwatches. The models we’ve mentioned offer numerous features which make them suitable for this category. For a good price, you get a really amazing deal.

The models we’ve listed above really allow you to utilize all the benefits of your Android or iPhone, without actually using the phone.

You can connect the phone to your smartwatch via Bluetooth, especially when you’re running or exercising. Also, most of these inexpensive models can help you keep track of your progress and health state.

If you check the reviews on the new ASUS Zenwatch 3, you’ll see that the customers aren’t all that thrilled. It actually offers many features which you can find in the cheap models we’ve mentioned.

Quite frankly, there aren’t any specific upgrades which make it stand out all that much. The reviews, as well as the rating, make it clear that this is not a best-price smartwatch.

What may seem exciting about this model is its AMOLED display. However, you’ll find this feature in other ASUS models which are far cheaper. The water resistance isn’t all that impressive, either.

The up to one meter water resistance is something that most of the cheap models we’ve selected offer. Also, the HyperCharge technology comes with cheaper ASUS models, as well.

We find that the second model, the Withings Steel HR, doesn’t particularly justify the price, either. The heart rate option, as well as health stats, are something you’ll find in cheaper models, too.

Also, the claim of the manufacturer regarding “the best battery life” isn’t that true, either. We’ve actually mentioned two cheap models which offer a battery life up to 8 months without charging. Compared to the 25 days Withings offers, these two models definitely beat it in the battery aspect.

Also, the reviews aren’t as positive and the ratings aren’t as high as with some cheaper smartwatches. As a matter of fact, many customers seem to appreciate some low-cost models far more. For instance, some of the buyers report in their reviews that the watch isn’t as water resistant as it claims to be. Apparently, some of them have experienced issues even just by being in the humid weather.

You don’t have to spend tons of money on high-quality Bluetooth watches. In fact, the quality isn’t always closely related to the price.

The inexpensive smartwatches in the comparison table will become your trusty allies in any of your activities. Now, let’s get to thorough reviews of each model of the top rated smartwatches for 2022 list.

1. Pebble Steel Smartwatch – Best Hybrid Smartwatch

Looking for a perfect blend of simplicity, elegance, and smart function? Look no further. This Pebble cheap smartwatch is just what you need. First of all, it is extremely tough and durable. This is something you absolutely can’t compromise in your smartwatch. It owes its toughness to the stainless steel design, as well as Corning Gorilla glass. It looks tough, too. You’ll love the sleek design, and the black leather watch band.

If you’re worried about having to recharge it all the time, forget about it. With this smartwatch, you’ll have a battery which lasts up to 7 days once you charge it. This means that this cheap smartwatch for iPhone comes with a guarantee of reliability.

What makes it particularly reliable is the fact that you get Pebble-like notifications from all the apps you choose. You can use it for daily reminders, so you never forget an important event again. Also, you can easily connect it to your phone, since it is compatible with both iOS (iOS6 and higher) and Android (OS 4.0 and higher) smartphones.

If you find checking your phone all the time annoying and time-consuming, you’ll love this inexpensive gadget. You can check you messages, e-mails, as well as calls on it. Also, there are numerous free apps you can download to upgrade it even more.

With the 5ATM water-resistance, you don’t have to worry about taking it off when taking a bath, or swimming. This Bluetooth smartwatch will literally be with you every step of the way. This is yet another advantage of a smartwatch over an Android or an iPhone.

The biggest complaint for this model concerns the display. Apparently, the display of this cheap smartwatch for iPhone is too dark, and hard to read. One of the reviews states that it is hard to see or adjust anything on the screen due to the lack of brigthtness.

Other complaints in the reviews regard the strap. Some users don’t like the length, while others would like to have options other than leather.Pros

  • Tough and elegant at the same time (stainless steel design with a black leather strap)
  • Battery life up to 7 days with a single charge
  • 5 ATM water resistance


  • The display of this low-cost smartwatch seems to be too dark

An overall impression about this cheap Bluetooth smartwatch is rather positive. It is elegant and high-quality at the same time. Also, you won’t need to recharge it as often, since the battery lasts up to 7 days. Finally, it can completely replace your phone, since it offers all the needed functions. There are a 100 free Pebble apps you can choose from with this Bluetooth gadget.

