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The Best Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2022

Everyone knows that car vacuums are a luxury item.

They’re expensive and their suction’s too weak to use in your home or personal office.

So why would you bother buying one?

I’ll tell you why; because they basically pay for themselves. There are tons of handy, durable, and inexpensive car vacuums that are currently on the market.

Most of them come with a variety of useful attachments and features that will leave you stunned and ordering another. To learn about these appliances, all you have to do is read our review of the Best Portable Car Vacuum Cleaners of 2022.

Within this article, we have a thorough and detailed review of the 12 best-selling car vacuums of 2022.

Are you tired of finding dry cereal bits and sand in your backseat? I recommend you find a new auto vacuum.

Our choices will clean any dirty mess and garlic skin odor, leaving your car fresh and clean.

Car Vacuum Review 2022

When we began our  review, we made sure to compare each product’s statistics and information. Of course, we wanted to make sure that each car vacuum was lightweight and portable.

To help you make your choice, we decided to compose a comparison table of our top 12 best vacuum cleaners of 2022

Vacuum NameIncludedWeightCorded/CordlessHEPA Filter 
Black & Decker BDH2000PL
(Editor’s Choice)
-Washable filter PVF110
-On-board Brush
-On-board Crevice Tool
-Charging Base
3.8 lbs.CordlessNoCheck Price
DEWALT DCV581H-Crevice tool attachment
-Wide nozzle tool attachment
11.1 lbs.CordedYesCheck Price
Dyson V6 Trigger
(Handheld Car Vacuum)
-Crevice tool
3.4 lbs.CordlessNoCheck Price
Bissell Cleanview 47R51-Wide mouth tool
-Crevice tool
-Hose adapter tool
4.7 lbs.CordedYesCheck Price
Hikeren 75w
(Mini Car Vacuum)
-Long mouth
-Black Zipper Carry Bag
11.8 lbs.CordedYesCheck Price
Hikeren HXCQ-0070
(HEPA Filters)
-Long mouth
-Black Zipper Carry Bag
2.4 lbs.CordedYesCheck Price
Dirt Devil Scorpion
(Best Seller)
-Quick Flip Crevice Tool
-Dusting Brush
-Sliding Brush
-Upholstery Tool
3.8 lbs.CordedNoCheck Price
Eureka EasyClean 71B-Crevice Tool
-Stretch Hose
8 lbs.CordedNoCheck Price
ArmorAll AA255-Hose
-Reusable cloth filter
-Reusable foam sleeve
-Crevice tool
-Car nozzle
-Blower nozzle
-Detail brush
7 lbs.CordedNoCheck Price
Black & Decker PHV1810
(Editor’s Choice)
-Washable filter PVF110
-On-board Brush
-On-board Crevice Tool
4.8 lbs.CordlessNoCheck Price

When comparing the products, we of course looked at the weight of each item. The lighter they were (under 5 pounds) the more portable they were considered.

We compared them based on rather or not they came with a warranty which covered product defects in materials and workmanship.

Also, we added a special section that determined rather or not they were HEPA certified. This means that they were guaranteed to capture up to 99.99 percent of dust, pollens, and allergens in the air.

This is particularly helpful for individuals who suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses.

1. Black & Decker BDH2000PL Pivot Vacuum (Editor’s Choice)

The Black & Decker BDH200PL comes with a powerful 20-volt Lithium-ion battery. Its rechargeable battery offers fade-free power for continuous usage for up to an hour. The 3-stage filtration system features a pleated filter design for capturing excess dirt and debris.

Also, it utilizes a wide mouth head for sucking up larger pieces of debris and rubble. Utilizing a cyclonic suction, it sucks up dirt with a tornado-like gust of revolving air.

This doesn’t only offer a more powerful suction but also prevents dirt from escaping back out the mouth when the vacuum’s maneuvered.

The Black & Decker BDH200PL’s pivotal head allows for easier maneuvering in-between tight spaces and under seats. It comes with a machine washable filter for easy cleaning and machine maintenance.

This car vacuum also comes with a handy crevice tool for cleaning between the seams of furniture, as well as, a portable charging stand. Its bagless dust cup carries up to 42 percent more dirt than the original Black & Decker Pivot vacuum cleaner.

