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Best Car Air Fresheners 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Don’t you think that a nice fresh scent can make your car ride even more pleasant? Most of us spend a lot of time in our cars, so it’s normal we want them to smell good. So, what helps the best with unpleasant and persistent foul odors?

Things like air fresheners or a car deodorizer can make your vehicle a much better place. Your car can finally smell of your favorite scent, making the ride enjoyable for both you and your passengers.

This is why I want to talk to you about best car air fresheners of 2022.

We’ll review the best air fresheners that the auto industry recommends so if you want to choose the best car air freshener, keep reading.

Best Car Air Fresheners 2022

One of the easiest way to pick the best car deodorizer for you is by comparing all the best ones. Of course, any of these fresheners eliminate every unpleasant smell, which is most important.

Naturally, if you ever searched for a freshener, you know how many are there on the market.

This is exactly why I want to present this list of the top 10 best car air fresheners of 2022 regardless of whether your vehicle is an auto or a truck.

Device NameScent TypeStyleLifecycleReusable 
EarthAir Car Ionizer
(Editor’s Choice)
NoneIonizerN/AYesCheck Price
Jelly Belly Air FreshLemon3D jelly bean3 weeksNoCheck Price
Bigfoot Air FreshenerPineLittle Tree7 weeksNoCheck Price
Chemical Guys Air_300Leather & New carSpray fresheners1 monthNoCheck Price
Citrus MagicFresh CitrusSolid air freshener6 weeksNoCheck Price
M Goddess Air PurifierNoneIonizer and purifierN/AYesCheck Price
AirWick Auto Air FreshenerFresh LinenDeodorizer60 daysYesCheck Price
Air Spencer CS-X3
(Editor’s Choice)
SquashDeodorizer1 monthYesCheck Price
Febreze Car Vent-clipLinen and SkyVent clip-on1 monthNoCheck Price
Little Trees Black IcePatented scentLittle Tree7 weeksNoCheck Price

As you can see, there are quite different models to choose from when looking for a car air freshener. Of course, the most important factors when buying a scent for your vehicle are its smell and lifecycle.

Naturally, you should choose a good scent that you like, whether is floral, fruity or a smell of leather. Most of these fresheners have a different scent, but some are similar style. Naturally, there are little trees and deodorizers, as well as spray fresheners and clip-ons. Luckily, there are reusable vehicle fresheners like the AirWick Auto Air Freshener.

Depending on the style and scent, as well as lifecycle, you can easily pick your favorite car air freshener to battle odors inside your vehicle. Make sure you check out the table above and see all the good fresheners compared. Once you do that, proceed to read the reviews below, to see what the top rated car air freshener is.

1. EarthAir Car Air Freshener – Odor Eliminator Remover

One of the best vehicle fresheners on the market, this car air freshener will help you breathe fresh air free of any unhealthy and unpleasant smell. Not only that, but this car air freshener provides ionized and purified air.

Are you or any of your passengers a smoker?

Luckily, the car air freshener will eliminate smoke and odors within seconds. You’d be left with a fresh scent of clean air even if there was someone smoking.

Check here our guide of best smokeless Ashtray​

Of course, this improves your health a lot. Obviously, it’s important that the air we breathe is clean and free of odors. This is where a car air freshener comes to play because it protects you from polluted, dirty air, viruses and allergens.

It’s easy to use, and all you have to do is simply plug it into cigarette lighter or power cord.

Not only that, but it’s easily portable and you can travel with it. This is great because you can use the car air freshener in rent-a-car and neutralize any smell.

Finally, this car air freshener is a great gift for car enthusiasts, allergy sufferers, business executives, etc. If you want your car to be odors-free, try this car air freshener. It’s FCC, RoHS, and CE certified and approved. Also, the manufacturer offers a 100% EarthAir warranty, which means you can replace the car air freshener or get a refund in case you don’t like the products.

Even though this is one of the best fresheners on the market, there are still people who found faults, which is normal. Most of users criticized how easily the product broke.