2. Pebble Time Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch Under $100

Don’t you just hate it when your schedule is messy and unorganized? If this happens with your planners, calendars, or even your phone, this is the smartwatch for you. Its improved interface organizes everything in a way which saves your time. This smartwatch is one of the cheapest Bluetooth smartwatches, but it still delivers. With it, you can tackle your tasks, e-mails and text messages quickly and efficiently.

Also, it is so light that you won’t even feel it on your hand. It has an ergonomic design which makes it extremely comfortable and convenient. Therefore, it won’t bother you during the day and you won’t feel the urge to remove it.

One of the most important features of this Bluetooth smartwatch is the Pebble Health. If you’re not familiar with the term, it is an activity and sleep tracker. Basically, it gives you daily reports about your activity and sleep, and you can also get weekly insights. This feature is extremely useful, especially for those of you who want to make a progress in fitness. Also, it’ll help you achieve a much healthier lifestyle.

In case you’re too busy to reply a message, there’s a built-in microphone for quick replies. It’ll also allow you to make voice notes for your reminders. Also, its tactile buttons are perfect when you’re on-the-go.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the LED display which is always on, but it doesn’t consume too much of the battery life. As a matter of fact, the battery can last up to 7 days before you have to recharge it.

Most of the reviews speak highly of this cheap Pebble smartwatch. However, some of the users find that the battery life isn’t as long as the manufacturer promises. In fact, some of the reviews claim that you’ll go 3 instead of 7 days without recharging it. Of course, the battery life largely depends upon the use. Obviously, if the more you use the watch, the shorter is the battery life going to be.Pros

  • Improved interface for easy and efficient organization
  • Ergonomic, light design
  • Pebble health feature for activity and sleep tracking


  • The battery life is shorter than expected

We’d say that you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this particular smartwatch. It is lightweight and easy to have on the hand for as long as you want. Also, it is a great alternative for a phone, since it offers all the required features. Finally, the Pebble health is probably the biggest advantage of this affordable Bluetooth model.

3. Martian Watches Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch For Samsung Users

One of the most prominent things about this Bluetooth smartwatch is its authentic design. If you don’t want anyone to notice that you’re wearing a smartwatch, Martian has it covered. It literally looks like a classic watch, but it definitely isn’t a simple watch. Its numerous handy features make it one of the most popular smartwatches for Android, as well as iOS.

Although it doesn’t offer a flat screen like the majority of smartwatches, it is still very easy to use. Another thing that distinguishes this model from the sea of others is the vibration pattern. While other smartwatches utilize the same vibration for every notification, Martian notifier has patterns. Each of the alerts has a different pattern which makes it easier for you to distinguish the notifications. This is particularly convenient for busy people who don’t have time to check every notification right away.

The attribute ‘notifier’ really describes this particular model. It will deliver notifications from thousands of apps, such as email, Caller ID, bank, and so much more. Even more conveniently, you can filter the notifications, so you have your priority apps. For instance, if you don’t want notifications from a game app, you can simply turn them off.

While most people seem to love the design as well as the features, some don’t find it as simple. Apparently, the interface can get a little bit complicated due to connection to so many apps. A minority of users had an issue with the battery which was dysfunctional. The biggest downside of this model is definitely the fact that it is not waterresistant. As opposed to other models, you have to take it off when you’re in the shower.Pros

  • It has a rather unique design: resembles a classic watch
  • Has vibration patterns for different kinds of alerts
  • You can choose the priority apps, so you don’t get notifications from every single one


  • It is not waterresistant, so you have to be extra careful with it

If you love the classic watch style, I would stop the search right here. However, for anyone who appreciates the regular, flat smartwatch design, you better avoid this one. Also, the fact that it is not waterresistant may be a problem, especially for swimmers.

4. ASUS Zenwatch 2 – Best Smartwatch For Runners

Anyone who appreciates a gorgeous exterior and a luxurious design will fall in love with this Bluetooth smartwatch. In fact, this is one of the most stylish cheap smartwatches on the current market. Unlike many other brands who disregard the design of the band, ASUS definitely didn’t skip it.

