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The Best Cheap Gaming Headset Of 2022

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: it’s very hard finding the best cheap gaming headset 2022. For, there are two things we normally want in a PC Gaming Headset: Firstly, we are looking only for the best of them. Secondly, we also want them to be cheap. As you might guess, it is very difficult finding both these qualities in the same headset

So, will our search be fruitful?

Yes. The market is full of microphones, so all you need is a bit of advice and research to get your hands on quality headphones.

It is where we come into play.

As you will see throughout the remainder of this article, we have reviewed the best gaming headsets you can get on the market. To make your search easier, we have also noted down the pros and cons of each. Finally, at the end of this article, we will give you a buying guide using which you can purchase a quality headphone on your own.

Seems like an interesting proposition to you? Scroll down.

Best Gaming Headsets 2022

There’s one thing you need to know before we embark on our search of a good cheap gaming headset: there are no gaming headset can make you a better gamer. While you may like the audio of a particular headset, a different person might hate it.

So, buying the best budget gaming headset is a matter of personal preference. Therefore, to make your search easier, we have made a comparison table of the top ten best value gaming headset 2022. Take a look.

Turtle Beach Headset
(Editor’s Choice)
– PC, MAC, PSNO12ounce4feet3.5mm jacksCheck Price
SADES A60S Headset– PC, MACNO14.4ounce2.2m3.5mm jacksCheck Price
SADES A60 USB Gaming Headset-PC, MAC, MobileNO1.1lb2.2m3.5mm jacksCheck Price
G2000 Bengoo– PCNO13.4oz2.2m3.5mm jacksCheck Price
SADES A60 7.1 USB headset– PC, Mobile, PS, XboxNO14.4oz2.2m3.5mm jacksCheck Price
Sades Over-Ear Stereo Headphone– Xbox One, PC, PS4, Laptop, PhoneNO1.1lb2.2m3.5mm jacksCheck Price
Sades SA902 7.1 Headset– PC, Mobile, MACNO12oz2.2m3.5mm Analog jacksCheck Price
LOGITECH G430 Headset– PS4, PC, MobileNO1.4lb2.3mUSB + 3.5mm Analog jacksCheck Price
HyperX Cloud Stinger
(PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U)
– PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii UNO275gHeadset (1.3m) + Extension Y-cable(1.7m)Single 3.5mmCheck Price
Beexcellent Gaming Headset
(Editor’s Choice)
– PlayStation 4, PC, Tablet, Xbox OneNO10.6oz2.1m3.5mmCheck Price

As suggested by the table, no two products have the same features. It means that the range of choice is so diverse that it covers a wide range of audiences. Consequently, no matter which headset you like, it is extremely likely you’ll find a similar version of it in this article.

Don’t believe me? Read the Product Reviews to verify the veracity of my statement.

1. Turtle Beach Headset

Despite being an economic model of the Beach line from Turtle, the build quality of this handset is very good. Similar is the case with the sound quality, and while the 50mm earcups will take some time to break in, they become more comfortable with more wearing.

Turning our attention to its mic – and while it doesn’t have a filtering feature, meaning you might find it picking a bit of background noise, it still does a nice job. In fact, the problems which you might associate with lower end headsets’ mic – such as adding crackles or pops, are nowhere to be found.

Looking at the options given on the headset, and it is devoid of any high-end features which you can find on higher end headsets. Still, you can get an enhanced bass feature which gives you an instinctive gaming experience.

Lastly, when it comes to compatibility, Xbox and PS enthusiasts might not find this headphone alluring because it is compatible only with PC, Mac, and Mobile.Pros

  • Remains comfortable, even for long gaming sessions
  • Sound quality is pretty nice
  • Mic is reliable
  • Comes at an economical price


  • Not compatible with Xbox One or PS4
  • You cannot filter the background noise from the mic

If you are looking for a stripped down version of the high-tech gaming headsets, the Turtle Beach Z11 is worthy of your attention. While it doesn’t have a plethora of features, everything it has got is more than functional.

2. SADES A60S Headset

Despite the fact that it will cost you less than the abovementioned Turtle Beach Z11, this headphone has a host of features – noise cancellation for one, which has made it more popular among PC Gamers.

Did I say PC Gamers? You bet I did. For, you get what you pay for, and since you aren’t paying over the odds for this headphone, all you could get in the shape of Sades A60S is a headphone which isn’t compatible with Xbox One or PlayStation.