Now, you must take this with a grain of salt. Simply, whenever someone said that the car air freshener broke easily, we must wonder was it because the product was faulty or because they’ve misused it.

If you use the car air freshener accordingly, it’s less likely it would break as easily. However, if you feel like you’ve used it accordingly and it still broke, make sure to contact the manufacturer and see if they can help you.Pros

  • Fresh air, no scent
  • Eliminates odors and smoke
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Prone to breaking

2. Jelly Belly Lemon – Chep Car Air Freshener

If you’re looking for a fruity scent that will take over your car, this is exactly what you want.

Trust me, the Jelly Belly car air freshener fills the air with a smell of fresh lemon that you’ll absolutely love. However, don’t worry that the scent will be too strong, because it won’t. Also, it’s completely safe and durable.

Yes, it lasts up to 3 weeks, which is decent for a car air freshener. Definitely, one the best fresheners last 3 or more weeks. Finally, it neutralizes smoke, odors and any unpleasant smell. Its design is unique and well-known shape of a jellybean.

How fun is that?

Its bright color gives the air freshener that much more uniqueness. Of course, like with many other fresheners, you can use this jellybean in your bathroom as well. Guaranteed, it will smell fresh and clean at all times.

Most of the time, customers found the smell way too sickly. However, this is very much the matter of your preference. If you’re not a fan of strong, fruity scent, you probably won’t like this car air freshener. Make sure to smell it first before buying, if you have the chance.

If not, think carefully if a fruity scent is something you’d enjoy. Pregnant women especially cannot handle this scent, so keep that in mind.Pros

  • 12.7 cm tall
  • Fresh, pine scent
  • Long lasting
  • Bigfoot design


  • Scent too strong for some

3.  Accoutrements Bigfoot Car Air Freshener

It’s interesting that the manufacturer calls this scent the scent of Pacific Northwest. It’s a very fresh, pine smell and it’s quite surprising. I mean, it’s not the most common air freshener scent, but it’s still very pleasing and fresh.

We’re talking about a 12.7 cm Bigfoot that’s hanging in your car, releasing the pine scent. It comes with a string so you can hang it easily. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself on only using it in your car. This car air freshener is actually great for tents, and RVs, too.

Finally, it will last you up to 7 weeks, which is quite a long time. Even once the scent is up, you can still keep the hanging Bigfoot just because it looks cool.

Since it’s a unique scent of pine, some people find it too strong. Of course, as with the Jelly Belly fresheners, it’s a matter of your personal taste. If you find strong scents sickly, this car air freshener may not be the best choice for your vehicle.

Our suggestion is to smell it first, if you have the chance. This way, you’ll know for sure whether you’d like the scent or not. At the end of the day, it smells like pine and most of us know how pine smellsPros

  • 12.7 cm tall
  • Fresh, pine scent
  • Long lasting
  • Bigfoot design


  • Scent too strong for some

4. Chemical Guys Air_300

Do you like the smell of a new vehicle? So do we. There’s something special to it, and it’s probably reliving how you felt when you first bought your car. The same goes to the scent of leather. It’s strong, manly, and powerful. If you enjoy both, you’ll love this Chemical Guys fresheners.

It eliminates bad small, leaving you with the scent of a new vehicle or leather. Although it’s not an auto freshener, you won’t have any trouble spraying it from time to time. These are water-based fresheners, so they won’t stain the carpets, fabric, or upholstery.

This is a good product, made to last up to 5 times longer than any other fresheners. However, because it’s concentrated, the manufacturer suggest you dilute it with 2 gallons of distilled water.

Remember, a little goes a long way. Because most of customers found these fresheners excessively strong, we suggest you dilute the product. Not only you’ll end up with more product essentially, but you’ll dilute the scent to your preference.