One of the most important characteristics of this cheap smartwatch is that it has a HyperCharge technology. This means that, when you need to recharge it, you don’t have to wait for hours. Actually, it reaches 60% in just 15 minutes.

Although it is a part of Android Wear, it is still compatible with certain iOS models (8.2 and above). The Android Wear has implemented some useful new features, such as gesture motions. With wrist gestures, you can control the apps, scroll, and do so many more things. This is particularly useful since you don’t have to use the other hand. Can it get more timeeffective than that?

Once you connect the device to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth, you can make calls with the builtin microphone. This means that you can use the speaker to call someone, set alarms, and do so many other things.

If you like to use your phone to take pictures, you’ll love how the smartwatch can control the camera. Namely, you can start the camera, control the timer, or have a viewfinder preview. Another convenient setting regards your fitness plan. Its Wellness Suite will help you keep track of your fitness progress, as well as your health. You can use it to set goals and keep track of the calories intake.

One major complaint about this smartwatch concerns the size of the gadget. Apparently, some customers feel that it is too big and kind of hard to manage. One particular customer even provided pictures as proof, and the watch is really bigger than most of the other models. However, considering all the other benefits and incredible features, the buyers still seem to adore it.Pros

  • Luxurious, eyecatching design
  • Hypercharge technology – it goes from 0% to 60% in only 15 minutes of charging
  • Gesture motions and wellness center as prominent features


  • It is pretty large (might be an issue for someone who’s not fond of wearing big watches)

If you’re looking for an alltogether amazing smartwatch, look no further, since you’ll hardly find anything better. The only concern we have with this model is the size, but if you don’t find it too problematic, you’ll love everything else.

What’s particularly interesting about it is that you can use gestures to control it and start different apps. Also, it charges rapidly, so you’ll practically always be able to use it. This is one of the best cheap smartwatches for Android, but it also works with certain iPhone models.

5. ASUS Smartwatch – Best Android Wear Smartwatch

Although this is an Android Wear smartwatch, let’s start off by stating that it is also compatible with certain iOS devices. This ASUS smartwatch is the first device of this kind, and in partnership with Google. Its main purpose is to be your companion, in connection to your phone. For instance, you don’t have to use your phone during sporty activities. The wellness manager of this device can help you measure the heart rate and take notes of your progress. You can also measure calories and steps.

If you get tired of wearing the same watchband all the time, that’s not an issue. This model has an interchangeable leather band which is extremely comfortable and elegantlooking. The design, as well as the interface, are customizable, so you can come up with your favorite design.

What else does it smartwatch offer? Besides the wellness manager, there’s also an information organizer. Life can get pretty hectic, and no one expects you to remember everything. Here’s where this cheap smartwatch for Android comes to rescue. It can organize your reminders and notes in a very neat way. Also, you can get important notifications, weather updates, and messages.

In case you’re too busy to type, you can voice answer your emails and text messages. Also, you can give voice commands, such as requests for weather updates. The builtin speaker makes it easier to use the Bluetooth smartwatch during busy days.

Another builtin feature, the bio sensor, even keeps track of the level of your relaxation and gives you important health stats.

You may ask yourself what would anyone have to complain about with this kind of watch. As a matter of fact, this Bluetooth smartwatch doesn’t have that many complaints in the reviews. Actually, most of the customers feel that this is the best model for the money.

The only important complaint I could find is about the lack of simplicity in this watch. Apparently, it is too complicated for some users. However, considering all the possibilities it offers, it isn’t that big of a deal.Pros

  • Wellness manager and bio sensor to keep track of your activity and health
  • Voice commands and quick responses to your messages and emails
  • Elegant design and interchangeable watchband


  • Some customers find it too complicated

Our final judgment about this product is rather positive. It offers everything you’d possibly want in a smartwatch. You have glamorous quality design, wellness manager, and organized schedule. It is reliable, convenient, and above everything else – affordable.