Moving forward, the most impressive feature of this headphone is the noise cancellation. In addition to the closed earcups – which will shield any background noise from entering your ears, you can take use of this feature to make sure the voice remains crystal clear.

On the flip side, the headphone of this mic has let it down, badly. While there are other unidirectional mics out there on the market, they allow you to adjust the location of the mic to get better audio. Sadly, no such feature is on offer here.

Having said that, unless you aren’t going to podcast with this headphone, this lacuna of the mic shouldn’t bother you. For, the headphone is comfortable, cheap, and the mic will do just enough for gaming.Pros


  • Mic is low quality

As stated earlier, the low functionality of the mic shouldn’t bother a gamer who is not into podcasting. For, this headphone has a lot of features to satiate a gamer’s appetite.

3. SADES A60 USB Gaming Headset

If you have been paying close attention, you might have thought that we are going in the descending order of price. For, this is the most economical of the three we have reviewed thus far.

Use this headset, and you might deduce – albeit correctly this time, that it is a replica of the abovementioned Sades A60S. For, it has the same outlook, more or less the same features and comes at almost the same price.

Still, there is one area where this headphone differs from its counterpart: the connection. For, while the A60S takes a 3.5mm jack to connect, this one allows the jack plus a USB connection. Hence, if you were want increased functionality in your gaming headset, the A60 leads the race.

When it comes to weight, it is a bit on the heavier side. So, if you are want to go for a lighter headset, this one may not fit the bill for you.

Coming back to its features, and one thing which inspired me the most was the list of functions included on the mic. For, in stark contrast to other inexpensive gaming headphones, there are four different functions on the headphone wire – Volume increase, decrease, Mic Switch and Mute Switch, hence making it flexible.

The quality of this headphone also deserves your praise. Thanks to the durable braided cable and the Stainless steel extendable arms, it won’t ditch you midway through the game.Pros

  • Durable and long lasting
  • No sweat or heat on long-term wearing
  • Sizable cable length of 2.2m
  • Stylish


  • You can use its USB Connector only for Light-up effect.

If you were inspired by the Sades A60S gaming headphone – but wanted something extra at less price, this headphone merits your attention.

4. Bengoo G2000

Do you know what they say about the first impression? Yes, it’s the last one. Well, the first impression of this headset sold it to me. It is incredibly cool – and while you might call it cheesy, I was awed by its aesthetics even before I tried out its features.

Turning our attention to its design, the one thing which they have got right with it is the colors. Being an amalgam of black, baby blue, with traces of chrome, it offers a pleasant visual experience, provided you don’t wear it out on the street.

On towards the sound quality and not only is it quite good but the mic is one of the best you may get on a gaming headphone. Also, despite the fact that the length of the cord is considerable, it doesn’t get tangled often.

Finally, the most important feature which gamers demand from their headphones is a comfort. Thankfully, coated with thick padding, this headphone is very comfortable, both on the ears and on the head.

Lastly, if you want to use this headphone for ANY other purpose than gaming, I would not recommend it. For, as found out while listening songs on a mobile phone, the audio sound was both compressed and muffled. Hence, while its audio is OK for gaming, it’s a wholly different ball game when it comes to listening songs using this headphonePros

  • Comfortable, thanks to thick padding
  • Beautiful amalgam of colors make it stylish
  • Quality of conversational audio is commendable


  • Earmuffs are bulky

If you are a serious gamer who will not use his headphones on anything but in front of your PC, the Bengoo G2000 has all the necessary traits to be a hit with you.

5. SADES A60 Gaming Headset

When playing games i.e. Call of Duty, we have to be aware of persons coming from all sounds. Otherwise, there is a good chance of them catching us napping. Hence, if you want a headset which allows you to hear people coming from every direction, the Sades A60 7.1 deserves your attention.

Firstly, its ultra-low bass sound deserves your attention. To fully immerse you in the game, it triggers the headphone to vibrate, allowing you to feel and hear effects such as explosions.

Turning our attention to the microphone – and while other cheaper options don’t offer a unique 360-degree experience, this headset provides the same feature, hence allowing you to communicate with your buddies without any problem.

When it comes to compatibility, Sades have gone the extra mile to make this Gaming Headset USB Compatible. What this does is to make sure your headset could connect with any device which has a built-in USB Plugin.