Also, some people complained that the “new car” scent smells like plastic. Finally, it’s a matter of preference, although new cars do smell of plastic.Pros

  • Vintage scent
  • Can be diluted
  • Long lasting
  • Water-based


  • Special scent, not suitable for everyone

5. Citrus Magic Solid Car Air Freshener

One of the most popular fresheners, Citrus Magic has been around for quite some time now. Of course, it’s thanks to its quality and durability that we always come back to a good freshener such as this. It easily removes odors, while providing cleaner and fresher air inside your vehicle.

Plus, there’s something about the citrus scent, right? It’s very fresh, and it brightens the overall experience of riding in your car. Luckily, this car air freshener provides the fresh scent of citrus for up to 6 weeks. Finally, you can use it for your vehicle, closet, pet area, laundry room, basement, etc.

Again, same as with the other car air fresheners, people only complain about not liking the scent. I mean, if you don’t think you’ll like the smell of citrus, you might want to skip this product.

Also, some people with more sensitive senses found this scent way too strong. If you’re a little sensitive to strong scents, you’ll definitely find this scent sickly, so keep that in mind.Pros

  • Fresh citrus scent
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Provides fresh and clean air
  • Use it in basements, closets, pet areas, etc.


  • Some find the scent too strong

6. M Goddess Car and Home Purifier

If you’re looking for quality technology and a trustworthy car air freshener, this is definitely a good choice. The best thing about it is that it provides Negative Ions and Ozone. Of course, ozone eliminates bad smell and bacteria, while Negative Ions provide vitamins in the air.

Fresheners such as this are suitable for your vehicle and your house as well. If you or some of your passengers are smokers, this will remove the smoke completely. Not only that, but the car air freshener removes pet smell, bacteria, odors, etc. Since it’s both purifier and ionizer, it reduces the possibility of Bird Flu.

Simply connect it to your power cord or cigarette lighter. It works in temperature of -10 to 45C, so keep that in mind. Also, the Negative Ions concentration is 3800000 PCS/cm3, while Ozone concentration is 3 mg/h.

Finally, this car air freshener is safe to use and it’s CE, RoHS, and FCC approved and certified. This is a perfect solution if you’re looking to get rid of odors and smoke, but you’re not a fan of scents and perfumes. Finally, purifiers and ionizers leave no scent behind, and this is a pretty good choice if that’s what you’re looking for.

You may or may not experience a loud buzzing noise with this car air freshener. It’s reported that some people keep hearing this buzzing, while others don’t hear anything at all.

There isn’t any real explanation to why this is happening, but you can contact the manufacturer if you like. One way or another, their customer service will most likely help with the problem.Pros

  • Purifier and Ionizer
  • Removes odors, bad smell and bacteria
  • Easy to use and portable


  • Unexplainable buzzing noise

7. AirWick Auto Air Freshener Refill

If you’re looking for an auto car air freshener, you’ve found one. Not only it’s an auto freshener, but it’s reusable, which is very convenient. This deodorizer releases scent automatically. Also, it will last you up to 2 months, so you don’t have to refill it as often. Simply, the freshener contains 2400 sprays.

The scent we’re talking about is of clean laundry, white flowers and fresh air. Plus, you can use this refills in all AirWick auto air fresheners. The coolest thing about auto fresheners is that you can adjust the level by choosing one of three settings. Finally, your car will smell fresh and clean. It last long, smells good, and it’s an auto freshener. At the end of the day, that’s all you need to keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

By this point, you probably noticed that the only critics are the ones of people who don’t seem to like the scent. That’s okay, too, because not every scent is everyone’s cup of tea. The same goes for this car air freshener. It doesn’t have any technical faults that people criticized.

It appears that it’s only fault is that its smell isn’t quite for everyone, especially pregnant women. Although you can use these fresheners in your vehicle and your house, as well, make sure you love the smell of clean laundry.Pros

  • Auto deodorizer
  • Clean and fresh scent
  • Reusable
  • Last 2 months


  • Pregnant women can’t stand it

8. Air Spencer CS-X3

Are you looking for a discreet, good-looking car air freshener? You’ve found one. This modern freshener looks as great as it smells. Possibly one of the best things about it, apart from its modern design, is the fact that it’s reusable. It lasts about 4 weeks, so you don’t have to change the freshener as often.