6. WithingsActivité Steel – Best Smartwatch For Runners

Active people and athletes usually have a problem with their smartphones. There are many convenient apps which can help you track your progress. You can measure everything you need, and have it all sorted out. However, the problem is the actual phone. You don’t want to hold it in your hand all the time, since it interferes with your regimen. You need something small, compact, and just as useful. Here’s where a smartwatch comes to play.

This isn’t just any activity tracker – it is the ultimate activity tracker. Its awardwinning health and activity feature automatically memorizes all of your activity. This means that the tracker will register your runs, steps, as well as swims, since it is waterresistant. You’ll also know the distances, as well as the calories you’ve spent while working out. Activity trackers are definitely the most useful gadgets athletes can use.

Other than tracking your progress, this smartwatch will also track and analyze your sleep. You’ll get to see just how much sleep you got, and whether it was light or deep sleep. Of course, it is compatible with your smartphone: both iOS (7 and up), and Android (4.3 and up).

The good news don’t stop here. Actually, one of the most prominent features of this watch is that it doesn’t need recharging. The battery can last up to 8 months, making this smartwatch a reliable companion.

Also, the design doesn’t fall short, either. The highquality material makes it a rather appealing gadget. It has a stainless steel construction, with silicon strap, and chrome hands.

One of the customers noticed that it wasn’t tracking steps when he was carrying something in his hands. In fact, this customer happens to love the watch, but this issue was a little bit odd. It appears that the tracker isn’t able to track the steps if your hands are free. Also, you can only set one alarm for one day, and there isn’t a possibility of setting multiple alarms. This may be a problem for people who need more alerts during the day.Pros

  • It is an awardwinning activity tracker which tracks steps, runs, and swims, since it has a water resistance up to 50m
  • It tracks and analyzes sleep (distinguishes light and deep sleep)
  • Battery life up to 8 months, no recharging in between


  • The tracker doesn’t keep track of the steps if you’re carrying something in your hands
  • You can only set one alarm a day

This smartwatch is definitely one of the best, if not the very best activity tracker on the market. It is great for people who want absolute insight into their progress and health stats. We’d recommend it to anyone who needs a companion during their workout which won’t bother them. The minor bugs we’ve mentioned don’t really interfere with all the useful features of this smartwatch. Also, the battery life is remarkable.

7. WithingsActivité Pop – Best Smartwatch For Sporty Type

This is yet another Withings accomplishment when it comes to activity tracking. The main difference between the previous model and this one is in the design. This model is available in three colors: sand, azure, and shark grey. It is smooth, elegant, and quite like a regular watch. Unlike many other smartwatches, this one in particular isn’t too big or heavy. Its lightweight construction makes it suitable for sporty activities, such as running. Since it is waterresistant up to 150 feet, you can also wear it during water activities.

What’s crucial for your fitness progress is setting goals and keeping track of your activity. This is exactly what this model allows you to do. At any given point, you can check the status of your activity, and see how much more you need to work to reach the goal. Also, there’s no need to switch between modes when you change the activity. The device itself will recognize the speed and determine whether you’re running or walking.

How does it work? Basically, all your activity, including every single step, is uploaded to the Health Mate app on your Android or iPhone. You’ll also get the rest of the data, including the distance measurement, as well as the calories track. With this smartwatch, you can see exactly how many calories you’ve burned during a particular activity.

Also, just like the previous model, this one also keeps track of your sleep cycles. You’ll see just how much you’ve slept, and what was the quality of your sleep. This way, you’ll know if you need to change your sleep regimen a bit.

The ratings show that the users prefer the previous Withings model over this one. According to some reviews, the battery doesn’t last as long as the manufacturer promises. In one case, the battery lasted only 3 months out of the promised 8. There were even some instances of battery lasting even less than 3 months. Also, other customers have trouble synchronizing with their Android and iOS smartphones.Pros

  • Lightweight construction and different design options
  • Keeps track of your progress towards a set goal
  • Counts steps, keeps track of activity, and analyzes sleep


  • According to some reviews, the battery doesn’t last as long as the manufacturer promises

An overall impression about this smartwatch is that it is a generally great activity tracker. You’re getting your money’s worth with it, and it’s everything an active person needs. It tracks the progress and let you set your fitness goals. Also, you can see just how much quality sleep are you getting. What could be disappointing is the shorter battery life, but it isn’t confirmed by many users. The majority of customers seem to love the product.