On the flip side, one area where I wished Sades could have done better is with the LED Lights. Available in three colors, they are pretty cool but don’t come with an On/Off feature. Put simply, if you want to play in darkness, you simply cannot as at least one color remain on all the time.Pros

  • Comfortable
  • Ultra-low bass gives you real gaming experience
  • The 360degree rotating mic makes conversations trouble free
  • In addition to the 3.5mm jack, it is USB Compatible as well


  • You cannot turn the lights off at any time

Although it is a bit expensive than the earlier Sades headsets mentioned in this review, this headset justifies its price tag with a plethora of features which are not available in low-end headsets.

6. Sades Over-Ear Gaming Headphone

There are gaming headsets which are unique. Then there are which are great at what they do. Finally, there are some which are #1 Best Sellers in their field. The Sades Over-Ear Gaming Headphone falls in the last category.

Being the #1 Best Seller in Xbox One Headsets at Amazon, my expectations were high while trying this particular headset. Thankfully, as you’ll see throughout the remainder of this Interview, it didn’t disappoint me.

First thing first, if there is one thing which might deceive you into believing this headset is low quality, it is undoubtedly its price tag. For, despite being the market leader in its category, its price is as low as you can imagine.

Also, as suggested by its #1 Spot, its features aren’t bad either. For example, in addition to the acoustic positioning of the headset’s earmuffs – which makes sure voice reaches your ears without any disruption, it has a .40mm high flux drive unit to enhance the sensitivity of the unit.

Put simply, no matter how minor or bleak the voice coming out of your game is, the headset will relay it to you. Full Stop.

As for the headphone, one thing which impressed me was its built-in noise-reduction function. You don’t have to turn it ON to make the noise clear. Rather, it stays on all the time to pick sounds with great sensitivity, hence removing the background noise.

Lastly, talking about its durability, the strong braided core should go a long way in assuring you that this gaming headset won’t leave you easily.Pros

  • Very comfortable
  • Good Sound quality
  • A lot of padding for comfortable use
  • Compatible with a wide range of Products


  • The plastic on top of the headphone looks cheap material

If reviews from users like you are anything to go by, this product has taken the market by storm. However, as you’ve seen already, we weren’t sold out at the hype. Rather, we tested all its features to make sure that it was worth it. And indeed, this headset deserves where it is at the moment.

7. Sades SA902 Wired PC Gaming Headset

Since we have already entered in the terrain of best sellers, here is another one: in the category of PC Gaming Headsets. If you own a PC and play games all the time, not many headsets could rival this one in popularity.

Is the popularity of this headset justified? We find out.

On wearing this headset for the first time, one thing which impressed me the most was its comfort. Made up of four pieces of padded headband which is also reinforced – which is not only comfortable but has the necessary ventilation, this headset will be comfortable for hours.

Moving on, while there is no active noise cancellation feature in this headset – a surprising thing considering the fact it is a best seller, it is the diameter of the earmuffs which prevent background noise from irritating you.

However, by reducing the background noise in this manner, this headphone forces you to pay a cost: the heaviness of this headset. Since the headphones are your only protection against background noise, they are bulky and might be too heavy for some.

Finishing on a high note, operating this headset for the first time is a cinch. All you have to do is to connect the necessary cables because the drivers will download in a moment. Also, if you are using MAC, this headset offers you an extra incentive by going driver-free.Pros

  • Surround Sound Effects creates a brilliant gaming experience
  • Ventilation and reinforced padding make this headset super comfortable
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Absence of background noise


  • Is a bit bulky

Despite the fact that it is the #1 Best Seller in its category, this headset is not without any shortcomings. The most important of which is its weight. Still, if you are not concerned about its bulkiness, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

8. LOGITECH G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

When it comes to user reviews – and good ones at that, this particular headphone has a lot of them. So, if you favor experience over potential while choosing a gaming headset, this one might suit your needs.

Starting from the weight – while the last headphone was a bit bulky, this one is super lightweight, thanks to its design and the soft sport ear cups, which, in addition to undergoing a 90-degree swivel – or probably because of it, give you a personalized fit and maximum comfort.

Turning our attention towards the mic, and this is where things get interesting. While it has all the features which you might expect from a cheap gaming headset’s mic: such as noise cancellation, 360-degree rotation, it offers one feature which other gaming headsets can only dream of: foldability.

For, whether you are sitting or standing, you can fold the mic to suit your needs – and not the other way around. Hence, innovation is one area where this headset deserves a big thumbs up.Pros

  • Collects sound from a 360-degree field, hence missing nothing
  • Earmuffs are lightweight and comfortable
  • Mic is foldable and boasts a noise-cancellation feature
  • Equipped with on cable sound controls


  • Compatibility is limited

Though not compatible with Xbox One or MAC, this gaming headset has a plethora of features to earn a favorable glance from you.