Once it’s out, you can simply purchase a refill, without having to buy the whole device again. This freshener works effectively, leaving your vehicle with a fresh scent of squash.

Of course, it neutralizes any bad smell, smoke, odors, etc. Fresheners such as this are very convenient because you can place them wherever you want.

The product may be bulky to some people, so make sure you check its dimensions before purchasing. Also, I’d say that the scent didn’t really fit everyone but it’s different for all of us.

Some people found it too strong, while some found it weak and barely there. Make sure you’re absolutely sure how a squash smells before buying this freshener, just so you’re not surprised.Pros

  • Modern design
  • Can place it anywhere in your vehicle
  • Reusable


  • Squash scent may make some people sick

9. Febreze Car Vent-clip

These fresheners look and smell good, while they’re also very cool-looking. The pack comes with 4 car clip fresheners that carry a fresh, linen scent. They’re very easy to use, and all you have to do is just attach a clip to a car vent.

This way, you insure that the scent is equally distributed. This is one of those fresheners that you and your passengers will love and enjoy. First of all, it removes any odors and smoke. Also, it makes your car smell good. A single clip has 0.26FL OZ LIQ. It’s easy to use, which is something we all can appreciate.

It’s reported that they don’t last a very long time. This is possibly because they’re placed to car vents, which ends up running the product quickly. Especially if you run hot air very often, you’ll run out of this product much quicker than you’d expect.

Of course, there isn’t any way to fix this issue, it’s simply the way it is. However, some people placed the fresheners somewhere else and claim that they lasted longer.Pros

  • Fresh linen scent
  • 4 clips included
  • Removes smoke and odors


  • Not very long-lasting

10. Little Trees Black Ice

When someone mentions fresheners, you think either of that classic vanilla car air freshener, or the Little Trees fresheners. Little Trees have graced the inside of our cars for years, and are probably the most popular fresheners on the market.


Well, their quality and long-lasting scent have made them world famous fresheners. The Little Tree freshener has that clean, brisk scent. The pack of 24 trees will last you a long time, with each tree lasting about 6-7 weeks. Also, it looks very good hanging in your car, and it’s thanks to its bold design. The black ice Little Tree is definitely a good choice if you aren’t sure about which one of these fresheners is the best for you.

Naturally, some people complained that the scent didn’t last as long. However, this happens only because, most of the time, people don’t use it accordingly. The key is to open the package only a little at the side. Make sure you don’t completely get the tree out of the package.

When you first open it, keep opening it more and more as the time goes by. This way, you’ll release only just enough scent and the tree will last you a long time.Pros

  • 24 pack
  • Brisk scent
  • World
  • known
  • Long lasting


  • Doesn’t last as long if unpacked completely

Car Air Freshener – Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve never had a car air freshener before, you probably find all of this overwhelming. Of course, there are a lot of air fresheners on the market, and you may find yourself not knowing which type to choose.

Some people also advice you can just wash your car with car soap instead of constantly using a freshener. Really, both ways work, but it’s a matter of preference which you’d choose at the end.

Since there are many types of air fresheners on the market today, we’ve decided to put together a little list to act as a buyer’s guide. Simply, read about these types of air fresheners and decide which one would work the best for you.

Car Air Freshener: What We Tested, What We Found

Luckily, we were able to test some of the best car wash soaps on the market. Simply, washing the inside of your car is just as important as washing its outside. However, we often forget that. In order to keep your car clean and fresh, use a car wash soap from time to time.

Still, if you’re a smoker, or some of your passengers smoke, that scent of freshness won’t stick around for long. This is exactly why you should have a car air freshener, as well. Car air fresheners can help you keep that freshness and scent your car has after washing.

Charcoal Air Purifiers

This isn’t something new when it comes to fresheners, but it’s quite simply to use it and it also looks cool. Keep in mind, these fresheners don’t have any specific scent to them, but they’re filled with grinded charcoal.