8. Smartlife Sweatproof Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch For Iphone

This is without a doubt one of the cheapest smartwatch models you’ll find on the market. Considering the extremely low price, it is a great blend of useful features. First of all, it is a sweatproof model, which means you can use it while working out and jogging. It is, therefore, suitable for those of you who intend on wearing it while working out.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your smartwatch, but you still want to enjoy some of the basic features, Smartlife could be the answer. Of course, you don’t want to set your expectations too high with models of this price range.

To be able to connect it to your phone and fully use its features, you’re going to need an SD card. Even if you choose not to connect it to your smartphone, you’ll still have some basic features. The features include: alarm clock, calendar, MP3 player, and a few other options.

It has a 1.54” highdefinition LCD, and highsensitive touch screen. There’s also a remote camera, as well as a sedentary reminder for those of you who tend to forget certain tasks. Finally, the pedometer tracks the distance, as well as the step count, and the calories you burn.

There are numerous negative reviews about this particular affordable smartwatch. For instance, the battery doesn’t last long enough according to several users. In fact, it doesn’t even last 8 hours, which makes the device pretty unreliable. Since the manufacturer promises 23 days of battery life, the stats are quite disappointing. However, you have to consider the price before you completely disregard this model. Many customers feel that they’ve got their money’s worth with this smartwatch.

According to a disappointed customer, the connection to an iPhone fails. Apparently, the device wouldn’t stay connected to the iPhone, and there was no use in trying. This actually happened to a few more customers who were trying to synchronize it to their phones.

Others had a hard time assembling the device and inserting the SD card. It seems that the manual isn’t particularly helpful, either.Pros

  • One of the most affordable smartwatches on the market
  • Offers the features you need in a smartwatch
  • Sweatproof


  • Short battery life, doesn’t hold a charge
  • Connection to iphone fails
  • Unclear instructions in the manual

In case you aren’t really looking for a reliable smartwatch you want to have for years, this could be a good purchase. On the other hand, if you’re more serious about it, you should consider some of the better models.

9. Starrybay Sweatproof Smartwatch – Best Sweatproof Cheapsmartwatch

This model offers a full color display on its 1.54” quality touch screen. Also, there’s the possibility of choosing between three different watch faces. Are you usually skeptical about the watchband? This one shouldn’t be an issue, since it’s completely adjustable.

The device is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, which makes it extremely versatile. Also, it conveniently allows you to make handsfree calls. There’s no need to check your phone all the time. Leave it in your bag while you answer and start calls from your wrist.

Although it supports both Android (4.2 and above) and iOS (7.0 and above), there are different functions with each. Some of the constantly available functions include: sedentary reminder, remote camera, sleep monitor, as well as a music player. There’s also an alarm clock, and a popular video recorder.

Most of the users seem to regret this purchase. However, considering the incredibly low price, there shouldn’t be any high expectations. For instance, one of the customers noticed that the watch started charging after a few months of use. Others don’t appreciate what they believe to be cheap design and poor construction.

An overall impression is that most of the users don’t find it useful. On the other hand, there are reviews which praise its performance.Pros

  • Incredibly affordable
  • Compatible with many android and ios smartphones
  • Offers a good amount of functions


  • Instances of charging defect
  • Poor construction

It is a fairly good smartwatch if you don’t want to invest in a better model at the moment. Judging by the reviews, this kind of smartwatch would be great for kids.

10. IRONLINK Smartwatch – Best For The Budget

This device resembles the previous model in many ways. It is just as affordable, offering the same amount of features. Also, you’ll find that it is suitable for both an Android and an iPhone. However, the features with the two smartphones differ.

The constant features involve alarm clock, calendar, remote camera, reminder, sleep monitor, as well as a music player. There’s also a web browser, and a video recorder.