This handheld vacuum is definitely a step up from its predecessor.

The downside to the Black & Decker BDH200PL is that the pivotal joint is completely defenseless against sand or dirt. Sometimes debris may slip into the joint that allows the handheld vacuum to bend. This jams up the car vacuum and gets it stuck in one position. You may need to rinse the debris out or use a crevice tool to unstick it. Otherwise, this seems to be a major design flaw.

Weighing 3.8 pounds, the Black & Decker BDH200PL is a lightweight, compact car vacuum. While it doesn’t come with a product warranty, it’s still a fairly cheap, yet sturdy handheld vacuum cleaner.

Powerful, yet compact, the Black & Decker BDH200PL can handle any mess in any vehicle.Pros

  • Lightweight and compact
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Pivotal head
  • Large dust cup


  • Pivotal head joint sometimes jams up with sand
  • No warranty

2. DEWALT DCV581H – Corded/Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum

The DEWALT DCV581H is possibly one of the most popular vacuum cleaners on our list. With its 8 amp motor, it can handle up to 20 volts at a time. Its motor is surprisingly and refreshingly quite.

It comes equipped with a wet/dry HEPA filter that’s capable of picking up 99.99 percent of dust, dirt, and allergens. This provides a fresh, clean automobile with little to no irritating allergens.

HEPA filters are perfect for those who suffer from allergies, colds, or respiratory problems. You can easily rinse the filter off after every use.

The DEWALT DCV581H comes with a 1 ¼ inch diameter hose and a handy assessor storage space for attachments. It comes included with a crevice tool attachment for cleaning the crevices of the dashboard.

Also, there’s a wide nozzle tool attachment for sucking up large pieces of debris.

Unfortunately, the DEWALT DCV581H has a fairly weak suction. While it comes equipped with a ton of additional features, its suction is a little disappointing. I’d recommend purchasing this car vacuum cleaner if you have a small, compact vehicle.

It’s important to remember that the DEWALT DCV581H is corded car vacuum cleaner. Because of this, it needs an outlet to run. However, you can purchase a battery and charger to pair with this car vacuum.

It’s sold separately via the manufacturer’s website. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a 3-year warranty that protects against product defects in materials and workmanship.Pros

  • HEPA Filter
  • Plenty of additional features and attachments
  • 3-year warranty
  • Can purchase a battery and charger separately, so both corded and cordless


  • Weak suction

3. Dyson V6 Trigger  – Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V6 Handheld Vacuum cleaner comes with a Dyson V6 motor that provides up to 20 minutes of suction. Its 2 tier radial cyclones are composed of 15 individual cyclones that suck up 2 x more dirt than any common vacuum cleaner.

It comes with a max power mode for sucking up larger pieces of dirt and debris. On max power mode, it can run for at least 6 minutes of continuous use. This handheld vacuum cleaner also comes with a 1- touch bin emptying system for quicker and cleaner emptying.

The fade-free battery is guaranteed to keep the vacuum cleaner running strongly up until the last minute.

The Dyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum offers a super comfortable ergonomic grip that fits perfectly in your hand. At 3.4 pounds, it’s the 2nd lightest handheld vacuum on our list.

This makes it easier to maneuver and hold for long periods of time. Its motorized brush roll utilizes stiff nylon bristles to dig dander and fur out of your upholstery and carpet.

Classy, compact, and powerful, the Dyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum is an all-inclusive package.

The frustrating thing amount the Dyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum is its price. It’s most likely the most expensive car vacuum on our list. However, it’s not outrageously expensive. I recommend purchasing this car vacuum if you have the extra money and you’re willing to invest.

The Dyson V6 Handheld Car Vacuum is an impressive little appliance that’s perfect for cleaning your vehicle, house, or office. It’s small, portable, and extremely durable.

What’s even better is that it comes with a 2-year warranty that protects against product defects in materials and workmanship. The Dyson V6 Trigger is a car vacuum cleaner that won’t disappoint.https://web.archive.org/web/20201130174012if_/https://www.youtube.com/embed/-24SBcA1lfw?rel=1&modestbranding=0&controls=0&showinfo=0&fs=0&wmode=transparentPros

  • Very light and compact
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2 tier radial cyclones
  • Max power modes


  • Fairly expensive

4. Bissell Cleanview 47R51 Handheld Vacuum – Best Value

The Bissell Cleanview Vacuum 47R51 comes with a 4 amp motor and a bagless dust cup design. Using cyclonic technology, it utilizes a powerful tornado-like suction to collect dirt and debris.