Of course, there are plenty of options to which wood plant can be used. Most of the time, you’ll find bamboo and coconut the easiest. The key is that activated carbon allows these fresheners to work. Since charcoal is made of carbon, it means that it’s porous.

Then, you have the air moving through the bag, while molecules get stuck into carbon. Finally, this purifiers the air inside of your car. Logically, these are eco-friendly and reusable.

Air Vent Clip-On

These are probably one of the simplest air fresheners. However, they’re pretty effective, which makes them quite popular. They’re filled with perfume, and once you clip the into your car’s vent, the air passes through them.

This allows the perfumed air to be fully and equally depleted. When it comes to how long these can last, it’s actually hard to tell. The more often you expose them to the air vent, the quicker they’ll run out. Also, hot air makes them run out even faster.

However, they mostly come in the pack of 4, so you’ll be good for some time. If you don’t use air vents as often, you’ll find these fresheners perfect.

Ionic Air Purifiers

These are the only fresheners that need electricity to operate. Also, they have quite interesting science behind them. More precisely, they ionize the air, and to do so, they use electrical charges. If you’re familiar with static electricity, you probably understand how these air purifiers work.

What happens is that positively charged molecules collide with generated negative ions. The result is a small amount of ozone. Ionic air purifiers have no scent, so if you’re looking for a perfumed scent, this isn’t the right freshener for you.

Of course, you can maybe smell the ozone byproduct. Lastly, keep in mind that these devices are usually delicate. Some people say they break easily, so try to handle them gently.


These are some of the most common types of car air fresheners. Simply, they expel an aerosol material into your car. Now, it can be a perfume or a scent that absorbs odors. Mostly, these fresheners aren’t specifically designed to be car air fresheners.

However, you can use them in your vehicle nonetheless. Sprays that are made for cars usually carry some familiar and popular scents. Another really convenient thing about these car air fresheners is that you can actually only spray them when you want.

Other air fresheners dispose the scent at all times, while sprays only release the scent when you spray the bottle. They last a long time and there is an endless number of different scents.


Deodorizers work similar to charcoal fresheners. They absorb the molecules that produce the scent. Some of its compounds undergo a chemical reaction when combined with scent-producing molecules in the air.

Similar to how we use baking soda to deodorize the air in our fridge. Deodorizers work by eliminating molecules from air, and by leaving a scent behind. Of course, once there’s no scent, or you can feel the bad smell in your car, your deodorizer is probably spent.

The best deodorizers last about a month or two, which is okay if you’re someone who like changing their air freshener scent.

Types of Car Air Fresheners

Aerosol spray

These spray fresheners are very convenient and easy to use. Whenever you feel a bad smell or someone’s smoking, give it a spray or two and that’s it. Luckily, many brands make these types, and they come in a wide range of different scents.

Also, you can use it anywhere you like, really. Use it in rooms, bathroom, laundry room, etc. They’re water based, so they won’t leave any oily traces on your furniture or carpets.

Hanging Cardboard

This is probably the most frequently used car air freshener. You can see this scented cardboard hanging in cars all over the world. It’s very simple to use with no actual work required on your part. All you have to do actually, is to cut a little piece of the bag it comes from.

This will allow a little bit of its scent to be released into the air. The more time passes, the more you should release the cardboard. These come in different shapes and even more scents. Also, they’re on the affordable side and you’ll usually see them in a bulk. Conveniently, you can get them in a pack of 10 or even 24, which saves a lot of money for you.

Vent Sticks

These are very cute and good-looking, although for some reason not as popular as other car air fresheners are. They also come in a pack of at least 4 which is convenient because you won’t have to buy new ones very often.

Still, they provide an authentic scent, and they effectively neutralize odors and all bad smells. Plus, the cool thing is that you can use one or all of them at the same time. This is great if you like stronger scents because you can easily achieve them by just adding a few more sticks.

Depending on the brand and the scent itself, these car air fresheners can last up to about 2 weeks per stick. Finally, some of these sticks have cute designs on them, such as flowers or butterflies. Naturally, that looks very nice on your vents, so that’s definitely a plus.