9. HyperX Cloud Stinger for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U

So far in this article, we have seen two best sellers: a PC Gaming Best Seller and an Xbox One Best Seller. This one is the #1 Best Seller when it comes to PS4 Headsets. So, if you own a PS4, you now know where to look for in search of a gaming headset.

By fusing easy-to-use adjustment features with an attractive design, HyperX has churned out a gaming headset which is super comfortable to wear. In fact, if a non-gamer friend views it from a distance, you might fool him to believe that it is one of the high-end headsets.

One thing which surprised me about this headset was its cables. For, they aren’t braided, meaning you can get them tangled very easily and they also look less fancy.

Also, if you move down from the upper portion of the headset covered in faux leather, you’ll find a mic which isn’t detachable. Yes, it offers some flexibility, but you cannot compare it with the freedom offered by detachability.

Coming back to plus points, you will notice a volume slider on the underside of your right cup, which, in addition to being coated with faux leather, ensures easy adjustment of the volume.

Lastly, after testing this headset for audio quality, I immediately knew why it is the #1 in its field. Well, obviously you might not call it to rival high-end headsets, but it isn’t as far off from them as other headsets in this review. For, while the vocals aren’t as clear as one would like, the bass never overpowers, resulting in an excellent listening experience.Pros

  • Solid, heavy metal sound
  • Provides great value for money
  • Audio quality is excellent
  • Both lightweight and comfortable


  • Microphone is non-detachable

If you can live with the “nuisance” of an adjustable microphone always lingering close to your ears, there aren’t many reasons why this headphone won’t satiate your gaming appetite.

10. Beexcellent For PlayStation 4 Tablet Xbox One PC Laptop

It doesn’t matter how many paeans we sing of the features of a gaming headset, some of you always pay more importance to the price factor. If you include yourself in this category – but don’t want to compromise on features while paying as low as possible, you need to look at the Beexcellent Gaming Headset.

Usability is the biggest plus point offered by this headset. No other feature underlines the veracity of this statement as best as the mic volume and in-line volume controls. Being pit together at the braided cable, you can pick any or both of them at any time.

Also, while other low-end headsets offer uni-directional noise cancellation, this one hits the ball out of the park by offering omnidirectional noise cancellation. Put simply, if you want to hear the voice of a discreet footstep as clearly as that of a loud bang, this feature will make sure you do that with aplomb.

Compatibility is another great feature offered by this headset. If you have been paying attention, you might have noticed there are very few headphones which are equally compatible across a wide range of devices. This one, despite its dirt cheap price tag, is as effective when connected to a PC as it is when connected to an Xbox One or PS4.

Lastly, while this headset is cheaper than most – meaning you don’t have much to lose, it still assuages your nerves by offering an 18month warranty. Based on customer experience and product quality, you can contact the manufacturer within the mentioned time if you feel the headphone isn’t worth it.Pros

  • Very, very inexpensive
  • Omnidirectional noise cancellation
  • Compatible across a wide range of devices
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty
  • Very easy to use


  • Not fully padded

As suggested earlier, if you want to save as much price as you can on a gaming headset – while getting as many features as possible, your search for the best cheap gaming headset ends here.

Good Budget Gaming Headsets – Buyers Guide

Although the abovementioned product reviews should be enough to land you a budget gaming headset, you still need to look at the buyer’s guide. For, it will give you a checklist of things that distinguish a quality headset from a cheap one. Also, if you don’t like our selection, you could still use this guide to select a product on your own.

Physical weight

Turning your attention to the table drawn above, you can notice that we selected products which were anything but heavy. In case you were wondering: there’s a method to this madness.

For, almost all these headsets are over the ear: meaning you have to wear them over your head. Hence, if they aren’t light, their weight would make it almost impossible for you to wear them for longer periods. Consequently, no matter how much money you ought to spend, a heavy gaming headset won’t be able to help you for long.

Over-Ear Vs On-Ear Vs In-Ear

There are three types of gaming headsets you can find in the market: those who cover your ear by encapsulating the whole of it, those who cover just the diaphragm and those who go into the ear. To make your choice easy, here’s what you can expect from each of them.

Over-Ear Headphones

What they are: As suggested earlier, these headphones have large ear cups and thick headbands. Due to the size of their ear cups, they easily encapsulate the whole ear.

Who Should go for them: If you won’t mind that your headphone size is bigger than most – but want to be compensated with increased comfort, you should go for them.