At 4.7 pounds, this corded handheld car vacuum features a lightweight, portable design that’s perfect for cleaning vehicles. It can also be used to clean the edges of your stairs and the seams within your furniture.

It’s a multi-functional appliance that’s great for cleaning your house, vehicle, and office. It also comes with an 18-inch extension cord that provides a longer reach.

The Bissell Cleanview Vacuum 47R51 comes with a 3-level HEPA filter. This is guaranteed to clean up to 99.99 percent of dirt, dander, and allergens in the air. It provides a cleaner, fresher car which is better for individuals who suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Along with a HEPA filter, this handheld car vacuum comes with a wide array of attachments. These include a wide mouth tool for sucking in large pieces of debris, as well as, a hose adapter nozzle and a flexible contour nozzle.

The flexible contour nozzle fits into any hole and crevice for a thorough cleaning.

The Bissell Cleanview Vacuum 47R51’s one major flaw is that it’s weak against pet hair and fur. It’s not that its suction isn’t powerful enough, it’s that there’s nothing to dig it out of the fabric or carpet. If you have a pet hair problem and you’re looking for a vehicle to remedy this, then I recommend finding another vacuum.

The Bissell Cleanview Vacuum 47R51 is a hardy and powerful appliance that will last regular use. Just in case, this car vacuum comes with a 1-year warranty that protects against product defects in materials and workmanships.

It’s a compact, yet reliable vacuum that can be used at or away from home.Pros

  • 1-year warranty
  • Compact portable design
  • HEPA Filter


  • Not good with pet hair

5. Hikeren 75w  – Mini Auto Vacuum

The Hikeren 75w is a 12-volt miniature car vacuum that comes with 16.4 feet of cord length. It comes with a detachable and washable HEPA filter that collects up to 99.99 percent of dirt and allergens.

This guarantees fresher and cleaner results compared to any average car vacuum. Its strong suction is great for cleaning up ash and dirt on the car’s carpet and lodged into the seat. Despite

Despite its 12-volt motor, it has a 75db noise level which is fairly quiet. It also comes with a 10A fuse which prevents the car vacuum from overheating or suddenly shutting off.

The Hikeren 75w comes with a variety of additional accessories, such as the black carrying bag which is perfect for storing your attachments.

It also comes with a pivotal nozzle which adjusts for any angle and fit into multiple spaces. The long mouth attachment offers a longer reach for a more thorough vacuuming.

Finally, the attachable brush uses thick nylon bristles to dig stuck-on gum and debris offyour floors and seats. The Hikeren car vacuum is an all-in-one product that has everything you could possibly need to keep your vehicle clean.

Unfortunately, even with the 12-volt motor, the Hikeren 75w has a disappointingly weak suction. It’s not the best choice for cleaning large messes or vacuuming your home. This car vacuum is solely for cleaning your automobile.

Although the Hikeren 75w is a bit hefty at 11.5 pounds, it’s still fairly lightweight and portable. Its heavier frame is due to its thicker, sturdy design which guarantees that it will last years.

This handheld car vacuum cleaner is a reliable product that can easily survive both personal and office use. It’s a product that’s perfect for any location or situation.Pros

  • HEPA Filter
  • Multiple attachments
  • Low noise level
  • 10A fuse
  • Affordable price


  • Weak suction
  • 11.5 pounds
  • No warranty

6. Hikeren Car Vacuum HXCQ-0070 – Best Design

The Hikeren Car Vacuum HXCQ-0070 offers 10-watt power and a power cord length of 16.4 feet. It has a fairly quiet motor that has 75db noise level. Equipped with a 10A fuse, this handheld vacuum cleaner is protected against overheating and suddenly shutting down.

It comes with 2 washable and detachable HEPA filters that clear up to 99.99 percent of dust and allergens in the air. Its dry/wet application clears up both dry debris and spilled liquid in your automobile.