There’s a possibility of inserting a SIM card, as well as a SD card. This way the device becomes a little phone of its own. You can make calls, send text messages, as well as emails, and receive them.

Although it is very similar to the previous device, it definitely rates better. Also, it has received much more praise.

What do the users find annoying about this smartwatch? For instance, there seems to be a problem with the connection of the music player and the SD card. Apparently, the customer wasn’t able to sync the two. Also, it seems to not be working with iPhone 7 plus. There seems to be a core issue with the compatibility of this device with the iOS models.Pros

  • Extremely affordable
  • Offers a good number of useful tools and features
  • You can insert a sim card, as well as a sd card to use it instead your phone


  • Unable to sync the music player and the sd card
  • Not the best choice for iphone

You really do get a good deal for such an affordable price. It can even function as a phone without having to connect it to an actual smartphone. However, be careful if you’re looking to use it with your iPhone.

Smartwatches Buyer Guide

Before any purchase, you should be familiar with some of the most important factors. The list of these factors will help you determine whether a particular smartwatch is what you need.


Most of the smartwatches can connect to your smartphone and help you enjoy all its features. Usually, a smartwatch connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. However, there are certain smartwatches which can synchronize only with Android or iOS devices. Even if they’re compatible with both systems, there are still limitations. That doesn’t have to mean that a smartwatch supports every single Android and iOS model.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to check if the smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone.

Heart Rate

This is a particularly important factor for customers who want to use the watch to track their activity. Many smartwatches are able to keep track of your steps, the distance you run, and the calories you spend. However, a crucial piece of information is definitely the heart rate.

Therefore, if you want to keep track of your heart rate as you’re jogging, opt for sporty smartwatches. They’ll show the heart rate, as well as many other important stats for your fitness progress.


First of all, you need to consider the screen size. Depending on the features you want to use, the screen size can be quite an important factor. For instance, if you want to use it to manually respond to messages, perhaps you’ll want a bigger screen.

Also, the colors and the brightness play a rather significant role. You’ll find that certain smartwatches don’t provide enough light. To be able to see everything clearly, especially if you’re working out, you need a bright, easytoread screen.

Battery life

A smartwatch is supposed to be your reliable companion. In case you need to recharge your smartwatch every once in a while, you won’t be able to trust it completely. The best way to make sure that you’ll be able to rely on your smartwatch is to buy one with a long battery life. This way, you won’t be running to recharge it every few hours.

Even if the battery doesn’t last for a couple of months, if it charges quickly, it is still an appealing option.

Additional Considerations

Now that we’ve covered the main factors, we can also tackle some of the other considerations. These may be less important, but they can still make a difference for some people.

Built-In Microphone

Smartwatches which have a built-in microphone allow you to answer and start calls by using voice commands. However, that isn’t the only advantage. You can also respond to message, browse the web, or ask for weather reports. What’s particularly convenient is that you can make voice notes and reminders.

This is a particularly useful feature while you’re busy working out or doing something else. You can just speak to the device and get what you want in a matter of seconds.

The Possibility Of Changing The Look

Some people get bored of wearing the same watchband all the time. If you belong to this group of customers, you may want to look up smartwatches with interchangeable watchbands. This way, you’ll get to match them with your outfit, or use them accordingly to your mood.

Another way of changing the look of your smartwatch regards the interface. There are watches which allow you to change the themes and the colors. This way you won’t get sick of looking at the same screen all the time.


Our list of top 10 cheap smartwatches includes all kinds of choices. You have the best activity tracker, the cheapest options, as well as the best overall smartwatches. It is up to you to decide which one is the most suitable for your needs and requirements.

While most of these are high quality watches, others don’t offer as many features. Nevertheless, you can definitely find the best choice among these good affordable watches.

It is a wellknown fact that the price doesn’t necessarily determine the quality. If anything, these models prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good performance out of a device.

The best strategy would be to go with the watch which is suitable for your lifestyle. If you’re someone who cares about fitness, you need a good tracker.

Business people will definitely need a handy organizer. Either way, a smartwatch will probably become your new favorite gadget.

For more electronic buying advice, check out:

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