On-Ear Headphones

What they are: Although they might sound similar to a layman, on-ear headphones are slightly more compact than their over-ear counterparts. Consequently, they rest atop the ear, instead of over it, and offer slightly less bass.

Who Should Go for them: If you are a gamer who wants a decently comfortable fit from his headphone – and slightly more compact design, you should buy them.

In-Ear Headphones

What they are: They are the best when it comes to portability. Moreover, thanks to their tips, they reside at the edge of your ear canal.

Who Should Go for them: If you find over-the-ear headphones uncomfortable – and want an ultra-portable design from your headphone, the in-ear headphones merit your attention.

Wired Vs. Wireless

Although this review resonated around the wired headsets, we seemed it relevant to describe its differences from the wireless headset. Take a look.

Pros And Cons Of Wired HeadsetsPros

  • Better sound quality
  • No setup required (mostly), just plug and play
  • Inexpensive


  • Cable might get tangled
  • Mobility is limited

Pros And Cons Of Wireless HeadphonesPros

  • Portable and mobile
  • They are compatible across a wide range of devices


  • Comparatively less battery time
  • Expensive

USB Vs. 3.5mm

Ever since Apple decided to drop headphone jack from its iPhone, there has been a debate going on regarding the future of the headphone jack. However, as you might have noticed, the 3.5mm jack is here to stay for gaming headsets. Here’s how it can be compared with its USB counterpart.

The first major advantage which you might get by choosing a 3.5mm jack is compatibility. Just plug the jack in, and that’s it. There’s no need to worry whether or not the device which you are attaching it to is compatible or not because, in most cases, it is.

On the flip side, the sound quality of a USB headset is much better than a 3.5mm jack. The reason of this lies in the operation of both these two.

For, while the 3.5mm jacks use a built-in converter to control and manage sound quality, a USB headset gives the device to which it is attached – which is your gaming headset, in this case, the same freedom. Hence, as far as the sound quality is concerned, the USB gaming headsets are much better.

Another advantage you will be provided by using a USB headset is that of transferring data. For example, in stark contrast to a 3.5mm jack – which would require a bulky battery to provide water for active noise cancellation, a USB headset would do it on its own.

Put simply, if you want to go for compatibility, choose the 3.5mm jack. For most of the other reasons, the USB Headsets deserve your attention.

Stereo Vs. Surround Sound

If you want an on-field sound field on your front, on your sides and even behind you, go for surround sound. For, by using more than two speakers and a subwoofer, any headset capable of sending surround sound makes sure you listen to everything. (You can learn more on this with our lists of best cars speakers or best portable bluetooth speaker)

However, if you are more concerned with the actual sound – and less with the ambient noises, you need to go for the stereo sound technology.

By creating a sound field at your front – just like the one when you are watching a movie in a theater, headphones providing stereo sound using the front right and front left speaker.

However, there’s a catch in stereo sound: if you are not sitting equidistant from both speakers, one will pump in more sound than the other, making it difficult for you to note everything.

Build Quality

There are many things you need to take in consideration while deciding on the build quality of a headset. Firstly, you need to make sure that all of its features are functional. Put simply, you don’t need a hundred features only three of which you will use. Hence, go for the headset which offers maximum functional features

Also, no matter how a local shopper tells you to do exactly the same, never confuse build quality with weight. For, there are good, lightweight headphones which have brilliant build quality – just scroll up to see the products we have reviewed, and there are bad ones with astronomical weight. Hence, more weight is not an indicator of more quality.

Lastly, whether you are going for a wired or a wireless gaming headset, make sure that there is considerable padding on the ear pads, inside the headband and in the space between the ear pads and the headband. For, it will make sure that hours of gaming with your headphone sitting atop your head won’t be uncomfortable.

Brand Name

As you might have noticed earlier, there are some brands – like Sades, whose names appeared again and again in the Product reviews. Now, in case you were wondering, we weren’t bribed by them. Rather, it is the quality of their products which forced us to do the same.

However, as there are no one headphones which would be equally beneficial for all, similar is the case with brands. So, here are some popular brands in the gaming headset niche.

  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • Sades
  • Hyper X
  • Sony
  • Turtle Beach


Your search for the best cheap gaming headset is complete. Not only that, but we have also armored you with enough knowledge to make a choice of your own if you don’t value the products mentioned in this review. Still, if you think we missed an important point in this review – or think a good headset was overlooked by us, please feel free to give your suggestions in the comments box.

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