This car vacuum features a metal fan that cuts off 20 percent more noise but provides up to 20 percent more suction power. It’s equipped with a larger dust bag for more storage capacity. It also is able to plug into the cigarette port for an alternative source of power.

The Hikeren HXCQ-0070 comes with an attachable brush that’s used to dig off stuck-on gunk from your seats and carpets. The soft hose is guaranteed to clean your car without scratching the fabric or seats.

Meanwhile, the hard hose is best for cleaning under your seats and sucking up dirt from your automobile’s trunk. It’s a great package deal that’s perfect for keeping your vehicle clean.

Just like its predecessor, the Hikeren HXCQ-0070 offers a fairly disappointing suction power. It’s not the best car vacuum for cleaning up large debris or pet dander.

While theHikeren HXCQ-0070 doesn’t come with a product warranty, it does feature a strong and sturdy design.

Unlike its predecessor, this vacuum weighs about 2.4 pounds, making it the lightest and smallest on our list. Despite its small size, it’s extremely durable, portable, and guaranteed to last you years.Pros

  • HEPA Filter
  • Multiple attachments
  • Low noise level
  • 10A fuse
  • Affordable price


  • Weak suction
  • No warranty

7. Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip SD20005RED – Best Overall

The Dirt Devil Scorpion is possibly one of the most well-known vacuum cleaners on our list. It offers a 7 amp motor and a 16-foot electric cord. At 3.8 pounds, it’s lightweight, portable, and simple to maneuver.

It’s an incredibly affordable product and might be one of the cheapest on our list. Its bagless design provides the ability to dump dirt with a single press of a button. It also comes with a convenient shoulder strap for prolonged use without getting tired.

Its 8-volt lithium motor provides fade-free power for longer and stronger running times. This car vacuum is perfect for cleaning any surface, including carpet, tiles, cement, and linoleum floors.

The Dirt Devil Scorpioncomes with an assortment of attachments, including the Quick Flip Crevice Tool. This provides the ability to clean crevices in your seats and dashboards.

It also comes with a dusting and sliding brush for cleaning corners without scratching the seats. There’s also an upholstery tool which is designed specifically to clean the seams in your seats and furniture of your house.

While the Dirt Devil Scorpion might be an inexpensive choice, it is a fairly noisy one. This isn’t although surprising considering that it offers a 7 amp motor. However, it would have been nice if the manufacturers had designed a silencer for the vacuum. I suppose you get what you pay for in this car vacuum cleaner.

The Dirt Devil Scorpion is a great appliance that offers a variety of handy features and attachments. It also comes with a 3-year warranty that protects against product defects in materials and workmanship.

It’s a compact car vacuum that offers a powerful punch and an impressive lifespan.Pros

  • 3-year warranty
  • 7 amp//8 volt motor
  • Assortment of additional features


  • Very loud

8. Eureka EasyClean Vacuum 71B – Best Budget

The Eureka EasyClean 71B comes with a 5.5 amp motor and a 20-foot long extension cord. At 8 pounds, it’s compact, portable, and offers a washable dust cup for simple and quick cleaning. It utilizes a high power suction to suck up dirt, dander, and small debris.

The Eureka 71B also has a revolving motorized brush for digging hair and pet dander out of your upholstery. Its brush uses thick nylon bristles to unstick even the most stubborn gunk that might be lodged onto your seat cushions.

It’s the perfect handheld car vacuum for cleaning an automobile, staircase, or furniture.

The Eureka EasyClean 71B comes with a handy onboard crevice tool for vacuuming the seams and spaces in your vehicle. Its Riser Visor nozzle provides the ability to vertically and horizontally vacuum various surfaces.

The motorized brush roll offers an on/off switch for versatility. This means that the car vacuum can clean both hard and soft surfaces without scratching.

It also comes with a stretch hose for cleaning hard to reach spaces around your home and vehicle.

The one disappointing thing about the Eureka EasyClean 71B is that its motor tends to overheat and die. This is extremely frustrating as it can suddenly become hot or just shut off while you’re using it. If this happens to you, I recommend calling the manufacture’s customer service and see if it’s covered under the warranty. Always remember to unplug your vacuum cleaner if it seems to be overheating or it gets too hot to use.