Plug-in car air freshener

If you’re looking for a reusable air freshener, this one is for you. These are mostly refillable, which means you’ll be able to keep using them for as long as you want. Plug it into your 12-V adapter and the air freshener will release its scent whenever you start your car.

It’s convenient because you don’t have to buy a new device once the product runs out. This way, you can also always change the scent by constantly buying different scents as you spend them. Newer models have a USB. This way, you can still charge your whole while the freshener is plugged into the 12-V adapter.

Oil Wicks air fresheners

Here’s another freshener that you attach to your vent and adjust the scent. These are very popular because they look very good, and they’re also very effective. The oil lasts a long time, but once you spend it, you can buy a refill without having to buy the device all over again.

Most of the time, they come in a wide range of scents, and colors. They’re very easy to use and effectively remove any odors and bad smells easily. Also, you can use them in your car, closet, bathroom, kids room, bedroom, and pretty much anywhere else you want.

Gel Car Air Freshener

Very popular fresheners, probably because they’re suitable for all kinds of rooms, bathrooms, pet areas, cars, halls, basements, etc. They’re usually in bright colors and different scents. You can find fruity, fresh, new car scent, etc.

Naturally, they’re very good in battling odors and smoke, because they’re strong scented. For the same reason, you may want to think carefully about its strong scent, because some people find it sickly. It’s important not to expose the whole gel container right at the beginning. Instead, expose it little by little, so it lasts longer and provides better scent control. Keep in mind that its strong smell may be too much for some people.

Can Air Freshener

Similar to sprays, these car air fresheners give you the total control of when you’ll release the scent. However, these types of fresheners are probably most effective when it comes to removing smell, odors, and smoke.

These come in a lot of different scents, so you have many to choose from. Also, they last a long time, because the scent sticks around even hours after sprayed. This type of a car air freshener is great for people who don’t like a constant scent to their car. If you’re one of them, this is a good option for you because you can spray it from time to time, only when you desire.

Electronic Ionizer Air Freshener

We’ve mentioned them before, so they’re already known to everyone. Simply, these fresheners produce no scent, but they’re extremely effective in removing odors and smoke. They’re suitable for people who want fresh and clean air but no scents.

Simply, some people cannot stand scents, whether they’re fruity, floral, or fresh. This is why these air fresheners are so convenient. You get all the fresh air, no smoke and odors, but without any scent. If that’s what you’re looking for, look no more.

Non-hanging Paper Car Air Freshener

If you’re someone who enjoys DIY projects and want to make your own car air freshener, this is a perfect way to do it. These fresheners are simple papers that carry a certain fragrance. You an shape them the way you want, and decorate them with paint, ink, pen, marker, etc.

Keep in mind that this is simple paper, so you can decorate it, but you don’t have to. You can simply take a piece and throw it underneath your car seat. No one will know it’s there, but your car will smell incredibly good.

You can use it for your house as well, and in that case, cutting and shaping this paper can be so much more fun. We think this is a fun project to do with your kids, especially if you’re going to use some for the rest of your house, as well.

It also makes for a good customized gift, don’t you think?


Finally, we’ve covered everything there was to cover when it comes to car air fresheners. I’m sure that at this point you already know which freshener you’re going to get for your 4-wheeled friend. Think about a few things before making your final decision.

For example, think about what your favorite scent is and what you’d like your car to smell like. Also, keep in mind the type of a car air freshener. Do you want a gel freshener, a deodorizer, or an Ionizer? Either way, you should definitely get one for your car.

Simply, washing your car with wash soap is important but it won’t keep your car smelling fresh for such a long time. More so, if there’s someone smoking in the car, you must get yourself an addition air freshener. Lastly, I hope that you were able to make up your mind after reading our reviews on these good car air fresheners.

What car air freshener you’re using right now? What’s your favorite scent? Have you tried any of these fresheners? Please, feel free to join the discussion in the comments section below.

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