The Eureka EasyClean 71B is a compact and affordable handheld vacuum that can be used in either your vehicle or home. Although it is corded, it’s still small enough to be portable.

You can easily take it to and from work without worrying about malfunctions or damages. It also comes with a 1-year warranty that protects against product defects in materials and workmanship.Pros

  • 1-year warranty
  • 20-foot extension cord
  • Revolving motorized brush


  • Motor tends to overheat

9. ArmorAll AA255 Vacuum

The ArmorAll AA255 car vacuum offers the best reach out of all of the vacuums on our list. This is due to its 10-foot long extension cord and 6-foot long hose.

Its 2 horsepower motor provides a powerful suction while its polypropylene tank can hold up to 2.5-gallons of dirt and debris. In fact, this compact car vacuum can hold both dry and wet materials. This means that it can hold sand, dirt, and dander, as well as, spilled liquid.

Despite its 2.5-gallon tank, it’s a fairly lightweight car vacuum cleaner. At 7 pounds, it’s portable and can be taken from your office to your home, easily.

The ArmorAll AA255 car vacuum comes with a wide assortment of attachments and accessories. These include a reusable cloth filter and reusable foam sleeve. Its crevice tool and detail brush are meant to help clean the seams and crevices of your car and upholstery.

The car nozzle is perfect for cleaning your car and trunk’s interior. Finally, the blower nozzle works amazingly to rid your vehicle of built-up cigarette ash, sand, and dust.

The downside to the ArmorAll AA255 car vacuum is that it has a fairly weak suction power. This is somewhat surprising considering it has a 2 horsepower motor. Also, this car vacuum cleaner is a bit too loud for my taste. You may want to invest in a pair of earmuffs before purchasing this appliance.

What really helps the ArmorAll AA255 car vacuum to standout on our list is its wide assortment of features and accessories.

Again, it comes included with a reusable cloth filter anda reusable foam sleeve It also has a crevice tool, a car nozzle, a blower nozzle, and a detail brush.

Finally, the ArmorAll AA255 car vacuum comes with a 2-year warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship.Pros

  • 2-year warranty
  • A lot of additional attachments
  • 2.5-gallon tank


  • Weak suction
  • Very loud

10. Black & Decker PHV1810 Cordless Pivoting Hand Vac

The Black & Decker PHV1810 Vacuum Cleaner features an extremely powerful 18-volt Lithium-ion battery. This provides it a super-strong suction power for collecting even large debris.

Its exclusive pivoting nozzle allows it to clean at both horizontal and vertical angles. This handheld car vacuum uses cyclonic suction technology to capture dirt, dust, and allergens.

With this technology, it utilizes a tornado-like suction to clear dirt and debris. It also features a 3-stage filtration system for filtering out allergens and pollen. Although this system doesn’t work as well as a HEPA filter, it does provide better protection compared to common car vacuums.

The Black & Decker PHV1810 Vacuum Cleaner comes with a portable charging stand, as well as a washable filter and pre-filter. Its crevice tool is perfect for cleaning the seams, sides, and corners of your vehicle.

It also comes with a handy on-board brush for digging gunk and stuck-on gum from the fabric of your car. At 4.5 pounds, it’s extremely lightweight and compact.

However, it’s still able to hold up to 40 percent more dirt and debris than the original pivotal hand vacuum.

The Black & Decker PHV1810 repeats the BDH2000PL’s mistake in that the pivot joint tends to jam up with sand and dirt. You may want to clean out the joint with a damp rag or use a crevice tool to unstick it. Again, this is a serious design flaw that the manufacturer’s need to look at.

The Black & Decker PHV1810 Vacuum Cleaner is sturdy, powerful product that will guarantee a thorough cleaning. It also comes with a 2-year warranty against product defects in materials and workmanship.

This handheld car vacuum cleaner is a promising appliance that’s guaranteed to make you happy.Pros

  • Lightweight and compact
  • 2-year warranty
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Pivotal head


  • Pivotal head joint sometimes jams up with sand

11. Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum (Editor’s Choice)

The Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum packs a powerful punch with its 16-volt Lithium-ion battery. It’s believed that this vacuum cleaner can hold a charge for up to 18 months.

This is due to its Smart Charge Technology which uses 50 percent less energy than a regular hand vacuum. It also automatically shuts off your vacuum once it has been fully charged, thus prolonging your battery life.

Utilizing fade-free technology, this car vacuum will continue running, powerfully, until it shuts off. It also uses cyclonic suction technology which utilizes a powerful tornado-like suction to suck in dirt and debris.

The Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum features a translucent bagless dust cup called the Dustbuster. It’s super hygienic and machine washable for quicker and cleaner cleanups.

It also comes with a slim rotating nozzle for a longer reach when vacuuming in between tight spaces. Its wide mouth design allows you to vacuum and scoop up large pieces of debris.

It also features a crevice tool for cleaning the seams and crevices of your seats and dashboard

The frustrating thing about the Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum is that it has a very long charge time. On average, it may take between 3 to 5 hours to fully charge. This seems to be a serious design flaw as it’s both time consuming and inconvenient.

This may have something to do with the Smart Charge Technology, but honestly, I’m not too sure why this is. You may want to just keep it charging in its base until you use it. The Smart Charger will automatically shut off the charger once it’s fully charged, so there’s no risk to your battery’s lifespan.

The Black & Decker CHV1410L Hand Vacuum is a low cost, portable, and sturdy appliance. Its powerful suction makes it perfect vacuum cleaner for home, vehicle, and even office usage.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty that protects against product defects in materials and workmanship. It’s shouldn’t come as any surprise that we consider this hand vacuum cleaner to be one of the best on our list.Pros

  • Smart Charge Technology
  • Cyclonic Technology
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fade-free
  • Dustbuster


  • Long charging time

12. Black & Decker HHVI320JR02 Dustbuster

The Black & Decker HHVI320JR02 Dustbuster comes with a 2.0 amp motor and a lithium-ion battery. Guaranteed to run for at least 13.5 hours, it’s a long lasting car vacuum that’s perfect for cleaning a variety of messes.

Its lithium technology actually helps to extend the battery life without limiting the suction power. Not only that, but it also utilizes cyclonic technology to suck in large pieces of debris.

Its tornado-like suction is guaranteed to pull in more dirt and dander than any common car vacuum.

The Black & Decker HHVI320JR02 Dustbuster comes with an assortment of attachments. Its extendable crevice tool is great for cleaning tight spaces, seams, and high corners in your car and house.

It also features a translucent washable filter and tank which are not only convenient, but also stylish. A flip-up brush is included for vacuuming upholstery and car seats.

It also comes with a rotating nozzle for comfort and convenience, as well as a wall mountable charger.

There are 2 things wrong with the Black & Decker Dustbuster: it’s loud and it has the tendency to clog on hair. Noise is something that can easily be overlooked. I recommend purchasing earplugs or head phones. However, if you have pets, then I’d recommend steering clear of this handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s not one that can take a lot of fur, hair, and dander.https://web.archive.org/web/20201130174012if_/https://www.youtube.com/embed/hl-Eviigfoc?rel=1&modestbranding=0&controls=0&showinfo=0&fs=0&wmode=transparent

The Black & Decker HHVI320JR02 Dustbuster is a stylish, yet durable car vacuum that’s perfect for an office, car, or house. At 2.4 pounds, it’s one of the best auto vacuums that are powerful and portable.

It also comes with a 2-year warranty that protects against product defects in materials and workmanship. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Black & Decker Dustbuster may be the right auto vacuum for quite a few individuals.Pros

  • 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Stylish design
  • Lithium technology
  • Cyclonic technology
  • Extendable crevice tool


  • It’s loud
  • Clogs easily

Car Vacuum Cleaner – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect car vacuum cleaner can be a frustrating process. This is because there are a ton of different factors that can go into the choice.

Most people consider suction power to be the number one priority while others want a vacuum cleaner that is easy to care for. Meanwhile, portable vacuum cleaners need a powerful motor and long lasting battery.

However, finding a portable vacuum cleaner with both of these, and still affordable, is truly a daunting task.

So, why don’t we take a moment to explain our decision process?


Of course, everyone wants a vacuum that has a powerful suction. In this case, it’s best to find one that’s corded and can plug into an outlet.

Most corded vacuum’s power runs atleast 12-volts. However, most corded vacuums aren’t compact and portable, which is a necessity for a car vacuum.

That’s why we also looked at cordless vacuum cleaners that were lightweight and had at least a 2 amp motor. This is particularly important because the stronger the motor, the more powerful the suction.


As stated before, we took special consideration of the size and weight of the car vacuum. This was because we felt that a car vacuum should be small enough to store in your car and not take up too much space.

If not, then it should be lightweight enough to take to and from your home or office. Another important factor we had to consider was that the inside of a car is a fairly small and cramped space. A small, handheld car vacuum should be able to maneuver under and around the seats.

It should also be able to clean the dashboard without causing unnecessary strain for the user. Smaller, lightweight vacuum cleaners are simply easier to maneuver.


We felt that durability was an important factor for a portable handheld car vacuum. Durability and portability almost go hand and hand. This is because the sturdier the vacuum cleaner is, the more places you could take.

Less durable car vacuums would not last long in a trunk. Also, a more durable car vacuum has a longer lifespan, which saves you money in the long run.

Battery Life

We looked at a number of different cordless vacuums that offered longer battery life. This was important because it saved the consumer time from having to constantly recharge the battery.

It would make the car vacuum more convenient for the user. A few more important factors we considered included the batteries charging time, as well as, how often did the battery need to be replaced.

This could save the buyer time and money in the long run.


In terms of design, we tried to consider the additional features that the vacuums possessed. These were helpful by saving the consumer time and energy during their cleaning.

A few basic features we looked for included a long hose that could reach high places and a crevice tool for cleaning seaming and tight spaces.

We also looked for a HEPA filter certificate which guaranteed that the vacuum could clear up to 99.99 percent of dust and allergens.

After looking for the common basic features, we looked at what special features the car vacuum had to offer. An example of this would be the Black & Decker CHV1410L’s SmartCharge Technology.

The SmartCharge Technology extended the vacuums battery life by using 50 percent less energy. It also automatically shut off the charger once the vacuum was fully charged.

Another example is the Dyson V6’s Max Power Mode. This provides an extra powerful suction whenever you need. Otherwise, its usual suction is powerful enough for everyday cleaning.

These extra features are unique to the brand and can only be bought with the vacuum cleaner. They help these car vacuums stand out among the less noteworthy brands.


This was a fairly small factor that we felt could be a bonus for some car vacuums. Some car vacuum cleaners offer a powerful suction, sturdier frame, and larger dust cup or bag.

These make them more versatile than many other car vacuum cleaners. This is because you can use them not only in your car but also in your personal business and home. It’s a fairly handy feature for any vacuum cleaner.

Support and Warranty

By support and warranty, we mean customer service lines, product warranties, and money back guarantees.

A bad customer service experience can ruin a brand’s image. No one wants to do business with a company that doesn’t keep their promises.

In this section, we looked at how often the manufacturer owns up to their warranties and money back guarantees. We wanted to know how hard it was to get your money back or your replacement.

It’s also important to know how long the typical wait times were for the customer service line. Also, rather or not the phone numbers even worked.

No matter what, we wanted to know that our readers were protected in case their vacuum broke or malfunctioned.

Tips on Choosing a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Before you choose your car vacuum cleaner, it’s important that you consider which product would be the best for you.

Do you have leather, wool, or vinyl seats and carpet? Have you purchased a seat cover? If so, then what material is that made out of? What features are you looking for? Should you invest in a warranty or product protection plan?

In this section, we’ll answer these questions and more.

What Features Should You Look For In a Car Vacuum?

In a car vacuum, you’ll want a lightweight, portable product that has a long reach. Many handheld vacuums come with features that make it easier to maneuver.

When you’re shopping, I recommend looking for a vacuum that comes with 1 or more of these items:

  • Crevice Tool: A crevice tool provides the ability to vacuum the tight spaces, seams, and crevices of your car.
  • Long Hose: A long hose provides the ability to clean high spaces and corners.
  • Large Tank or Dust Cup: A larger dust cup or tank means more dust storage. This saves you time and energy from having to stop and emptying your dust storage.
  • Large Mouth Attachment: A large mouth attachment can suck up large pieces of debris.
  • HEPA Filter: HEPA filters clean up to 99.99 percent of dirt, dander, dust, and allergens in the air. It’s a preferable choice for individuals with allergies, respiratory illnesses, or a cold.
  • Motorized Head: A motorized head provides extra power for digging up stuck on gunk, hair, and fur. It helps to find a motorized head with an on/off switch. This allows you to vacuum both carpet and hard floors without scratching the surfaces.

Corded vs Cordless

It really depends on what you’re looking for. A corded vacuum cleaner typically has more suction power. It can also run for longer periods of time and clean larger messes.

Corded vacuum cleaners are the best option for houses, large apartments, offices, and duplexes. There’s less of a chance of overheating and dying. However, they tend to be heavier, larger, and less portable.

Cordless vacuum cleaners run on rechargeable batteries. They run for a short amount of time (typically a few hours) and have a weaker suction.

They’re the best option for cleaning small apartments, stairs, cars, and really any small space. They’re typically the preferable option for vacuuming liquids because they’re easier to clean.

They typically don’t overheat, but they may die or break down for no reason. Cordless vacuum cleaners are easy to maneuver. They’re smaller, lighter, and more portable.

Are Warranties Important ?

Well, they’re definitely helpful. Warranties cover the cost of replacement or refund for a product defect in materials and marksmanship in your car vacuum.

This means that if your vacuum stops working or malfunctions due to the manufacturer’s mistake, you can get a refund or replacement. A warranty can save you a lot of money that you would have spent to repair it or get a new vacuum.

However, you could also look for a vacuum cleaner that comes with a money back guarantee or product protection plan.

A money back guarantees promises a full refund if you return the product, and the supplies, before the last day. Most money back guarantees last 30/45/60/90 days.

A protection plan protects you like a warranty. If your vacuum doesn’t work or is missing materials, you can request a full refund or replacement.

It’s important to remember that shipping and handling are not included in any of these options. You should always call the manufacturer to check that these coverages are included.

Bagged vs Bagless 

Bagless vacuum cleaners are more cost effective because they tend to feature reusable dust cups. Most bagless vacuum cleaners have washable dust cups that are dump-able for hygienic reasons.

They’re easy to maintain, clean, and store. It’s not necessary to clean the dust cup after every usage, but definitely clean it when it’s full.

A bagged vacuum cleaner costs more money. This is because you have to regularly purchase more bags. It’s typically recommend that you throw out or clean the bag when it’s ¾s of the way full. This will prevent clogging and malfunctions in your vacuum cleaner.

Is spot-cleaning necessary?

Only if you want to prevent a stain. It’s important that you act quickly and apply a stain remover before it sets.

Carpet cleaning machines are always helpful for keeping your home clean.

How Do You maintain a Vacuum Cleaner?

Well, of course, you’ll want to clean out the bag or dust cup regularly. This will keep your vacuum cleaner from clogging, overheating, and malfunctioning. It’s also important that you clean your rotating brush supports and filter, regularly.

This will keep your brushes from stiffening and causing texture differences on your carpet.

What Car Vacuum Should You Purchase for Leather/Cotton/Vinyl Seats and Carpets?

If you own a car with a leather or vinyl interior, it’s important to find a vacuum with slower speeds. A cordless vacuum may be a good idea or one with a variable speed control.

Slower speeds will protect your car’s surfaces from getting scratched or roughed up.

If you can’t afford a car vacuum with these features, then a seat cover will do well. Again, if the seat covers are made of leather or vinyl, you’ll want to purchase a vacuum cleaner with a slow speed option.

Otherwise, a cotton seat, seat cover, and carpet can handle any speed.

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Now that we know the top 11 best car vacuum cleaners of 2022, it’s time to make a choice.

As you can see from our list, our top picks vary based on a number of different factors. These factors may include price, suction power, additional attachments, and features.

However, each one stands out for a very specific reason: they get the job done. With each of our choices, you’re guaranteed long lasting results that will have you buying another.

Check also our review of these 11 best canister vacuums cleaner that could be a good alternative for your car.

So, I encourage you to go out and try one of our choices for yourself. Or, if you already own one of our top picks, I encourage you to write a review.

Which car vacuum do you or have you already owned? How did it perform? Would you buy another?

For more automotive buying advice, check out:

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